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Thank you Bones for an incredible 12 seasons, 246 episodes, countless amazing characters and friendships, an abundant number of fantastic storylines, 2 of the best love stories of all time, and most importantly, 1 beautiful family of a cast. My life means more because I know you.

Hunk: I will put my “A” down to make “A.”

Keith: I will add to your “A” to make “AT.”

Shiro: I will add onto your “AT” to make “RAT.”

Pidge: I will add onto your “RAT” to make “BIOSTRATIGRAPHIC.”

Lance: [flips the board]


Underwood siblings batch! Took a while to get these together but I’ve been busy lol (their cream-coloured cat’s name is Lucky Noodle, as decided in a stream a while ago lol)

More twins HERE and HERE

Lisa and Lance Underwood are Zack’s little brother and sister. They were archived since the scene they were meant to be in in Murphy’s Lard was altered. They’re 6 year old twins, smart for their age and full of sass. Lisa is the oldest twin, and tends to be the voice of the two. While they both like driving Zack crazy and pranking him whenever they get the chance, Lance is the quieter one, a little more introverted than his sister.

When Zack came back from his first day of school in Danville with the story of how he met Milo, his parents didn’t immediately believe them. His Grandpa was the first to believe him, but Lisa and Lance were thrilled with the idea of Zack having a jinxed best friend, whether it was true or not. When their brother finally invites Milo and Melissa over for the first time to finish a school project, the twins are all over Milo with questions. Lisa in particular takes an immediate liking to him, and will venture into his backpack the moment it’s unguarded.

Lisa and Lance still have disagreements, and they still have arguments with Zack in only the way siblings can. Zack is a little more chill around his twin siblings and let’s them climb all over him at times, literally. Lisa and Lance both look up to their big brother despite his lack of courage at times and his pride. Lance will never say it but he wants to be just like him when he’s older.

I will have a post about Lisa tomorrow, because I did extra work on her and some reasons why she looks up to Milo.


So my director gave me an idea a few months ago when I started really drawing the twins more often. What if Lisa was genderfluid

So Lisa is Genderfluid. Goes by either she/her or he/him.

At first she would announce it out loud when she was either feeling like a Lisa or a Lee (her nickname). When the world started making her uncomfortable, Zack told her it was okay, he and Lance would know how she/he would feel like on whatever given day it was. Zack was always very supportive of his sister and was the one who would prep her hair for her mood until she was able to do it by herself (he had suggested her getting it cut, but she still loved her long hair on certain days so decided against it). He was also the first she would go to growing up when she needed reassurance.

She looked up to Milo for various similarities they had (one big one will be revealed in a little comic I worked on; my personal headcanon). Melissa didn’t quite understand Zack’s little sister at first, and questions Zack about it, but she does put in the effort to understand how Lisa feels.

So ye, Lisa is genderfluid. I did some research to make sure I wouldn’t be misrepresenting her, and thankfully I have a friend who has a friend who was able to answer the questions I had. I’ll keep trying to portray Lisa as best as I can, and if I do make any misrepresentations please correct me :)

  • Keith: Don't be mad just because Shiro liked me best.
  • Lance: He did not! You know the only reason why he treated you better?
  • Heather McNamara: Don't go there.
  • Lance: Oh, yeah.
  • Keith: Don't go there!
  • Lance: Because you were LACTOSE INTOLERANT!
  • Keith: Oooooooh, you went there!

Zack’s back (x)

“As you can see Zack was very fond of Dr. Brennan.”

“These are your clothes, Bones. The victim is meant to be you.”

Voice over: None of you have come to see me in some time. 

Zack, you don’t have to do this! Zack, listen to me! (Screaming)

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“Zack! What the hell were you thinking?”

Hodgin’s was uber protective over you, and thought your relationship with Zack was the only good one he’s seen the young man be in.

Zack put his hands up in defense. “It was the rational thing to do.”

“Rational?” Hodgin’s was becoming more pissed off by the second. “Is it rational to break up with the only woman you’ve ever loved?” He took a step closer to the genius. “Is it rational to break her heart?” Zack’s face contorted in discomfort as his friend’s voice became louder. “Is it rational to make her feel like you never loved her? Because tell me Zack, if that’s rational, I don’t know what is!”

Jack lowered his voice slightly, looking up at Zack pleadingly, “What’s the real reason you broke it off?”

“I was scared.” He looked at Hodgin’s in desperation. “I am scared.” Zack corrected himself as his voice cracked. “I love her too much to hold her back.”

“You’re not holding her back.”

“But I am.” His best friend stared at him as if he was crazy. “Hodgin’s, I’m not meant to love someone.” He paused and took in a deep, shaky breath. “I’m not meant to be loved.”

“My entire life people have told me that it’s too difficult to love me. That anyone I end up with, I could never give them the love they need.” His voice became quiet and controlled. “I could never give her the love she needs.”

Hodgin’s eyes widened in understanding. “But you give her exactly what she needs. (Y/n) has more than enough love in her heart that she just wants to give someone. She chose you to give her love to and she doesn’t want you to give it back. So regardless of what you do Zack, (Y/n) will always love you.”

Zack’s face sunk in regret. “I realize now that I wasn’t rational, I was afraid.”


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