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Josh Ritter

Some say that man is the root of all evil
Others say God’s a drunkard for pain
Me I believe that the Garden of Eden
Was burned to make way for a train

It’s a long way to Heaven, it’s closer to Harrisburg
And that’s still a long way from the place where we are
And if evil exists, it’s a pair of train tracks
And the devil is a railroad car

Josh Ritter - Harrisburg (live….with..Wicked Game)

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Josh Ritter
Live at Raigmore Motel (2006.11.30)

01. Monster Ballads
02. Good Man
03. Me & Jiggs
04. Harrisburg
05. Girl In The War
06. You Don’t Make It Easy Babe
07. Wolves
08. Wings
09. Stuck To You (The Science Song)
10. Crystal Chandeliers & Burgundy (Johnny Cash)
11. Lillian, Egypt
12. Kathleen
13. Best For The Best
14. Snow Is Gone
15. Chelsea Hotel #2 (Leonard Cohen)
16. Cowboy Song
17. California
18. Black Velvet Band


Monster Ballads - Josh Ritter Trio


Josh Ritter - Harrisburg
from the Live at The Iveagh Gardens DVD