zack goodman


2016 bones challenge → day 1: why you love and appreciate bones
Bones is my absolute favourite show because…. well, because of everything really. The show’s beguiling blend of compelling cases, intelligent humour, interesting science, thrilling drama, enthralling love stories, teamwork, and most importantly, the fascinating characters, and their relationships with each other, all together, in my opinion, combine to make this crime drama/procedural/dramedy the unique and very special show that it is. It’s no secret that Bones has been a trendsetter from the very beginning, with a highly diverse, multiracial cast, showcasing awesome ladies in empowering careers, and being one of the few shows out there with an excellent crew/TPTB who are not afraid to write not just one, but two amazing love stories, without having the constant need to showcase unnecessary drama that would otherwise result in a break-up/divorce, to name a few. It constantly defies stereotypes (hello, Moonlighting curse), and even after 11 seasons, is still one of the few shows out there that has, in my view, not at all gotten stale. The Bones cast are so amazing too, and the love and gratitude that I have for each and every one of them has no bounds. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I LOVE BONES, and I will forever be grateful for all the happiness, joy and excitement (and squeals!!) that this wonderful show, characters, cast and crew have brought me for the past 6 years (and counting!).