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* = smut

- = check trigger warning

(  ) = signifies who wrote the imagine if not written by M

Important Authors Note:

Emotional Abuse

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These BTS videos with the cast of the new power rangers is funny and also an interesting reminder how the original (American version) Power rangers were around when social media didn’t even exist.

so you never heard them curse, dancing to rap music. really interacting with each other off set.

All we got was those corny anti violence/drug PSAs in the 90s

I'm Not Missing You
All Time Low & My Chemical Romance
I'm Not Missing You

I thought of this the first time I heard Missing You and I finally got around to making it (hopefully it hasn’t been done yet)

also, I don’t know why there’s so much empty space at the end. but whatever

I think that the biggest problem with Zack Snyder is that he directed Watchmen. Once you’ve done that kind of deconstruction of the superhero genre, you can’t go back to the hope and optimism that it’s meant to have.

Allan Moore and Grant Morrison have the same problem, imo.

Edit: And Frank Miller. Can’t forget Frank Miller.

friday! fall out boy facts!

Patrick Stump:

1. Patrick was born in Illinois.
2. His favourite food is pumpkin squares made by his mum.
3. He really, really dislikes barbeque sauce.
4. Before FOB, he worked at two record stores at once.
5. Patrick once punches Pete in the face over an argument about song lyrics.
6. He lives in Chicago.
7. But also has a place in Los Angeles.
8. Patrick has a fascination with marine animals which are extinct.
9. His favourite quote is “Quiet is the new loud”.
10. Patrick is a huge fan of David Bowie.
11. Rushmore is his favourite film.
12. He went to Glenbrook South High School.
13. He is only 5’4.
14. Which makes him the shortest member of Fall Out Boy.
15. He has an older brother called Kevin.
16. Patrick does not like being called Pat.
17. He used to be a vegetarian.
18. He is a huge fan of Jazz music.
19. As well as playing guitar, he also plays the drums and piano.
20. His actual last name is Strumph, but he removed the ‘h’ to avoid confusion over the pronunciation.

Band members are the gayest straight people ever