zack and cody's mom


Supernatural Season 13 Episode 3: “Patience” Promo

BTS as the ‘Suite life of Zack and Cody’ characters

Seokjin as Carey

  • the mom friend
  • needs a break because children drive him insane
  • single parent because other half (namjoon) is a successful musician
  • amazing singer
  • not appreciated for it
  • gives great advice
  • really patient god bless

Yoongi as Mr. Moseby

  • Leave me alone
  • Don’t destroy my hotel (studio)
  • I hate kids (actually reall fond of them
  • idgaf game is strong
  • very hard working 
  • dedicated
  • acts like he don’t care
  • he care
  • he care very much
  • needs esteban (hoseok)
  • sassy af

Hoseok as Esteban

  • Happy machine
  • Very helpful
  • innocent
  • the mood maker
  • good looking 
  • very supporter
  • loves mr moseby aka yoongi v v much
  • a literal kid
  • don’t even think about angering him
  • loyal af

Namjoon as Maddie

  • wants to be president
  • who cares they are president
  • they’re the reason the A grade was created
  • they invented IQ
  • follow rules religiously
  • can act super duper childish at times
  • hella hella smart
  • watch out they will fite u
  • but you can’t take them seriously because smol bean

Jimin as Cody

  • cutie patootie
  • always tryna avoid danger
  • protect them
  • a very good friend
  • just a good human being in general
  • but is secretly very mischievious 
  • and they like to have their own fun
  • super duper talented

Taehyung as London

  • does not give two shits
  • literally do whatever the fuck they want
  • life is a party
  • treats pet like they’re gold
  • hella weird but hella fun
  • aka blank tae
  • but they’re super considerate deep inside
  • actually a softie
  • very good at hiding pain
  • a rare but worthy friend

Jungkook as Zack

  • Hands down everyone is at the edge of their toes because of this kid
  • drives people nuts
  • talks people into doing what they want
  • adventurous
  • loves gaming
  • breaking the rules
  • rebel
  • acts like a 2 year old
  • can be very responsible when the time comes
  • can also act maturely 
  • will fite you if you treat someone they love unfairly

Bang PD as Mr. Tipton

  • Where is he
  • who is he
  • what is he
  • everyone’s favourite somehow
  • actually the reason why shit is happening
  • can be a lil insensitive sometimes (TREAT SEOKJIN RIGHT DAMMIT)
  • but its all cool bruh

when zack and cody gave their mother a mental breakdown 

Seventeen as the Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Zack: Jun
Cody: Minghao
Mr. Moseby: S.Coups
Arwin: Dino
Zack and Cody’s mom: Joshua
Maddie: Wonwoo
London: Seungkwan
Esteban: Hoshi
Lance the dumb ass lifeguard: Mingyu
Millicent the nervous girl: DK
Mr. Moseby’s niece Nia: Woozi
Jessica and Janice the British twins: Vernon and Jeonghan

So meeting Kim Rhodes was probably the highlight of my day at Vegas Con yesterday. Most of you know her as the mom from Suite Life of Zack and Cody!
She’s also a ver in amazing character on Supernatural too!
So there’s this movement that @glass started where people want a spinoff series revolving around her character and many other female characters on the show called Wayward Daughters Academy! I as well think this would be incredible, so I bought Chris and I 2 shirts to support it, and we took a picture in our Destiel Cosplay with them on and tweeted it out, and I tagged Kim in it. She actually responded saying “Oh my fucking God I love you both” and so yesterday I went up to her and explained that I was the person who posted that tweet and she was GENUINELY excited that I was there in front of her. Id never seen that sort of genuineness in a celebrity’s eyes before but she was seriously so happy that I was there! She told me that she was happy that Chris and I were happy together and as accepted as we are. Absolutely the highlight of my day.
Now off to Vegascon day 2! Being CASTIEL today ^_^