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It’s been nearly thirteen hours since I watched the episode and I’m still reeling from the excellence of Cole’s acting. He grew up with a Disney career- one that required his acting style to be over-the-top and humourous, even influenced by slapstick comedy. He nailed the role of Cody Martin, and I, as a ten year old, could relate to the younger Martin twin so much. I looked forward to seeing the Sprouse twins on my telly everyday at eight o'clock, while I ate my dinner.

But Riverdale and The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody are completely different shows, requiring a whole different plethora of emotions.

Ever since Riverdale aired, a number of people have underestimated Cole’s acting talent. They’ve compared him to everyone else on the show, claiming that the only reason Cole was cast was that he’d draw attention to this series. While his involvement with the show may have garnered attention, to some extent, Cole was also cast because he wanted to give the role his all, and he didn’t disappoint.

So, here we are, nearly done with the season, and I’m so proud. Because no one can underestimate him anymore. He’s acted brilliantly in every episode, every scene he was in, but episode eleven was the one that really took the cake. He bared himself to the audience, he put in so much effort to create this version of Jughead that we’ve come to love with every fibre of our being, and I’m engulfed with pride.

Congratulations, Cole. This fandom is proud to have you.