zack! ;w;

i need less wingman zack + trimberly and more trimberly and cranstaylor (?) of trini and billy freaking out over the health of their significant others, gushing about them and surprising them with gifts, and kimberly and zack respecting their significant others boundaries, being the big spoon (even if billy is taller than zack, spooningggggggg) and giving them a soothing presence at times of strife amirite

also trini and billy having a chat over tea, explosives, and country and metal and being approached by kimberly and zack covered in dirt and grime giving them flowers and precious stones somehow and they almost swoon at the gesture

zack and kimberly legit being more nervous than every other person in the world for their significant others wellbeing when billy and trini acquire and set up bootleg fireworks enough for a barge and just hovering around them

trimberly and cranstaylor double dates

*slides you twenty usd* trimberly and cranstaylor