I was very hesitant towards posting this. i can barely talk in front of people without feeling shy or insecure. so posting a video of me singing is pretty brave of me. i just felt the need to post this video. i know im not the best singer, but I’m doing it for the love of the show.

“Zach Stone is gonna be famous
zach stone is also being canceled
i really hope another station will take it
but until then, I’ll be crying in a corner
Zach Stone
Zach Stone.

I’m really scared to post this, but feel free to reblog/like it…. Here goes nothing…

zachstone replied to your post: While we’re on the topic of Eugenides, what did you think of The Marriage Plot?

Erm. I quite liked The Marriage Plot. I thought it was more fun than the other two ‘big’ books of the year: Goon Squad and Freedom. Both of which made me want to barf in my mouth.


I did like it, especially as a recent read. And the description of Leonard’s physical depression about knocked my socks off and I think was the most powerful bit of the whole book. Just learn how to close one out, Eugenides.