so let me tell you, I have been following @zachsanomaly (art in the corner cred to him) and his pervy comic project @pineapple-soda curiously for years now and while it is CERTAINLY NOT for everyone I CANNOT BELIEVE the gorgeous quality of the newest update. I swore probably like two years ago I’d do this for you guys for fun so just honestly let me be your pumpkin for the rest of my life okay, thank yoo.

(Hiya! I’m breaking in again to promote some new stuff from me and another artist’s series Pineapple Soda. As little as an hour or so ago, we put up four more characters that play some large roles in the plot as a whole. They also, (three of them, anyway), are our first females revealed for the series. The male, Dodo, is actually two characters, a set of twins.

I know this is Gary’s tumblr, but this series is a huge deal to us, so I figured it’d be nice to share it here once in a while. We have separate tumblrs for the characters, so I don’t post every single thing here, but Eclair is one of the characters I write for, and I’m very close to her, so I wanted to share her with you all! Thanks~)