In terribly unrelated news, the first chapter of my brother’s web-comic is out and fully uploaded onto his Pixiv account. As warned before, it is not recommended for those under the age of 16 without parental guidance due to inappropriate language, nudity, violence, gore, vore, blood, mpreg (male pregnancy) and other potentially offensive or striking material.

Just a little thing

I have this sort of ritual with a friend of mine that we do every night. I tell him I’m going to bed because I always sleep before he does, and he whines for 5 minutes XD. Then he finally accepts it and I tell him I love him, for him to take care (if he’s not feeling well or if something’s going on I tell him “Take care of yourself, ok?” because he never puts his own health first) and sweet dreams because he’s prone to nightmares. He responds that he loves me too, for me to stay safe (because I always wake up earlier than be does, and he worries), and for me to sleep well (because I wake up a lot in my sleep). Then he sends a few <333s, i send a few <3s (after a few <#s) then he says g’night, and i respond with the same, then i go to bed. 

I know it’s really simple and cheesy but i love it. 

(Hiya! I’m breaking in again to promote some new stuff from me and another artist’s series Pineapple Soda. As little as an hour or so ago, we put up four more characters that play some large roles in the plot as a whole. They also, (three of them, anyway), are our first females revealed for the series. The male, Dodo, is actually two characters, a set of twins.

I know this is Gary’s tumblr, but this series is a huge deal to us, so I figured it’d be nice to share it here once in a while. We have separate tumblrs for the characters, so I don’t post every single thing here, but Eclair is one of the characters I write for, and I’m very close to her, so I wanted to share her with you all! Thanks~)