zachery ty bryant



Finally they ALL, including Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Randy), rejoined for a shoot for Entertainment Weekly. Only person missing was Earl Hindman who died at age 61 on 30.12.2003 of cancer.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas just turned 30. Tim Allen (58) looks quite old, but Patricia Richardson (60) and Debbe Dunning (45) look really good. Richard Karn (45) lost his beard. Taran Noah Smith (26) married at age of 17 a 30 year old woman. They divorced 6 years later. Zachery Ty Bryant (29) co-owns a bar in LA, where he lives with his wife.

Home Improvement had a 8 year run from 1991 - 1999. Jonathan Taylor Thomas left the show midseason 8. His character Randy went to Puerto Rico. He didn’t return for the series finale. It is still a mistery why he left the show and never returned.

I will post better photos if I should find some