zachaty quinto

Sylar or Spock?
  • Me: *on Tumblr searching stuff about Zachary*
  • Dad: What are you doing?
  • Me: I'm on Tumblr searching pictures about Sakke
  • Dad: Who?
  • Me: Zachary. Zachary Quinto.
  • Dad: ???
  • Me: SPOCK!!!!!
  • Dad: *walks next to me and checks my computer*
  • Dad: That's not Spock...
  • Me: ummm.... yes he is... the new one
  • Dad: That's the guy from the... what was it called... the tv show... Heroes... he was the...
  • Me: Sylar
  • Dad: yeah the murderer. He was good murderer wasn't he?
  • Me: yeah!! The best!!! What do you think? Which one would win, Spock or Sylar?
  • Dad: haha Sylar. Spock wouldn't stand a chance.
  • Me: Well... Spock is pretty good fighter... but also he would have to get close to Sylar and that's pretty hard. Sylar would just throw him by using his telekinetic powers.
  • Dad: yeah and what else does Spock have?? He has pointy ears and warp seven.
  • Me: okey...