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How do Batter and Zacharie help their significant other when they're sick? Er, maybe poly if that's okay???

Poly Batter and Zacharie (OFF)

Batter is stern about keeping you from getting sicker- while also trying to keep his Holy Mission going. Without Zacharie to remind him of your weaknesses, you’d probably have just dropped by now.

Zacharie’s the sensible one- making sure Batter calms the fuck down and making sure you get the rest you need.

Batter gets a weird monster sickness from you like an IDIOT. He ends up even sicker than you, somehow.

Zacharie never gets sick, no matter what, so he has to take care of you both.

Interesting things of note in the Howard Stern interview with Zach.

He says he was in a bad place before Heroes came along because he hadn’t worked in such a long time.

He memorises things quickly (he doesn’t know his IQ though because he’s never done a test).

Howard says his shrink told him he has to go and see The Glass Menagerie (when ZQ was starring in it). 

ZQ only auditioned once for Spock and he never actually auditioned for JJ Abrams himself.

He says he didn’t get in a lot of fights as a kid because he could always talk his way out of a fight.

Zach came out to his family at 24 but had come out to friends before that. He said he didn’t date at all in college. 

For ‘Into Darkness’ he gained 18lbs due to him working out for the big end fight scene with Benedict.