zachary jones


Candle Jack: Excuse me, Freakazoid, is there anything I should do?

Freakazoid: Hmmmm.  Why don’t you stay here and…scare the professor!

Candle Jack: Marvelous.

Professor Jones: AHHHHHHHHHHH!


PS - This is a really niche quote/joke, but I love it so much


“What’s a gay pause?” ● Lazerhelmet

“Without you we’re just team!”

hd & headphones yo

I honestly can’t believe that we are getting any new material for Chuck, a show that ended years ago. The fact that we are getting this soundtrack now is so huge. I found this in the Digital Booklet that comes with the album on ITunes, and couldn’t help but tear up. 

Chuck changed the way shows connect to their fans, and I guess now we can only hope that it being on Netflix will help gain new fans! 

Chuck: Gone, but not forgotten


Another one of these Life is Strange model swaps.

Pompidou is a great driver.

My gif responses to comments I've seen in the Snape tag

“I hate people who like Snape”

“Snape was abusive. Why don’t people see that?”

“Snape died a virgin because he never got with Lily.”

“blah blah blah Snape apologist blah blah blah”

*Some random post about how JK Rowling got Snape wrong*

“Snape wanted to bone Harry because he has his mother’s eyes and Snape’s creepy”

“Snape is a stalker.”

“Harry made a mistake naming his son after Snape …”

“I had a teacher exactly like Snape and I would never have forgiven him.”

“Snape is a rapist.”

“James shouldn’t have saved him [snape] in the shrieking shack … he should have just let him die.”

“Snape is homophobic because he hates Lupin and his lycanthropy is a symbolism for homosexuality.”

“Snape’s misogynistic because he wouldn’t let Lily go.”

“Snape isn’t a hero nor is he brave. He’s a coward, and manipulated Harry into thinking otherwise.”

“*big long explanation as to why everyone should hate Snape and then fighting when people don’t conform to their opinion*”

i headcanon zach as having separated parents, dad walked out when he was just a kid and he hasn’t seen him since

s’why he’s got such a problem with authority and with being taken care of by hagan

also in the fucking ‘speed of fat’ deleted scene– “who else am i supposed to talk to about this stuff???” it’s canon fuck my son has no dad except hagan