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Candle Jack: Excuse me, Freakazoid, is there anything I should do?

Freakazoid: Hmmmm.  Why don’t you stay here and…scare the professor!

Candle Jack: Marvelous.

Professor Jones: AHHHHHHHHHHH!


PS - This is a really niche quote/joke, but I love it so much

Road to Avonlea: Felix King [ISFP]

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Felix has a very kind and generous heart, and frequently makes emotionally-charged decisions, but he rarely talks about his feelings, instead choosing to act on them. He is detached enough from the emotions of others to remain calm when they are in a panic, but also, in the true style of an “ornery little boy,” have fun at their expense. Felix can be somewhat mean-spirited as a child, but as he grows up mellows out into a more level-headed, compassionate boy. He is easygoing unless someone wants to violate his personal beliefs, and then becomes rigid and stubborn, not caring if other people agree with his decisions or not.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): He is an opportunist from the get go; seeing potential in the world around him and seeking to exploit it. Felix likes to live a little bit on the wild side. He enjoys going places and doing things. He’s involved in the hockey team and loves to play sports. He can be reckless in his horseback riding. Felix can also see a business opportunity a mile away; he pays attention, learns fast, and then sets out to make a profit.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Once in awhile, Felix offers some profound insight out of the clear blue. As he gets older, he develops a specific vision for his future: to open a tea house in Avonlea. He sees a ramshackle shed and visualizes it as a successful business, then starts squirreling away money to make his dream come true. He is a little superstitious and believes there is more to life than is readily apparent, hence his trust in the local “witch” and her remedies as a child.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Felix struggles to be organized and on time, but as he gets more responsibility at the hotel he grows into seeing how to improve situations, organize others for effectiveness, and accomplish goals that he sets for himself. He can be blunt at times, and always has a good explanation for his decisions.


Albus Severus Potter – Possible Fcs II

- Harrison Gilbertson [Age Range: 16 – 24 years] (blue eyes not green eyes)

- Eric Osborne [Age Range: 16 – 22 years]

- Mitchell Hope [Age Range: 16 – 26 years]

- Carter Jenkins [Age Range: 16 – 26 years] (brown eyes not green eyes)

- Parker Mack [Age Range: 16 – 26 years]

- Nolan Gerard Funk [Age Range: 16 – 32 years]

- Zachary Abel [Age Range: 20 – 38 years]

- Matt Bennett [Age Range: 16 – 27 years] (hazel eyes not green eyes)

- Alex Ferris [Age Range: 16 - 22 years]



I don’t know how much of IMDb you can truly trust (if any of it), I just happened to be browsing when I found this.

I remember Cameron Kennedy tweeting about this at the beginning of the year, he and Atticus being in a short film, I’m assuming this is it:

Where Do We Go From Here (synopsis from IMDb): An adolescent dreamer struggles to find closure after the untimely death of his older brother.

Atticus will be playing a boy named Elliot, Cameron playing Dennis. Sophie Bennett  (Zachary Bennett’s sister) will play Sasha and Nadia Litz as Abby - according to IMDb.

Sounds interesting really! People keep your eyes out, I know I will.


sarah slean / society song.

sarah slean. zachary bennett. seamus morrison.
dir. jeffrey zablotny 
producer: elli weisbaum
co-producer: lauren corber
dp: robert walsh

I just watched 'Hearts of War', also known as 'The Poet' starring Nina Dobrev, and several other talented actors.

Wow.  Those are the only words I have to describe that movie.  Zachary Bennett’s character Bernard was the shining star, with his pureness and self sacrifice.  He definitely stole the show in every way.  

But I was intrigued by Rachel (Nina Dobrev) and Oscar (Jonathan Scarfe)’s relationship, the way they didn’t even need to talk to understand each other was quite jaw-dropping.  In the end, I just absolutely loved this movie.