Miaou. The characters are starting to pile up, aren’t they my lord?

I saw @doodledrawsthings pictures of Sammy in different masks so it gave me the idea to throw on a different mask as Sammy as well. This is really the only other good mask I have made, but gosh Zacharie’s mask really fits with the black and white and creepy smile. 


Work in progress photos of my Zacharie mask! The base is a pre made paper mask, which I cut apart, taped down paper to add cheek bones and a nose bridge, and paper mached. I then added caulk for texture. The teeth are strips of foam core and caulk. After I painted it, I glued squares of sheer black fabric behind the eyes and the mouth. Hope this is able to help someone!

microsoftoffice-666  asked:

so this month im going to comicon as zacharie but i am super unprepared and i would like to know how you made your mask??? it looks really nice

Alright well I’ll try to give lost of details then! I’ll give you the directions of how I made my mask from start to finish (Image heavy at the end so I just put it under a read more to be less cluttered!) in total, it took me maybe like a few hours from designing to finishing touches so be wary on your time schedule.

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Zacharie's Mask

In response to deusimperfect’s question, I decided to make a small, I’m not sure what to call it, maybe a tutorial or guideline, on how I made Zacharie’s masks.

So, the first thing I made was a vacuum form.

There are many tutorials over the internet, so just Google it up!
 Essentially, you need a box, a board with holes, two pieces of wood to hold your plastic in place, and a heat source. And of course a vacuum.

The next thing I did was make some masters.

The base was made entirely out of cardboard. I think there were four layers, and then I cut out the eyes and the mouth. For the Judge mask, the teeth began as one solid piece of craft foam with the teeth carved in, then covered in glue. However, that method did not work when I made a pull from plastic as the glue bubbled up.

After that, I peeled off the foam and cut individual teeth, also out of craft foam. This time, I covered them in a thin layer of glue followed by a layer of plaster.

The white of the masks you see in the picture above is completely due to the plaster. After applying the plaster, sand until smooth. Repeat this step until you get your desired smoothness.

The back of the masks look like this:

The rectangles on the back were used to elevate the masters from the board to get a cleaner pull. The horizontal pieces (there should be more, but they fell off) are there to prevent the plastic from being sucked too far under the masks causing the plastic to tear.

I don’t have pictures of the pull process, but after you’ve got yourself a good plastic pull, you can cut it out using scissors. But the method I prefer to use is to score the plastic with a box cutter then snapping the mask free.

Once you have your mask free, you can feel free to paint it! Although the plastic was white, I added a layer of white spray paint. After that had dried, I moved on to the black paint.

After painting, you can add pantyhose in the eye and mouth holes, giving you something like this:

To wear the mask, I made little plastic loops and glued them to the back, These loops allow you to thread any type of string or wire you desire through them.

Now you can wear your mask around the zones!

I hope this helps! Feel free to send me any questions.