zacharie's mask

Miaou. The characters are starting to pile up, aren’t they my lord?

I saw @doodledrawsthings pictures of Sammy in different masks so it gave me the idea to throw on a different mask as Sammy as well. This is really the only other good mask I have made, but gosh Zacharie’s mask really fits with the black and white and creepy smile. 


Work in progress photos of my Zacharie mask! The base is a pre made paper mask, which I cut apart, taped down paper to add cheek bones and a nose bridge, and paper mached. I then added caulk for texture. The teeth are strips of foam core and caulk. After I painted it, I glued squares of sheer black fabric behind the eyes and the mouth. Hope this is able to help someone!

Zach, after being chased out of zone 3, vowed revenge. He began selling more masks, they have become a hit among everyone (he is currently making them for animals too). Every single day he taunts Enoch, everyone has joined in.
You get a discount if you add an insult to the daily hate letter sent to Enoch every week.

Zacharie is not someone you would want as an enemy.