zacharie props


Here is a little tutorial I made for Zacharie cosplayers!

Materials you need:
-White craft foam
-Black sharpie
-Red/Black paint

Now step one!
I looked up a picture of a ticket and printed it off.

Step two!
I cut my ticket template out and they copied it a whole lot on the white craft foam!

Step three!
Cut out all the pieces and depending on how thick you want the ticket to be (mine is two sheets thick so I glued two together) it’s your choice!

Step four!
Depending on if you want Luck Tickets or Fortune Tickets (I made both, my Fortune Tickets are orange) you may color them however you wish. I wrote the name on one side and the info about it on the back side.

And your done! These little tickets are super fun to have at photoshoots and give out to people!