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So, unrelated topic.

I just finished playing the popular surreal RPG game, OFF, and I can honestly say it’s one of the greatest RPGs - or even one of the greatest games - I have ever played.

Not in terms of gameplay. The limitations of the RPGmaker engine are minimal, and don’t allow for much variation. The merit this game has is derived from the message it sends, and the memorable characters that send that message. To fully appreciate this game, you have to look past its strange exterior and into how it works, and what you are truly doing, as the player. You don’t have to put much effort into it in that respect, though, because the game makes sure that everything you do is made apparent to you, and it triggers a heavy emotional response.

This is probably the only game to ever garner such a strong emotional reaction out of me, and I love it. I recommend this game to any and all of my followers. OFF is a masterpiece, and I hope that all of my followers that have played it enjoyed it as much as I did.

Updated my (emergency) commissions because the struggle is real and homelessness is pretty scary. 

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