zacharie off


Hi, everyone!

It’s me - deadBatter!

I got really hard times - I have not passed exam to free traineeship and was forced to pay for my studies, there no salary, I got new job so I got no time to post anything :C
But today I get some time and can post smth!
so here you are - some crafts made by me
It’s not all that I’ve made - I was in such a hurry that a lot of crafts was sent to clients right after finished = no photos :c

Also I started makin some masks and better glasses, maybe I’ll start makin some new glasses!

1)Large pack of horns:
     -Aradia horns 2 pair
     -Azriel horns 1 pair
     -Gamzee horns 3 pairs
     -Karkat horns 1 pair
     -Tavros horns 1 pair
     -Equius horns 1 pair
     -Zacharie mask 1 pcs

2)Several cosplay glasses I’ve made:
   Bro, Sollux, Terezi, Lil Hal

3)better shot of Zacharie mask(from OFF)

4)Elsen’s mask(from OFF)

theoffmerchant  asked:

↛ (I am a glutton for angst oops.)

Our muses are in an argument. Send ↛ for yours to shove mine and accidentally cause them to get severely hurt.

[ I hope you don’t mind me putting a hold on our other thread; I’m drawing a blank on it,, ]

     ۓ  The conversation had started well enough. But an argument broke out, and things were starting to get heated. Asriel had become relaxed and cocky in his side of the debate, and threw out some snarky points about his side. Which must’ve set off Zacharie. The shove was the last thing he expected. Because of that, he stumbled back and fell into the wall, causing a sword that was mounted up to rattle violently, and slip off it’s holds. The blade plummeted downwards, and slashed into his forearm, burying itself into it.

     Asriel’s face twisted into a pained expression, his right forearm gushing with Ichor. He grabbed the hilt of the blade with his other arm, and yanked it out quickly.