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Blaise/Zacharias Smith - People are beginning to notice.

“People are beginning to notice,” Zach had said, sitting across from him there in the library, his hand on his knee under the table.

“Like who,” Blaise had responded, as if he didn’t believe him. He’d watched Zach’s face fall, a micro-expression that anyone else would have missed, and his own heart had given out a pang of regret. But still, he’d clapped his hand over Zach’s and leaned in. “No one knows,” he’d assured. 

“People are beginning to notice.”

“No one knows.” 

Blaise closed the book he hadn’t even been reading. That hadn’t been the right answer. Maybe a year ago it would have been perfectly acceptable but it wasn’t anymore. They were no longer a quick and exciting hook up in an empty classroom, or heated make-out sessions in the quidditch broom closet. That ship had long since sailed. 

He scoffed to himself. Just last week he’d concocted some lame excuse to sit out on the stands and watch Zach’s practice. Had he cared then how thin his ruse was? No, he hadn’t even given it a second thought. He hadn’t even realized how ridiculous it was that he was out there until Zach brought it up later. He was getting sloppy, and he didn’t even care. 

That was it. He didn’t care.

Blaise pushed his chair back, the legs scraping loudly against the stone floor, and left his books and homework spread out on the table. His feet carried him confidently through the library and his heart surged as he spotted Zach’s golden blonde hair just in front of the door. He quickened his pace and reached a hand out, grabbing Zach by the arm. 

“I don’t care,” he stated. Zach barely had time to register what he’d said before Blaise pulled him in, holding his face with both of his hands, kissing him right there for all of the library to see. “I don’t care,” he said, softer this time, and with a smile on his face.

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Remember how Ron Weasley sat with Harry on the Hogwarts Express his first day of Hogwarts not only because it was the only place, but because he saw that Harry was sitting alone? 

Remember that time when Ron Weasley wrote home to his mother that Harry wasn’t expecting any Christmas presents so that she could send him something?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley told Neville Longbottom that he was worth 12 of Malfoy?

Remember when “Ron was the only one who stood by him”? 

Remember when 12 year old Ron Weasley sacrificed himself to a chess game so that Harry could move ahead to stop Snape (Quirrell) from getting the Philosopher’s Stone?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley fiercely defended Hermione when Malfoy called her a mudblood?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley was terrified of spiders but went following them into the forest anyways for his friend?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley turned up at Harry’s house in the middle of the night to rescue him because he was worried that Harry wasn’t answering his letters?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley stayed at Hogwarts over Christmas because he didn’t want his best friend to be lonely?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley completely took over the studying for Buckbeak’s trial?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley stood on a broken leg in front of his best friend and told the man they thought was a mass murderer that if he wanted to kill Harry he would have to kill him as well?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley was personally insulted and guilty about the fact that he had been keeping the man who had betrayed his best friend’s parents as a pet?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley told Harry that they were coming to get him whether or not his aunt and uncle liked it?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley was the thing that Harry would miss most, even after he had fought with him just earlier that year?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley gave up time he could have been studying for his exams to help Harry prepare for the third task?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley used his powers as a prefect to defend Harry to the students who thought that Harry was lying about You-Know-Who?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley kept standing by his best friend all year even though it labelled him as a liar as well?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley fully supported the idea of Harry teaching them Defence Against the Dark Arts and stood up for him to Zacharias Smith who was being extremely rude to Harry?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley was absolutely furious about what Umbridge was doing to Harry in his detentions?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley removed the junk from on top of the knitting that Hermione put out to free the house elves because he knew it would be insulting and rude for them to pick it up without realizing it?

Rember that time when Ron Weasley supported Harry’s decision to talk to Sirius telling Hermione that Harry could “make his own decisions”?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley immediately agreed to go and save Sirius from the ministry?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley stood by Harry even after hearing about the prophecy which said that his best friend would either be killed by Voldemort or kill Voldemort?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley helped Harry find out what horcruxes were and get the memory from Slughorn? 

Remember that time when Ron Weasley told Hermione to lay off on Harry about the Potions book and cursing Malfoy, because obviously Harry never wanted to hurt anybody?

Remember when Ron Weasley supported his best friend even though he was dating his little sister?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley stayed and defended Hogwarts when Death Eaters broke into the castle, even though he could have stayed safe by staying away?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley agreed to leave school to help his best friend destroy the horcruxes and told him that they would be there whatever happened?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley risked his life by taking the form of Harry to help him get safely away from Privet Drive?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley was a source of comfort to Hermione when she was upset about the fact that her parents didn’t remember who she was?

Remember that time when Ron was the source of all of the important information on the ministry when Harry, Ron, and Hermione needed to break in to get the horcrux?

Remember how Ron kept wearing the horcrux even though it was affecting him in a way much stronger than it did Harry and Hermione? Remember how he did that without complaint, accepting that it was all of their jobs to wear it?

Remember how Ron Weasley regretted leaving the moment he did?

Remember how he came back and saved Harry’s life?

Remember how Ron Weasley knew there was no excuse for him, but came back anyways, not expecting his friends to forgive him, but because he had promised he would be there?

Remember how Ron became the driving force of the trio after he came back, keeping them moving and on track, trying to make up for his mistake, still not expecting to be forgiven or even feeling like he deserved it?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley flat out refused to hand over Harry to Xeno Lovegood in exchange for Luna?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley screamed for him to be tortured instead of Hermione at Malfoy Manor? Remember how he ran around screaming her name and sobbing, wishing it was him instead of her?

Remember when Ron Weasley discovered a way to destroy the cup and made sure to get it destroyed?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley defended the House Elves saying that they couldn’t order them all to die for them?

Remember how Ron Weasley screamed out in defiance against Voldemort after they believed Harry to be dead? Remember how he continued to fight even though he knew what would happen if they lost?

Remember when Ron was the very best friend that someone could ever even ask for and how he was so loyal, kind, brave, and just an all around great guy?

Remember how Ron Weasley was a teenage boy who made mistakes but always acknowledged them and apologized, and never tried to make it seem like he didn’t do anything wrong? Remember how when he messed up he always worked hard to make his relationships stronger afterwards?

Ron Weasley is a great friend. Anyone who disagrees can fight me.

  • Zacharias Smith: Well, we've all turned up to learn from him and now he's telling us he can't really do any of it.
  • Fred: That's not what he said.
  • George: Would you like us to clean out your ears for you?
  • Fred: Or any part of your body, really, we're not fussy where we stick this.
  • (from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)
Shades of Green - memorde - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
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Additional Tags: Ministry of Magic, Robbery, Black Markets, Intrigue, MacGuffins

In the business of dubious morality, there is no black and white.

This is an AWESOME crime drama featuring a highly Slytherin crew with a couple of Hufflepuffs and a Ravenclaw exploring the underground trade market, the Department of Mysteries, wixen actually blending in with muggles and learning some muggle culture, code names, and just a little Ministry corruption. This fic is long, but well worth the read. Please don’t forget to throw the author some kudos and/or a comment if you enjoy the fic!

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Seamus’s face is half-spliced open from a surprisingly Muggle blow from Alecto Carrow after being caught out of bed after 9pm curfew. 

When he stumbles, still dazed and fuzzy, into the sanctuary of the Room of Requirement, Zacharias Smith lets out a small whimper. Lavender, though, looks at him seriously. “Damn. I’d better get into Hogsmeade and talk to Chelsea the florist.” 

“Why?” Seamus asks, thinking how much he needs some dittany for his cheek, and watching it materialize on the mantelpiece. Dean would know how to apply it right, but - where had thought come from?

Lavender flicks her hair and grins. “She needs a week’s notice for a funeral. Her flowers are the best in town.” 

She stares for a moment, before bursting into morbid laughter, joined after a second by Seamus, then Zach. Sometimes, the laughter is all they have. 

Father IV

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Dried black ink spelled out words on lila ministry parchment. Harry stared at them, let his eyes follow the lines and if anyone would have entered his private quarters at that moment they would have thought he was reading.

But he wasn’t.

He felt like it would be a long time before he could do anything else than sit there, completely frozen. His brain was trying very hard not to let the words sink in.

Because he could not deal with the consequences of the ministry letter. His mind was blank but at the same time racing out of control. His breathing became heavier and faster as his body shut down. His hands were shaking.

Dear mr. Potter,

Below follows the statement of prisoner 394, Lucius Malfoy, who made use of the law for case revision, paragraph seven, rule nine, the right to contact witnesses when the prosecutor has reason to believe new information is of influence on the statement of said witness.

Below follows the message of prisoner 394.

Dear mr. Potter,

It has come to my attention that you have pledged in favour of the release my son during his trial ten years ago. It has also come to my attention that I never gave you my condolences for the death of your godfather, Sirius Black.

These things have in common that both involve my son. I do not ask you to withdraw your pledge for him, I am merely providing you with certain information because you have the right to know and my son will never tell you this. He only shows you the parts of him that he wants you to see.

On the night of the seventeenth of june 1996, one day before the ordeal in the ministry that cost Sirius Black his life, The Dark Lord received a letter. It was a letter written by my son, who judging by the tone of his words seemed upset with you, mr. Potter. It explained in length what your weak spot might be, and how He could benefit from that in the best way.

The biggest part of what happened that fatal night was carefully planned out by the man you have started to call your friend. Of course he will deny ever having written this letter, but I have proof. A copy of said proof can be found in the envelope in which this letter came. I do not doubt your ability to recognize the handwriting.

Draco Malfoy might have led you to believe not all Slytherins are evil, but as you can see that is a bit rich coming from him.

I leave what you will do with this information to your own judgement. I hope you make the right decision this time. I need not to remind you that lives are at stake.

Sincerely, Lucius Malfoy

This statement has been approved by the Ministry of Magic, department of Magical Law Enforcement, subdivision Prison Correspondence

Harry didn’t know how he gathered the strength to look into the envelope again but somehow he did and to his horror he indeed found another piece of parchment. The letter was unmistakably written and signed by one Draco Lucius Malfoy on the seventeenth of june 1996.

He was going to be sick.

I have told Potter what you did and left it up to him what he will do about it. As I have tried to teach you before, if you misbehave you have to deal with the consequences. It’s only fair.


your father, who raised you to do what is best for the family. Remember what you are.

It was the second line that sent a shiver down Draco’s spine and not the first, though the first shattered his last hope of a normal life and the second just reminded him of what used to be. Briefly the memory of pain came back to him, his skin feeling as if the wounds were still there.

It brought him back to his childhood, made him feel like a bad behaving kid again, who had to be punished. Or rather, like his childhood self after having been punished. Every nerve ending in his body was on fire with the memory of his past.

It was why Draco sat on top of his king size bed again, a letter clutched in his hands, silent tears streaming down his face. But Harry wouldn’t enter with a steaming mug of tea this time, wouldn’t hug him or tell him all would be okay. Because the possibility of everything being okay had never been further away than now.

He allowed his thoughts to go over his memories of Harry one last time. Their first kiss a few hours ago, the many kisses that followed. He wanted to burn the picture of Harry’s gentle smile in his mind. The look on his face when he broke their kiss, the spark in his eyes as he smiled and kissed him again, the sweet nothing he whispered in Draco’s ear when he saw his hands were shaking.

“Don’t be nervous Draco. Like I said, I’m not going anywhere.”

Another shiver went down his spine as he tried to say those words out loud. They got stuck in his throat halfway through.

He was not capable of picturing Harry’s face anymore without seeing hatred in his green eyes. The Harry in Draco’s mind despised him, as the real Harry probably did too now.

Draco couldn’t blame him, he probably hated himself even more than Harry did.

Ronald Weasley had a bad feeling about this, about all of it. He was the first one to admit he’d thought Draco might have ulterior motives for doing what he did, for turning into a good person, but these accusations were ridiculous. Draco Malfoy the evil mastermind who used torture and abuse to drive his parents into the hands of You Know Who?

He didn’t buy it. He didn’t buy it for one second.

Still, Lucius Malfoy had the right to reopen his case and as standard procedure that meant securing the suspects connected to it. For people marked as dangerous individuals such as Draco that entailed being brought in. It was why Ron was currently knocking on the door of his private quarters.

“Don’t knock on his door, just blow it out of it’s hinges. This is a death eater we’re talking about Weasley.” Ron let out an angry sigh. He got sick to his stomach when he saw how much hatred some people still felt towards Draco.

“Ex-death eater, and he’s only a suspect not a convict.”

“Whatever. In my opinion they all deserve to rot in Azkaban for the rest of their lives.” Ron’s bulky, broad shouldered auror partner threw the door open. He immediately fixated his eyes on Draco. The blond man was sitting on his bed, quickly trying to wipe away his tears.

“Crying for your mummy already ferret face? Don’t get yourself worked up too much or the dementors won’t have any happiness left to eat!” And he laughed loud and long, like he’d just made the best joke of the century.

“Get a grip on yourself Smith, it’s just a holding cell.” Ron tried not to look Draco in the eye as he walked towards the man and pulled out his prisoner binders, a variation on handcuffs. He could only imagine how awkward it must be for the man to be arrested by his former classmate and house rival. Ron’s attempt was so successful, he didn’t even notice how upset Draco was.

“I really am sorry for this Malfoy. It’s standard procedure when people with a certain history are suspect in a high profile case.” His words were genuine.

“Don’t apologize! He deserves everything that’s coming to him, that filthy…”

“Don’t make me pull rank on you Smith. One more word and you’ll be on desk duty for the next five months.” Ron glared at his partner. It wouldn’t be his first time punishing a lower ranked colleague for behaviour like this. They didn’t seem to grasp the idea that people could change and that not everything was a matter of black or white, good or evil.

Smith grumbled something and got Draco ready to floo to the ministry. Up until that moment the man had been silent, but when Smith pushed him into the green transportation flames he opened his mouth. “Could you tell Harry to think about the planning? Because it doesn’t make sense.”

Ron could hear Draco’s voice was shaking, and looking into his grey eyes he saw the man was terrified. However Draco was swallowed by the floo before Ron could ask him what this cryptic message meant.

He hoped it didn’t matter much, because his shift was nearly over and he wouldn’t be back at work for at least a week. He and Hermione were in dire need of some personal time together.

Before stepping into the floo himself he saw a scrap of parchment on the floor. Curiously he picked it up.

I have told Potter what you did and left it up to him what he will do about it. As I have tried to teach you before, if you misbehave you have to deal with the consequences. It’s only fair.


your father, who raised you to do what is best for the family. Remember what you are.

“Remember what you are?” Ron muttered to himself. What the hell was that supposed to mean? And what had Lucius told Harry?

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I think Zacharias Smith was definitely related to Hepzibah Smith. While the last name is common for muggles, it originates from ‘blacksmith’, which isn’t something the wizarding world probably had a lot of need for. Not to mention, both of their first names are hebrew in origin. In which case, I think the only reason Zacharias was sorted into Hufflepuff is because of family ties (being Hufflepuff’s heir) in the same way the Weasleys go to Gryffindor, all bar one Black went to Slytherin, etc.

The Miseducation of Draco Malfoy

Title: The Miseducation of Draco Malfoy
Author: magpie_fngrl // @cat-wolfe
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 37,600  
Summary: “Instead of laughing about it, Harry, you could use this experience to educate Malfoy in Muggle culture.”
“I have no wish to educate Malfoy in anything,” Harry said, although the thought of unleashing a confused and annoyed Malfoy in Muggle London sounded quite entertaining.
Or the one where Zacharias Smith writes a tell-all and Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are assigned community service in Muggle London.

This story, let me tell you, is fantastic!

Zacharias Smith has written a tell-all book about Dumbledore’s Army, and in it suggests that Harry and Draco, well, he suggests that Harry and Draco had have the hots for each other for ever. Draco is Most Displeased. So much that he leaves his sort of self-imposed insolation and goes looking for Zach and punches him in the face, basically.

Auror Harry is called to sort the public disorder but ends up punching Zach himself as well. And that’s how both Harry and Draco end up assigned in community service in Muggle London. It’s glorious! At first Draco is all stand-offish, you know, but they have to be there for three months so eventually they start talking (oh my god, Harry asks for advise on breaking up with someone he’s causally seeing, you see) and soon Draco discovers Cosmopolitan and Coca Cola and he loves it, and they start going out, to the cinema and—well, you should just read it because it’s fucking brilliant. :D