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Puzzle Solved

Watching special episodes of PLvsPW really made me laugh all day! The special episodes showed Eve’s other traits that haven’t been shown in the main game. I love Eve’s coolness and knowing she’s such a drama queen only made me love her even more than before! Cool and cute sure are the best combination ever!  

PLVAA P20- arts!

First, check out this Very Important Epilogue photo:

G I R L S! (The blushing blonde one with the flowers is Lettie (who previously stated she was disappointed to learn Jean was a girl bc she had a crush on her), green hair is Jean. pigtails is Ridelle who I didn’t mention but she’s in charge of the library and is cute, and the girl tossing the flower petal is Kira)

I’m REALLY glad to see Lettie has accepted she is gay and maintains her crush on Jean. That saves a previously shitty line. She’s gonna give her a love letter, cute. I really liked all of these girls (aside from Lettie’s voice being REALLY ANNOYING but otherwise she was cute).

And here are Espella and Eve/Darklaw, WHO ARE TOTAL GIRLFRIENDS, and with their dad’s blessing too:

Also check out the baby girlfriends:

In additon. there was a lot of cute puzzle art in the game featuring Phoenix and Maya:

Under the cut: more cute puzzles, some cool concept art and character art for Darklaw showing all her Punk Goth outfits as well as her super cute epilogue one, and Jeans weird damn hair.

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