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Previous Levi 

Admiral of the Fleet:  Erwin Smith. 

From his chair in the command centre he allowed his mind wondered to the dinner he had planned with Levi that night. He rarely allowed himself to indulge in personal  matters. He laughed softly to himself, even rarely was too generous. Erwin had unintentionally become much like the ancient monks of history. He had given his heart to an order he believed in taking a vow of celibacy, if he could he wouldn’t even piss or shit, he wouldn’t take the time to eat just focus on his goal of freeing the universe and inhalation of the titan parasites. But Levi, Levi had been slowly chipping away at his iron mask and stone heart, Levi didn’t even do anything that was significant. He just became a precense Erwin could no longer live without. 

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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 - PV 2 is here!

GUYS GUYS do you still remember that time

when humanity’s current strongest

butted heads with the underground’s strongest

and fucking eruwin just suddenly swoops down in a 90-degree angle from the damn sky and gets in between them like nobody’s damn business

AND THAT SLO-MOSHUN REVEAL OF HIS HANDSOME SOFT-AS-A-BABY’S-BUTT FACE (also erwin u needed to scissor your blades to block levi’s tiny dagger stop showing off to your future husband already)

istg we’re seeing this scene unfold in levi’s eyes and time just slowed tf down when ambercrombie&fitch blondie hit him with the sexy eyes

exhibit 6: that moment levi knew he’s fucked in more ways than one

erwin’s 9/10 combat skills is on par with levi dafuq look at that, he’s holding on to him and levi’s holding onto him as well fffff and what is this metaphor of knives and blades and fencing im screaming

this beats any shoujo-manga first meetings tbh

AAAAAAAND~ Here is the cover art of the For Humanity Fanbook! See the full list of 46 artists and 2 writers here. 

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When Eren is sad, everyone is sad. Eren`s always the one to lift spirits by doing or saying something stupid, but when all the ridicule for being a “monster” finally gets to him, everyone is devastated by his crestfallen attitude. Connie is the first to try and cheer him up with a lame joke he heard, but all he gets is a subtle nod. Sasha tries giving him her food, she nearly cries when he says he isn`t hungry. Mikasa offers him her scarf, but Eren solemnly reminds her it`s summer, Armin soon realizes that reading to him doesn`t help either.

Even the higher ups begin to notice the lowly atmosphere. Mike tells him he smells good, Eren is just confused. Hanji offers free experiments, on him, which he refuses. Even Erwin gives him a day off to rest, but the boy is still hurt.

No one notices, but Levi was hit the hardest by the shifter`s mood, he was in a shitty mood most of the time in general. Without Eren`s constant smiling and laughing, he felt more like shit than he used to. So even when it shocks everyone into silence, Levi can`t hold back giving the boy a comforting hug, because he just looks so sad. He can`t say he doesn`t feel at least ten feet tall when Eren smiles for him.