zacharay levi

Shipping Zachonne

So today, me and my mom were talking in the car. We were talking about Chuck. Then she asked me if Zachary Levi was married or in a relationship. I said no. Then she asked me if Yvonne Strahovski was married/in a relationship. I said no. Then said “I’m sure they’re secretely together and don’t show it to make you Chucksters and Zachonne shippers wait to death! Haha” BEST.DAY.OF.MY.LIFE. MY MOM SHIPS ZACHONNE AND ALSO THUNKS THEY’RE SECRETELY TOGETHER!!!!!

Stephen Amell on IGN/NerdHQ in 15 minutes

Don’t forget!  Stephen Amell’s “conversations with” Zacharay Levi/NerdHQ will stream live, starting at 5:00 PM PT.  That’s about 15 minutes from now.

You can watch the stream from two different places:

1) NerdHQ’s Youtube Channel

2) IGN’s Website

They’re both live and exactly the same thing. Hopefully one of them works for you to enjoy.