I don’t think MTV’s audience is dumb. I don’t think young people in general are dumb or stupid or shallow. I love my generation. I really do. I believe that the “internet generation” (or “cyber generation” if you want to sound even lamer) is very misunderstood and underestimated. What many older people dismiss as my generation’s short attention spans, I see as young people hunger for density, demanding that every second of material that you give them is worthy of their time. This challenge, though daunting, is a good thing. It pushes art forward.
—  Bo Burnham
How to break up

Me: it’s over we shouldn’t fight to stay together just to fight again it’s over we need to take a break from us to make us right again and even tho it’s not going to go any further I swear I didn’t regret a second of it and when the dust has settled I hope we can still be friends

Him: wow okay ummm I understand I ju.. what is that bO BURNHAM?!