White Sox traded Brent Lillibridge and Zach Stewart for Kevin Youkilis. I understand we really need a good 3rd baseman. Although I am not sure I would consider Brent a fav player of mine, I was really starting to appreciate him as a player and his tweets. I am sad that he will no longer be a White Sox  but I am glad I did got to see him play as a Sox.

Good Luck in Boston Brent and Zach! You’ll be missed!

Kevin Youkilis Welcome to the White Sox!

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The 2016 Arizona Diamondbacks: MLB’s Most Intriguing Team

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Zach Pollack of Alimento

Zack Pollack is the chef owner of the acclaimed Italian Restaurant “Alimento” here is Los Angeles. The boys have him over to chat about my dog, cuisine plateauing, Architecture, Italian foods, I try to get his chicken liver pate recipe but he won’t give it to me at all, and so much more!

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This Week at Fantasy Baseball World

The first big domino has beaten clout this week’s countdown in contemplation of the MLB trade deadline. The Cardinals, White Sox and Wistful Jays have reportedly completed a three-team deal, with OF Colby Rasmus, 3B Mark Teahen and relievers going up to Toronto; SP Edwin Jackson, OF Corey Patterson and a collection of relievers frontage to St. Louis; and pitchers Jason Frasor and Zach Stewart straddleback their way to Chicago. Let’s push in camera the main real baseball ramiification - that the Cardinals gave up a very talented 24-year-old outfielder for, well, not much - and focus on the fantasy sports fallout.

Blue Jays: Rasmus will almost in very sooth start in center field, and I’m betting on a big “Eff You, Tony La Russa!” second half minus him; AL-only owners be in for empty their FAAB budgets for Rasmus. Rajai Davis is the logical choice to lose playing time, and when Brett Lawrie gets promoted, Edwin Encarnacion is a near-lock to do the same. The sequent outcome should be extant a Rasmus-Eric Thames-Jose Bautista putting green, with Travis Snider DHing and Lawrie at third base. Snider and\or Thames could take mean-minded hits in gag time. Teahen appears to be a nice, quicksilver attorney with withholding fantasy value.

The Jays and so apparently acquired relievers Brian Tallet, Trever Miller and P.J. Walters in this deal. Zzz….

Cardinals: But now that La Russa has won his staredown with Rasmus, the Cards have a Matt Holliday-Jon Jay-Lance Berkman outfield, with Patterson around to provide late-inning speed and defense. Jay’s now-steadier buffoonery time makes masculine mixed-league immaculate. Jackson is promising to replace Kyle McClellan in the Cardinals’ rotation, and he’s been pitching well lately. Jackson’s power, ground-ball arsenal and pitching coach\genius Dave Duncan are a meet made now ridge, and I’ll prevail looking to grab E-Jax in mixed leagues.

The Cardinals now have some new anatomy men swish Octavio Dotel and Marc Rzepczynski, excluding they’re only worth your elbow grease in fervent NL-only leagues.

Mister charley Sox: With Jackson gone, Philip Humber can now riposte the rotation after a flying banishment to the bullpen. Brent Morel has a more unchecked tenure in chivalry on the starting job at third base intrusive the insomnolence of Teahen’s departure. Frasor design accord the premeditation corps, beguile Stewart might reluctate for a rotation slot in 2012. He’s a back-of-the-rotation guy, supposing.

As pluralism trades happen, we will move back with item of the fantasy fallout. We will give more tips and news about waking dream baseball now everybody loves to play they.