A Concept: Dream All Stars Cast

Christmas Abbott
Josh Martinez
Danielle Lickey
Jason Roy
Natalie Negrotti
Da'vonne Rogers
Vanessa Rousso
John Maguire
Donny Thompson
Zach Rance
Candice Stewart
Howard Overby
JoJo Spatafora
Wil Heuser
Daniele Donato
Lawon Exum
Britney Haynes
Ragan Fox

houseguests actual signs
  • aries: nick uhas, chef joe, dominic briones, april dowling, matt mcdonald, parker somerville, sheila kennedy, zach swerdzewski, jennifer vasquez
  • taurus: christina brecht, helen kim, jessie kowalski, amanda zuckerman, danielle murphree, frank eudy, andrew gordon, kathy hillis, ragan fox, jessie godderz, adam jasinski, jacob heald, jen johnson, nakomis dedmon, ashlea evans, eric littmann, drew daniel
  • gemini: hayden voss, paola shea, victoria rafaeli, jeff schroeder, hayden moss, michele noonan, steven daigle, joshuah welch, scott long
  • cancer: nicole franzel, mike boogie, brendon villegas, cassie colvin, dick donato, angie swindell, sharon obermueller, jameka cameron, mccrae olson, adria klein, natalie carroll, jun song
  • leo: jocasta odom, ginamarie zimmerman, wil heuser, adam poch, daniele donato, matt hoffman, chima simone, brian hart, keesha smith, libra thompson, renny martyn, alex coladonato, allison nichols, amanda hansen, mike dutz, alison irwin, kaysar ridha, april lewis, maggie ausburn, sarah hrejsa, holly king
  • virgo: devin sheperd, zach rance, candice stewart, aaryn gries, britney haynes, dan gheesling, jojo spatafora, monet stunson, braeden bacha, kevin campbell, russell kairoz, neil garcia, ryan quicksall, howard overby
  • libra: willie hantz, rachel reilly, lane elenburg, bryan ollie, jen diturno, joe barber, kail harbick, nathan marlow
  • scorpio: donny thompson, andy herren, ashley iocco, jordan lloyd, kalia booker, porsche briggs, chelsia hart, james zinkland, natalie cunial, michael donnellan, lori valenti, marvin latimer, jack owens, robert roman
  • sagittarius: caleb reynolds, cody calafiore, shane meaney, lawon exum, laura crosby, memphis garrett, jeremy mcguire, judd daugherty, erika landin, james rhine, beau beasley, cowboy ellis, will wilke
  • capricorn: amber borzotra, janelle pierzina, enzo palumbo, kristen bitting, ronnie talbot, michelle costa, jessica hughbanks, david girton, howie gordon, will kirby, karen ganci
  • aquarius: brittany martinez, derrick levasseur, frankie grande, elissa slater, spencer clawson, casey turner, dustin erikstrup, eric stein, danielle reyes, ivette cordero
  • pisces: ian terry, jen arroyo, kara monaco, annie whittington, lydia tavera, natalie martinez, jerry macdonald, amber sivayus, carol journey, nick starcevic, kaitlin barnaby, diane henry, mike lubinski

Trek Travel Day 4 Bryce to Zion

On Wednesday we left Bryce Canyon and rode to Zion.  The 64 mile ride included a few miles on bike paths, few miles down a steep two lane road (no shoulder and semi-trucks speeding by) and a long hill that included almost all of the day’s 2,400 ft of climbing.  We all stopped for lunch at a quaint German bakery/deli before regrouping again to enter Zion. 

I haven’t really talked about our guides much, but Zach, Grant and Stewart were all fantastic.  As you’d expect, they were all great bike mechanics but they also knew all about the local history, geography, geology, good places to eat etc.  And they spoiled us.  Each morning our bike bottles were full, tires were pumped and Garmins ready to go.  Every 20 miles or so we could look forward to seeing the van by the side of the road with a table full of drinks and sweets.  Neither Beth or I gained weight on the trip but it wouldn’t be hard to do so.

Our guide Zach described the entry to Zion as the most beautiful 10 miles of biking in North America - I think he may be right.  It was great.  We coasted downhill, stopped for pictures under overcast skies and the traffic was light.  We didn’t ride through the 1.25 mile tunnel (it’s illegal for bikes to do so) but immediately after the tunnel we all remounted our Treks and rode to our accommodations in Springdale.  In a week full of highlights, I think this day was my favorite.