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I've listened to 1R for a while but I've never really learned about the band. Can you give me a brief rundown of who everyone is & who they are in a picture? (I only know who Ryan is atm) Thanks :)

Sure, I’m honored to introduce OneRepublic to you!

There are 5 official members of OneRepublic + a keyboard player who helps them on the Native tour.

This is how most people see them:

but I would say that this represents the real OneRepublic much better:

So I’m going to tell some stuff about each member, let’s start from the one you know!

Ryan Tedder

He’s the man who talks 99% of every single interview, also because he’s a producer for other artists too. Music is his passion since he was born and he puts so much into performances and writing music. And he literally can do everything. I mean everything.

Most of the love songs he wrote for OneRepublic are about this beautiful woman Genevieve with whom he has this cute little boy Copeland (the song I Lived is a message from Ryan to him).

Ok, these were his serious sites. Here’s something else:

simply genius

Some things he likes? Hats, food, TV series, throwing things, jumping on pianos, touching Brent’s curls, acting like he can speak many languages when on tour, making fun of Zach, short people so that he feels tall… By the way, he’s 6FT TALL. Remember that.

Brent Kutzle

Our shy little potato cellist, pianist, guitarist, vocalist and much more…. He loves his cello so much that he said he wouldn’t be a part of a band which wouldn’t let him play it. 


The youngest and tallest member of the band. When he was a teenager, he had posters of Green Day on the walls of his room. Collects or collected Lego and toys.

He’s usually quiet but when he says something it’s either very deep or very funny. He’s also a producer and spends a lot of time in the studio with Ryan in Ryan’s house. This is how he plays the violin - he’s a true cellist

His curls are sacred. 

But is he really that calm as it all seems?

well think about it

Drew Brown

According to the band, the funniest member!

This is how he rocks the guitar and he can rock a lot of other instruments too, such as glockenspiel (he says it’s not the same as the xylophone but he can’t spot the difference). I heard about him that he’s a musical encyclopedia.

And sometimes he just

I noticed myself that he enjoys the concerts so much that he keeps his eyes closed throughout the most of the gigs and just sings along and is a total badass

At school, his favorite subject was science and he loves Elvis Costello and a lot of indie stuff. Can you feel the cool?

Bonus: the best of tweets from him and about him

Eddie Fisher

Our sunshine, the biggest hugger of the band and winner of all awards in The Cutest Smile category.

Look at the child inside of him. I have always thought he’d be a great father, that’s why I’m very happy that his first kid was born this Febuary!!!

And look at his arms! He’s a huge fan of tattoos and has so many tattoos which are so meaningful that it just hits you

His first concert that he went to was a U2 concert. That’s where he decided to become a drummer. He went through a lot of bad things in life and sacrificed so much to make his dream come true and be such a genial drummer but he made it and he teaches me to keep on dreaming every single day.

Did I mention his facial expressions while playing? well not only behind drums. Cutie!

Zach Filkins

He formed the band together with Ryan, they became friends on high school. He lived in Barcelona for like 7 or 8 years. While he was in Spain, he wanted to start learning playing electric guitar but his parents told him he has to start with acoustic guitar. Now the band uses his brilliant flamenco skills on acoustic guitar on songs like Counting Stars.

When they recorded Secrets, Brent told him “hey man you could play the violin in the song!” and Zach was like “ok” so he learned how to play the violin in 2 weeks.

And he does the best background vocals imo because his voice is so deep and it fits to Ryan’s main vocals ah

He can also dance…

He loves his job but he’s pretty homesick on tours because he’s got a great wife and 2 kids at home in Chicago.

AND he loves cookies

And here’s Brian Willett - the keyboard guy

Ryan likes to mention very often that he’s Canadian - maybe Ryan’s jealous? lol

He’s really cute and kind and everything but we don’t know a lot about him because he doesn’t do interviews with the band. Anyway, here’s an interesting fact: He’s got a twin.


More to mention: OneRepublic guys are ones of the most intelligent, kind, funny and talented people I have ever heard of. They have become pretty famous but they’re still down to earth and support charity as much as possible.

The friendship between them is what we all adore, they’re like brothers and that’s why they can keep making such amazing music and unforgetable shows. 

So this is what OneRepublic is.

Hope this pictures the band well. For anyone who sees this, feel free to add info!

(Gifs are not mine!)

  • Me: How come none of my friends like this band?
  • Me: *plays song*
  • Friend: Actually, they're pretty g-
  • Me: nO STOp THEY aRE MINE !!