marrvelle  asked:

Have fun at the concert!!!

Thank you! Sorry that I’m only seeing this the following morning. I had so much fun!!! I had a sign that said “Hey, Zach—remember me from T.J. Maxx?” because I met him in that store a few months ago… I think he saw it, but if he didn’t, I met HIS COUSIN who will send a picture of me and my sign to Zach.

  • Me: How come none of my friends like this band?
  • Me: *plays song*
  • Friend: Actually, they're pretty g-
  • Me: nO STOp THEY aRE MINE !!
How to write a OneRepublic song:

•Make it sound happy
•Make the lyrics super depressing and deep
•Sleeping problems
•Maybe add love? Idk only if it’s how love stopped you from killing yourself or something
•Either cello or some electronic mix thing whatever
•Look at this long journey you’ve been on
•Falsetto (!!!)
•Low key want to die