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WDW's Reaction to Their S/O Being Sick

♡J O N A H♡: This big softy would most likely call his mom before anything else, as she’s his go-to for any issues, especially health related. After she assured him that you were gonna be fine, you just needed rest, plenty of liquids and some tylenol- he’d become like your own personal nurse. Pampering you constantly and making sure you’re feeling ok, he’d probably do anything for you, which might make him a little gullible towards your more eccentric of requests.

“Hey Jonah, my feet hurt, could you rub them for me?” Obviously you were only playing with him, but this precious tall boy would probably take you VERY literally, and it might take him a few minutes of dotting over you excessively, that you were giving him a hard time.

“Baby!” You’d laugh in response, blowing your nose into a nearby tissue. He’d lean closer, smiling as he brushed a strand of hair from your face.

“You know I’m only trying to make you feel better. Even if that means rubbing your nasty feet.” You’d smile, laughing at this while playfully smacking his arm.

☆C O R B Y N☆: Mama Corbyn mode would be activated immediately, you probably wouldn’t even have to to tell him you weren’t feeling well. This intuitive guy would know the moment you laid down on the couch, pinching the bridge of your nose and rubbing your temples that something was wrong.

“Is everything ok, princess?” He’d then proceed to get you up and have you give a DETAILED description of what hurts so he could tell the pharmacist at the local Walgreens. Yes- he’s THAT boyfriend. But even though it may seem way over the top and sily, he’s only doing it out of a place of love for you, and wanting nothing more than your happiness. Corbyn’s more of a fixer than a comforter, and would do everything in his power to make you feel better, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t cuddle you for hours afterward.

“Alright, I’m heading out to the store, Y/N. I’m picking up aspirin, tylenol, child’s motrine, adult’s motrine, heating pads, tums, some soup, v8-”

“Corbynnnn, it’s just a stomach bug. And i’m not drinking funky tomato juice.”

“Well, sucks for you, babe, because WebMD said it could help so you’re gonna drink ALL OF IT.”

Bless this precious mama bear.

♧D A N I E L♧: This sweetheart would be all over you the moment you told him you wanted to leave the restaurant you were eating at. And, when I say he’d be all over you, I mean he wouldn’t 100% know what to do. He’d be trying his best, but also would probably overreact.


After you’d sorted everything out and called an Uber to take you back, however, he’d be so soft with you. He’d wrap you in his arms protectively and rub small circles on your back, speaking softly and promising that when you got back to the house he’d get you some medicine and comfy clothing to sleep in. He’d also 100% sing softly in your ear to help distract you from your upset stomach, making up original lyrics that related to your situation.

Everything’s gonna be okay, baby….everything’s gonna be just fine. Everything’s gonna be alright, baby….because I’m yours, and you’re mine...”

♘J A C K♘: Would probably be the most calm out of the boys, feeling that blowing things out of proportion wouldn’t help you feel better. Instead, he’d use humor to try and make you feel better, which might in turn help him to stay relaxed, especially when you feel like you might throw up. Contrary to his more rambunctious and fun-loving stage persona, caregiver Jack would actually be incredibly level-headed. He’d offer to make you some tea get you blankets, but his jokester side wouldn’t be completely lost, as he’d place buckets all around the house to tease you.

“Babe, why is there a bucket in the shower?” He’d smirk, teasing you as he handed you your tea and cough drops.

“Because if you wanna take a shower later, I don’t want you getting puke all over the marble shower floor- that was expensive.” You’d roll your eyes, laughing as he gave you a quick kiss on your forehead. You’d grab his arm, silently asking him to cuddle you. He’d laugh, gently removing his arm from your grasp.

“Baby, I love you, but you’re gonna sneeze on me and I’m too important to get sick.” He’d laugh as you whined, eventually giving in and snuggling up to you, of course. Making you smile is always his #1 goal, but he’d still keep a bucket beside you in case you started feeling queasy.

♕Z A C H♕: I’m not saying Zach would call 911, but Zach would call 911. It wouldn’t matter what you were actually sick with, you could sneeze and this boy would go into overdrive. Unlike Corbyn, Zach’s main priority would focus on being there for you and trying his best to entertain you while you’re under the weather. After you talked him out of calling an ambulance, he might try to be helpful, somewhat like Corbyn. He wouldn’t be a pro at knowing what to get, and he’d more than likely bumble around at the store for an hour before bringing back the absolute wrong thing, but he’d always be the king of snuggling. Get ready for a sea of pillows, blankets, and a very soft and cozy looking Zach as you snuggle up together and watch anything and everything you’d want. Granted, he might fall asleep during your all time favorite movie, but not before burying his head in the crook of your neck and peppering soft kisses against your skin.

“I love you, Y/N…and this movie kinda sucks, but you don’t. You’re pretty cool, and I hope you feel better soon…” *dozing off to sleep*

A/N: If you have any requests or suggestions for more reactions I should do in the future, please let me know! 

13RW Reaction To You Coming Out As Bisexual


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Doesn’t know what to say at first, but he eventually makes a stupid remark and then apologize right after

“You’ll even choose girls over me”

“Sorry, sorry. That was stupid. I’m stupid; I didn’t mean that.”

“Don’t be jealous, Clay”

But he’ll be 100% supportive no matter what.


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Probably the most understanding cinnamon roll out of all of them. You can always talk to him, and he’ll always listen. He’s so protective over you since he has double the amount of people to worry about hurting you. Always wherever you are, looking out for you.


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He’ll make some gross remark about a threesome, and you’ll play right into it to fuck with him.

“So, you know, how about we invite one of your friends over to, you know, uh, have some fun *greasy wink*”

“Sure *Sly smile*”

He gets all excited, “Really?!”

“Yeah, how about Zach?” you say as you walk away

“Wait, huh?”


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Doesn’t really care. Tells you he’s known since the moment he met you.

“How could you have possibly known that?”

“You would literally stare at my ex-girlfriend whenever we were together”

“But how did you know I was bi and not lesbian?”

“We’re dating”

“Oh. True.”


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Glad you confided in her, but scared to hold someone else’s secret. You become best friends after that. She tells you all about the people at the school to avoid because she knows everyone.


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Pretty passive, doesn’t even know why you’re telling her. Calls your problems petty, but tells you to keep it to yourself next time because she knows what the guys will do if they find out.


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Kind of surprised but not really surprised because he always kind of knew in the back of his mind. He’s just really happy that you decided to tell him so you can just be yourself with him. He feels like you’re comfortable with him now and you can tell each other everything.


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Doesn’t even focus on the fact that you just told him your biggest secret, just wonders, out of the hundreds of other people at this school, why you decided to tell him. Freaks out because he doesn’t want to fuck up. Fucks up by leaking pictures of you and your s/o on accident. 


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You told him in confidence because you thought he was sweet, but he’s actually just teasing you about it the entire time. He tells all of his friends who in turn, tell the rest of the school. Doesn’t seem remorseful at all and just denies that he told anyone at all even though he’s the only person you told. 


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You thought she would be one of the most understanding, but she just seems to pity you and stays away from you now in case others found out about it and thought you two were dating.


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Pretentious as fuck. Tells you you’re stupid for keeping it a secret and that no one will really care. He acts like a dick but thinks he’s actually helping you even though you never asked for help. Publishes the confession you wrote him about it to be an even bigger dick and, again, thinks he’s doing the right thing.


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Supportive but afraid you’ll backstab her, so she doesn’t really say much about it. Asks you if you’re sure a lot, but always makes sure you know she doesn’t mean harm by asking that. She just wants to make sure you’re okay and safe.

Mr. Porter

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Probably really uncomfortable, asks you if you want to talk about it. Doesn’t really know what to say, stutters a lot until you just decide to leave and then he pretends to call you back into his office as if he’s actually concerned.

Family Dinner

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Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: “43 – Zach Dempsey”


43. “I didn’t bring you here to tease me.”

Word count: 1.339

Posted: 25th of May 2017

A/N: Another Zach imagine, but I excuse myself if you find some grammar errors. It’s 01:12 and I am so sleepy. I wanted to post something and I read the imagine to correct it, but my eyes are closing by themselves. Sorry!
Anyways, I am listening to Miles’ podcast while I was writing this, until now, and I am really enjoying it. His voice is angelic and I love him so freaking much, aw. Boyfriend backstories, though. I really need Miles and I need him to be more active in social medias. Ah, the feels.
Last thing: I hope you enjoy the imagine, although I think that it’s boring, but enjoy! Thank you, guys!

P.S.: I am not accepting any part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. Sorry.

- G. x

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Warning: (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name.

“Dinner is almost ready, guys!” Karen, your boyfriend’s mum, shouted from the kitchen as she prepared some delicious food for you and the family. You wanted to help her, also as a token of your gratitude, but she declined your offer. It bothered you, but she insisted that you were a guest and guests usually shouldn’t do anything when they were welcomed in the Dempsey’s residence.

“Alright, mum!” Zach answered happily and relieved because his stomach was already growling loudly for hunger. You told him to eat a snack before going home but he didn’t listen to you, being the hard-headed guy that he was.

You both got up from the couch and you made your way to the dining room. The table was well-set, cutleries and glasses at their right places, and his sister, May, was already sitting on her usual place. You wandered your eyes around the room and you noticed that his mum really prepared too much for the dinner. She cleaned every angle of the room and the floor was brightly shining.

“Love birds!” May exclaimed to tease her brother. Zach was a reserved person when it came to his family. He didn’t keep secrets from his mother, but he was shy and quiet type of guy with them. He never showed them his naughtiness, that would come out only when he was with you alone, at school or in bed, obviously. He didn’t like divulging information about his relationship status in front of his family, mostly with his mother’s presence. “How was your cuddling session going there?”

“May!” Zach approached and he rolled his eyes. You softly giggled for your boyfriend’s actions and red-tinted face. He was obviously embarrassed and, luckily, his mother was too concentrated on what she was doing.

“What?” His sister looked at the two of you as you sat on your respective places and her eyeballs swung back and forth between you and Zach. She was observing your actions and you couldn’t deny that she was a good observer. She had the capacity to observe and to reflect, to remember and to picture the happenings. “It was just an innocent question.”

“Innocent? Right.” Zach huffed and glared at you as soon as he heard your soft laugh. “You are way too young to know these things, May.” And, that time, you knew that he was being overprotective and cosseting brother. He has always been and you found it sweet and cute.

“Zach, she’s not two anymore. She hears things like these in middle school. Do you know that?” You defended May against his brother and she nodded her head to confirm your statements, totally agreeing with you. You caressed your vexed boyfriend’s hand to calm him, letting him know that you weren’t against him, but you were just stating a fact.

“(Y/N) is right, Zach! You’ve been a Middle School student too, you should know what’s going on in those halls and classrooms.” May supported your opinion and you both laughed as you saw Zach rolling his eyes and you heard him huffing, defenceless.

“Stop the blabbering now, the food is ready.”  His mother blurted out as she stood in front of the dining table with a bowl in her hands.  

She attentively put the bowl in the middle of the table, trying not to spill the food. Zach helped her to get the remaining food from the kitchen counter. After all, he was a great, responsible and educated son. His mother grew him well and you would never stop thanking her for raising a civilized and knowledgeable son like Zach.

You then started to eat, doing his family’s daily routines before every meal. You wanted to respect his family, of course. Your parents raised you well and they somehow taught you some good manners.

“So, what were you talking about?” Zach’s mother asked as you chewed your food thoroughly, avoiding the annoying sound that you could possibly have made by chewing.

“Nothing, Mum!” Zach blushed as panic wrapped his body. He was embarrassed and he surely didn’t want to let her know what the chitchatting before was all about.

“Oh, it was about how cute they were when cuddling and Zach was just bewildered.” May nonchalantly responded as she fiddled with the fork on her hand.

“My little baby is still embarrassed when it came to talking about his relationship status.” His mum cheekily teased Zach and he pouted as if he was showing how offended he was.

“Mum!” He approached and you just laughed because of his reaction.

“Zach, I’m sure that they are happy that you have someone with you. There’s no need to be shy, they are part of your family.” You stated and you earned some nods and smiles from May and Karen.

“She’s incredibly right!” May agreed and you smiled back at her. She’s always declared that she liked you for Zach and that she was jubilant because his brother found someone who really knew how to make him contented of his life.

“Zach, honey, it doesn’t bother me at all and you know that you can always talk to me, right?” His mum assured him and he just nodded, realizing that you were right.

“You are absolutely right again, my princess.” Zach said as he rolled his eyes. He couldn’t swallow that only right things came out from your mouth. “Strangely.”

“It’s not my fault if I think before I speak, love.” You pointed it out playfully. You heard his family laughing and Zach shook his head in disbelief. He was satisfied that you had your confidence with your family, but he regretted it as you formed a group against him.

“She really knows you, Zach!” May stated proudly. Zach nodded his head, finally giving up. “That’s why I like her.”

“You like her because you have a partner in crime when it came to me, you had a partner when it came to vexing and teasing me.” Zach sarcastically pointed out. “And, you, Ms. (Y/L/N),”

“Me?” You pointed yourself with your index finger and an eyebrow raised. You were confused, but seeing Zach a little bit miffed made you laugh and contented.

“Yes, baby.” Zach’s face became serious. “I didn’t bring you here to tease me.” He then gave you a playful and wide smile as he poked your sides, trying to find your ticklish part of the body.

“Oh,” His mum exclaimed. “we love her presence also for that reason, son.” She stated and a loud laugh was heard in the dining room. You caught Zach’s index finger and you held it as you stopped him from his devilish plan.

“Sure, you do!” Sarcasm was heard from Zach’s voice and he exasperatedly sighed. He finally gave up as he knew that he could never win against the most important girls in his life. He just loved you so much that he couldn’t really get angry of your actions.

“Sorry, not sorry!” His mum and May said simultaneously, making you and Zach laugh out loud. Zach finally let himself in and decided to have a little bit of fun.

You loved Zach and his family because of its bond and craziness. The members of his family were adorable and you wanted to thank them for accepting you for who you were.

You were grateful, because the Dempsey family is your second home and you couldn’t help but be enthusiastic by thought of it. They considered you as a part of their family and you would always be invited in their family dinners because they liked you, nevertheless your boyfriend would punish you for being an annoying teaser and girlfriend.

It didn’t matter to you though because he loved you so much and he would always do, just at the same frequency as your manner to vex or to tease him with his family. He was a playful jerk and idiot, but Zach was Zach and he would always accept you and love you. He would always do, no more and no less.

13 Reasons Why

being written but aren’t finished

personal favourites*

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Harry Potter Aesthetics > Hannah | Clay | Justin | Zach | Alex | Jessica | Jeff | Ryan | Tyler | Skye | Courtney | Sheri | Tony | Montgomery

Bisexual!Hannah Baker

Alex Standall Dating a Trans!Male

Genderfluid!S/O Dating Jeff Atkins and Clay Jensen

Jeff Atkins

Zach Dempsey

Gif Moodboards

Hannah Baker and Her Best friend

Alex Standall and His Best Friend

Most Likely To

Do a Huge “Promposal”

Be a Protective BF/GF

The Jocks Reaction To Jeff Atkins’ Baby Sister

Request: Omfg could you do a hc where Jeff has a baby sister (like age 2 or 3) and Justin, Zach, Monty and Alex’s reactions to meeting her because she’s so small and cute and Monty would act all annoyed by her but once they all left the room he would be super sweet to her and they would tease him about it and just ughhhh soooo cuuuute.


A/N: This was the most adorable request ever, thank you.


Warnings: Cuteness overload.


The Jocks Reaction To Jeff Atkins’ Baby Sister…


So Alex is actually really good with kids. The second he walks in the little girl adores him, and the feeling is absolutely mutual. While the other boys (Zach excluded) would have no idea what to do with her, Alex knows all the right games and movies to talk about. She also might have a mild obsession with his hair, and she won’t stop touching it and trying to ask Alex questions about it. The same goes for his septum piercing, which she totally doesn’t understand (like Jeff’s ear piercings) but loves the hell out of. Alex would just think she’s the cutest thing ever, and though he’d probably be cursing the sticky fingers all over him, he’d just have to forgive her.


He would think she was the cutest thing in the world. Justin would absolutely just want to cradle her all the time, but he forgets that at her age, all she wants to do if run off and play. He’d always be trying to pull her away from the toys and just hold her in his arms, and they’d probably have a fight for dominance over whether she stays with him or not. Justin never wins. She’s always yelling at him and hitting him gently, but it’s a game then, and he’ll pout and she’ll come running right back feeling guilty. It never fails to make Justin smile like an idiot, and he wishes he had a little sister of his own.


He would be the most in love with her of them all, but he would never admit that. Monty is amazing with kids, and her smile would just melt his heart. He’d totally be the one to sing all the hits of the week with her. He’d also be super good at doing her hair in so many different styles, and helping her put on some of her dress up stuff. Monty would also be super overprotective, not wanting her to climb anything or stand on anything. He wouldn’t like to share her either, he’d get jealous if he ever thought he wasn’t her favourite. Monty would literally give his life to protect that little girl.


After growing up with his little sister he’s a pro at taking care of kids. He’s much more of a Dad figure though, and doesn’t hesitate to tell her off of he has too. They have fun too though, Zach is someone she likes to climb all over, and he has to give her piggy back rides and crawl around acting like her horse, which he of course is used too. Zach doesn’t mind it though. When she puts her little hand on his cheek and smiles at him he sees so much of Jeff, and he knows that she’s going to grow up to be the kindest, most beautiful girl in the world. He honestly feels honoured to know her and watch her grow up to be a woman who will probably change the world.

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The Secrets that Change Us (Part 4)

Summary: The sequel to Before We Were Us and follows how secrets can make or break your relationship with Zach Dempsey

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

<< Part 3 | Part 5 >>

The day was less than ideal for you. You hadn’t talked to Zach since your argument at Bryce’s pool house making your routine the next school day abnormal for you. You were late for school and had to ride your bike because Zach didn’t pick you up for your early morning practice sessions. When you walked down the hall to your locker, you felt that somebody was supposed to be beside you, but there wasn’t.

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Congratulations Brittnee on being the new HOH, but there is something I need to tell you all. This week is very different. And while you might have been expecting a double eviction, that’s not it. Tonight is a triple eviction.

The Boys Reaction To Jeff’s Sister Self-Harming

Request: The boys (Jeff, Alex, Monty, Zach and Justin) reactions to finding out Jeff’s (15 year old) sister self harming.

One headcanon that is going to be used in these is that Bryce doesn’t exist (the boys just aren’t friends or something, he doesn’t mean anything to anybody) and Jeff’s is the “go-to” hangout for all the guys, so they are all close to his sister.

  • Jeff would have different reactions to finding out, first, he would be pissed that someone or something hurt his sister so badly that she felt like she had to hurt herself. On the other hand, I think he would be, kind of, disappointed in himself for not noticing, because this is his sister and he should know what’s going on in her life and, at least, whether she’s okay or not. He would spend as much time as he could (the others too) making sure she knows that he loves her. 
  • Alex would be devastated, and then just wrap his arms around her, and start rocking her back and forth. He would definitely try and be calm about it, but he would be secretly (not so secretly) freaking out. He would definitely be upset, but he would also try and be the person to try and calm her, himself and everyone else down so that she could find a way to talk to them.
  • Like Jeff, Justin would get so pissed that he never noticed because out of all the guys, she was closer to him than anyone (besides Jeff, of course). Once he’d gotten over the initial anger of it, he would calmly try and ask her to talk about it. He knows it’s hard to talk about so he just rub a hand up and down her back and she tries to put how she’s feeling into words. 
  • Montgomery would be totally pissed, he would have to try his hardest to calm down because, we all know, that he has anger issues and finding out that this girl that he sees as his own little sister being driven to the point of doing this to herself would drive himself. He would definitely end up punching a wall or something, just to get the anger out of his system.
  • Zach would be shocked and, even though he tried to not make it noticeable, he would start to cry, he wouldn’t be crying because of just one thing, it would be because of everything; him not noticing, what could have happened to her to make her want to hurt herself like this.
  • I also think that after finding out about her self harming then the boys, whenever they could, would become her body guards. They’d always be with her making sure that no one bullies her or hurts her in anyway. I think they’d also all “take turns” looking out for her, they’d all look out for her at all times, but they’d have times where like when the others have practice or something that one person would be her “designated friend” to make sure she always has someone.

justcuchu  asked:

Alex and Justin make out in a concert because one of them was kinda drunk but this happened at the end of the school year so next time they see each other it's been months since the concert thing happened and justin decides to keep it a secret because of fearing his friend's reaction although zach is 100% ready to be supportive. I'm sorry, I hope you understand what I'm trying to say :)

Alex spent the majority of his Summer doing nothing. He’d traveled back to his home town, worked for his aunt at some lame-ass café. But there was one thing on his mind that he couldn’t shake, the memory kept crawling back into his head like some clingy animal. You feed it once, give into it, then it doesn’t leave you alone.

He couldn’t help but ask himself, did Justin even remember what happened? What would happen when he came back to school? Has Justin been thinking about it as much as he has?

When Alex did let himself think about it, it was when he was alone, at night. Thinking about Justin Foley, his lips involved in a heavy make out session. The thump of the music, the taste of beer and weed. Wondering what could’ve happened, if there was anything yet to happen. What would Justin look like hot and blissed out above him. When his head wandered too far, he’d jerk off angrily in the shower and then fall asleep in self loathing.

Justin wasn’t much different. He might have been drunk during the show, but he wasn’t drunk enough. The memory stuck with him, too. It haunted his dreams. He wanted to call them nightmares, but in reality they were just sex dreams. Justin would wake up flustered, unsure how he could be thinking about Alex Standall in such dirty ways. It was like going through puberty all over again.

The first day back from school, neither of them spoke of it. But, there were longing gazes in the hallways that let Alex know that he did remember, and that it wasn’t over yet.

Within the next couple of weeks, they got high together. Which eventually lead to hazy make out sessions. One night when Alex’s parents were out of town, he invited Justin over.

“Is this like a booty call, Standall?” Justin asked once Alex answered the door. He wore a denim jacket with nice jeans. Alex couldn’t help but marvel his appearance.

“Fuck you, come inside,” he replied lamely, not really giving Justin a straight answer. In reality, it kind of was. He did invite Justin over, he did want to kiss him, but he didn’t want their feelings to be completely sexual. Justin walked inside the house with his shoulders tense, giving off the impression he wasn’t as confident as he might seem.

Right as Alex was about to open his mouth, Justin started first, “You know I like you, right?” He asked, his eyes hopeful as he turned to face the blonde again.

“I know you like to kiss me,” Alex retorted, trying to keep calm and casual. His nervous laughter was a dead giveaway though.

“I like you. I like kissing you, a lot. I want to do it more often, specifically when we’re not high. And then there’s other things too, I want to hold your hand and wink at you in the hallways– ”

“you already wink at me in the hallways,” Alex cut him off. He was smiling, teasingly.

Justin rolled his eyes and continued, slower this time. He took a breath to calm his nerves, “Can I…. Can we be official? Like boyfriends and all that shit?”

“You’re serious?” Alex asked after a pause.

Justin shook his head in disbelief at Alex’s confusion. However, the blonde took it as an answer to his question and actually seemed disheartened for a second. But then Justin took a step forward into Alex’s space “I’m not kidding. Will you be my boyfriend?”

The tips of Alex’s ears were red as he nodded, “I would love to be your boyfriend.”

“Good, cause then this would’ve been really awkward,” Justin beamed, taking something out of his backpack. Alex recognized it to be a shirt with the band logo of the concert they were at where they had their first kiss.

“You’re a dork.”

“Yeah, but now I’m your dork, babe.”