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Blood And Kisses

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Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: “I really love reading your imagines! Can you please make one where the reader breaks up Montgomery and Alex’s fight and at first Alex is mad but then he’s not?”

“Hey dude. I love your imagines! Could you do an Alex Standall imagine in which the reader breaks up the right between Alex and Montgomery then goes with Alex to first aid and fluff happens? 😁😁 xx”

Word count: 2.922

Posted: 28th of April 2017

A/N:OMG! It’s finally friday and I am posting stuffs that wrote during these past few days. I missed you guys and I am so overwhelmed for the feedbacks that I am receiving! Thank you for everything.
Anyways, I don’t like putting two requests in one imagine because I think that it’s unfair to the readers who’ve requested their ideas, but the requests are almost the same and I hope that it’s still okay. Sorry, though. You can always request something else so we can be fair. Thank you. This is longer than I wanted to write, but it’s better.
Thank you so much for the support. I am happy that you love my imagines!

- G. x

Warning: A little bit of Angst, mentions blood, swearing.

“What is happening, Clay?” You asked as you dealt with the shortness of your breath. Someone called you on your phone and said that your best friend Alex was in trouble with someone in the parking lot, so you had to run from the other side of the school department to the parking lot as fast as you could.

“I really don’t know. I am trying to see what’s happening.” He answered as he was tiptoeing in his dark coloured converse. He didn’t get any positive results on what he was doing so you started to pass in the middle of the people, trying to push them slightly to give you some space.

Once you arrived at the first row of the crowd, your heart sank and your mouth slightly hung open. You covered your mouth as the happening created a little knot in your stomach and it hurt yourself.

Alex was spitting blood out of his mouth as he got some punches from the one and only Montgomery de la Cruz, who was sitting on Alex’s abdomen while he let his anger out.

“Fuck off, de la Cruz!” You pushed him with all of your strength so he would stop punching Alex’s face as if it was some sort of punching bag. “Fucking, stop!”

“Fine, I’ll stop!” He raised his hands in defense, but he kicked Alex on his stomach one more time before picking his backpack up, it was surely thrown on the ground when they started the fight.

“Damn it! Go fuck yourself!” You shouted as you wanted to bang his head on a wall thousand times.

“Montgomery, you fucking asshole.” You heard Alex swearing under his breath and whining while he was holding his stomach.

“Alex.” You quickly caressed his arm as you let him know that you were by his side. You swore that you didn’t like seeing your best friend like this. Montgomery pushed some people so he could get out of that crowd around you.

“(Y/N).” He weakly called for you as he coughed harshly, caused by the savage and terrible kicks of Montgomery. You were worried as you saw Alex spitting thick, dense and scarlet blood one more time.

“Damn, Alex.” You bit your lower lip as you felt a little bit guilty for arriving later to save him. You gave him your handkerchief so he could wipe his mouth. “Guys, go back to your classes! The show is obviously done, this was the first and last episode of let’s just fucking watch Alex to get hurt and do nothing, so stop being nosey and mind your own fucking business!” You sarcastically shouted as you hated them for not stopping the asshole before.

“It’s okay, (Y/N).” He shook it off as if nothing has happened.

“You shush!” You rolled your eyes as you picked his backpack up and hung it on your free shoulder. “C'mon.” You grabbed his hand as helped him to get up from the ground. Alex could barely stand up straight and you could say that he was suffering inside.

“Let me help you with that, (Y/N).” Zach helped Alex to maintain his balance as he saw that you were struggling to handle your best friend and you started to walk towards the school’s parking lot.

“Lex, keys?” You asked him when you stopped in front of his car.

“Here.” He shakily handed you the keys and you shook your head for the damage that Montgomery has done to your best friend. You would seriously slap that jerk.

“Thanks.” You weakly smiled at him and opened his car. Zach guided Alex to enter the passenger’s seat.

“Can you do this alone?” Zach worriedly asked after he closed the car’s door.

“Yup, thank you.” You warmly smiled at him and he just smiled back at you.

“Text me, okay?” You nodded to assure him and you went to the driver’s seat. “Take care.”

“We will.” You and Alex smiled at him and you started to drive carefully, not wanting to hurt Alex even more. “Are you okay?” You looked at the rear-view mirror to assure that no one was following you. “Dumb question, I know.”

“My stomach still aches.” You then looked at him and you could see in his eyes that he was really trying so hard to mend the pain away.

“Damn it, Standall.” You sighed as you saw his nose soaked in dried blood, condensed and fractured. The almost brown coloured blood has mizzled down his face and shirt, like the rain water in a window pane.

“What?” He raised an eyebrow and it made you worried even more, because his left cheek was purple and he had a big black and blue circle around his left eye.

“I hate seeing you like that, Jesus!” You huffed once again and brought your focus back to the road.

Once you arrived at his house, you parked his car on its place and you helped him to walk and to maintain his balance. The house was empty, obviously, his parents had the day shift at work.

“Stay there.” You closed the door behind you and you ran up and down the stairs to get the things that you needed to cure Alex’s wounds.

“What are you searching for?” Alex asked as he noticed that you kept on searching for something on the same place.

“Liniments?” You raised your eyebrow and he indicated you the bathroom door right next to the living room. “Thanks.”

“Not a problem.” He answered and you suddenly heard him complaining, murmuring some things that you didn’t understand.

“What happened?” You put the liniments on the table, together with the other stuffs that you needed to cure Alex.

“I can’t even smile because of this thing.” He complaint as he watched you preparing your first aid paraphernalia.

“Yup, you got a bad busted lip over there.” You shook your head.

“Yeah, I can feel it.” He pouted as he tried to ease the pain.

“What did you do to be Montgomery’s punching bag?” You curiously asked as you squeezed a wet towel to take the dehydrated blood stains off his face and neck. “This might hurt a little.”

“Be careful.” He grabbed your arm as he guided your hand. You dabbed the now-stained towel softly and slowly as you saw him fussing for the pain.

“Sorry.” You bit your lip as you were so concentrated on cleaning Alex’s face. You didn’t notice that he was just looking at you to admire your beautiful face.

“So? What’s the reason?” You stopped to look at him and he suddenly panicked and avoided your eye contact.

“He was fantasizing about you.” You suddenly stopped to look at him and gave him your judging face. “What? He was saying that he’d like to fuck you.” He defended himself, believing that he did a right thing for you.

“And you got those bruises and wounds just for a thing like that?” You put the towel back to the basin and you faced him.

“Damn it, what’s wrong with that?” He kind of raised his voice and you knew that you couldn’t change his mind.

“Alex, you almost died. I prefer that he imagines dirty stuffs about me rather than I lose you!” You got the towel once again and you squeezed it properly before wiping his neck. His face was already clean and you could recognize him now.

“(Y/N), I was the one who got hurt so shut the fuck up! I can’t stand to see others doing that to you.” He pointed out as he moved his neck so you could clean every inch of it. He was angry, but you knew that he couldn’t hurt you. “That’s also called respect for you, for the girls, for every woman in this world.”

“And I can’t stand to see my best friend in that way either!” You threw the towel in the basin and, luckily, the water didn’t go all over the glass centre table. You shot him a death glare as he just rolled his eyes. “And respect? You expect Montgomery to have even a pinch of respect? No way!”

“That doesn’t matter, I am the boy here and I should defend you.” You got a cotton disk and you put a smidgen of disinfectant to clean his still open bruises. “And that’s exactly my point! He should respect you.”

“You’re not my knight in shining armour, so stop defending me. Defend yourself, instead.” You lightly tapped the cotton disk on his bruises and he kept on whining as it stung his face.

“Then fuck you!” Alex corrugated his forehead as he lost his shit once again. He was staying at his thought and you couldn’t change his mind.

“No, fuck you!” You pressed the cotton disk on one of his bruises and he pushed your hand away harshly because you hurt him.

“What the fuck!?” He breathed in deeply as if he was asking for more patience to tolerate your behaviour. “Damn, I would do this by myself if you’re just being an asshole!”

“You know that you don’t have to do that for me, Standall!” You got the cotton disk once again and you blew at his bruise to ease the pain. You calmed yourself down as you saw him miffed.

“I don’t care.” He sassily snapped at you. “I would even catch a bullet for you, if I need to.” You dabbed the cotton once again and you bit your lip as you realized that you crossed the line. He defended you and you should thank him for that.

“I’m sorry.” You murmured and Alex just smiled.

“You realized that I had the point here?” He smirked at you and you threatened him to press the cotton disk once again. “But I am right.”

“Damn, Standall!” You rolled your eyes. “You are right, you got the point, but stay still!”

“Thank you.” He had a teasing tone and you hated him for that moment.

You realized that Alex was the sweetest person that you’ve ever known, even though you didn’t want to see him in that way. Yes, he could defend you and everything, but if it cost him his life, he better not defended you because your best friend’s life was more important to you than what people had to say about you.

“Thank you.” You smiled at him and he just shook his head with a wide smile plastered on his face. “Seriously, though. You don’t have to.”

“But I want to and that’s final.” He crossed his arms and you unleashed a long deep sigh, because you knew that he would do everything just to win in that discussion you were having.

Alex was sweet and nice to do that to you, but you didn’t want for him to be in a crazy mess. You didn’t want to see him hurt or dying, just because he needed to defend you.

You remained silent as you put the liniments on his bruises. He seriously looked at you as he watched your hands, carefully touching his damaged skin.

“Take your shirt off, I need to check if you have broken bones there!” You wiped your hands using the towel and you saw Alex with a smirk on his face.

“Or maybe you want to take advantage of me.” He naughtily said and you just laughed for his silly attitude.

“Dork!” You rolled your eyes while you were laughing. People might think that you two are crazy, because you would fight the moment before and then laugh like there was no tomorrow after, but that was what you liked in your relationship with Alex. You couldn’t fight over things for a long time, so you never had any issue. “C'mon, take that stained shirt off.”

“I ask fifty bucks per clothing from my clients for this, but you are too special for me so it’s free.” He winked at you as he slowly took his shirt off, making it a little bit sexy and lascivious. “I must love you so much for doing a strip tease for free eh!”

“Lex, you’re the best.” You laughed loudly as you playfully slapped his arm. “You’re the best that I never had, promise.”

“I know and I am happy that I can make you laugh just like that.” He winked at you as he put the shirt on the table in front of you. You controlled if he had some broken bones, touching different parts of his naked chest with a delicate touch, but luckily, he didn’t.

“Here, put these on!” You tossed him a clean shirt and his sweatpants. “I’m not peeking.” You winked at him as you put the first aid kit back to its place, also cleaning the towel that you used to clean Alex’s face.

“Thank you for curing me.” Alex sweetly said as he followed you to the bathroom and hugged you from the back. This time he could walk, not properly but he could. “Sorry, because I said tough things.”

“No, I’m sorry.” You put his dirty and stained clothes in the washing machine. It was Alex’s home, but it felt like it was your home too. You spent most of your time in his home than your own home because of Alex. “I should be grateful to have someone who hasn’t got any problems on defending me.”

“I will always defend you, (Y/N).” You looked at the mirror as you washed your hands. You saw Alex smiling and you had to admit that he was still perfect even with those bruises. “What?”

“Nothing.” You smiled at him and splashed him a drop of water. “You make me happy, Alex.” You dried your hands with a dry and clean hand towel.

“And you make me happy, (Y/N).” He made you turn around and he grabbed your hand. You both went back to the living room and you sat in front of the turned off television.

“So, what would you like to do now?” You curiously asked as you looked at Alex’s blue orbs. You seriously found him handsome, even with purple coloured cheeks. You loved his tired big eyes and you glanced at him as he glanced back at you. Your eyes were telling something to each other, but you didn’t want to admit it.

“This.” He smiled at you as he slowly leant in to close the gap between the two of you.

You were shocked because you never expected that Alex would kiss you out of nowhere. You didn’t respond at first, but then you let yourself go and you shared a passionate kiss with Alex, tasting a little bit of liniment from the bruised part of his lip, but you didn’t mind it. He caressed your cheek as you played with his platinum blonde hair.

“Fuck!” He suddenly broke the kiss and a worried expression took over your face. “That kind of hurt.”

“I can imagine.” You giggled softly and Alex just smiled, secretly loving your giggles more and more. You didn’t care if it was strange that he kissed you, you loved it and you honestly craved for more.

“Maybe kissing suits better when this shitty stuff gets better.” He winked at you and you shook your head with a wide smile on your face. “How about cuddles?”

“Cuddles, specifically your cuddles, are perfect too.” You nodded your head and he hugged you tightly as you let yourself fall on the soft couch, having Alex on top of you.

“Haven’t you ever noticed that I loved you from the very beginning of our friendship?” Alex whispered, your faces were few inches apart.

“Never thought of that.” You shook your head while having a thinking expression on your face. “Is that why you always defend me?”

“Well, I think that it’s the time to confess you everything, since I even kissed you just few moments ago.” He raised his shoulders as he rolled beside you. “(Y/N), I love you so much.” You saw that Alex blushed a little bit and you couldn’t help but smile. “I don’t know how it happened, but I wake up every day, being more jealous and wanting to protect you from the people around us. I love your company and I don’t regret that I approached you during that first basketball game during the sophomore year, I am so thankful for the relationship that we have.” He honestly declared as he drew circles on your arms with his left hand. You could see him blushing even more as the sunlight fell slanting through the window pane and it made you smile wider.

“Oh, you were just jealous earlier, that’s why you lost your shit!” You pointed out and Alex laughed loudly. You were flustered because you didn’t know why he was laughing.

“Good morning, Captain Obvious!” He smirked at you and you giggled as you messed his hair up.

“You’re such an idiot, but I love you too Alex.” You sincerely confessed and you blushed a little bit as you met Alex’s happy gaze. You played with his septum ring as you giggled even more and he just shook his head. “I am thankful to have someone like you.”

You both leant in for another kiss, but, this time, it was just a simple one because you didn’t want to hurt him once again.

You were enthusiastically happy and thankful at that moment, because you were sharing a great relationship with your most beloved person in your life.

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“how to identify your zach: a guide”

1. eyebrows? 

  • if no - ignore him
  • if yes - check eye color

2. eye color?

  • dark - congrats it’s quinto. hold him he’s pure
  • blue - that’s a chris

see “how to identify your chris: a guide” volumes i to iv for further identification. if your chris has eyebrows, it’s a pine. hold him too

🌮mass text🌮
  • Zach: In honor of Taco Tuesday, which will be tomorrow, I'll be borrowing my dad's grill and making tacos and burritos on the quad.
  • Zach: Hot sauce guide lines are as follows: White, mild, medium, hot, and what happened to my stomach. See you guys there!

Trek Travel Day 4 Bryce to Zion

On Wednesday we left Bryce Canyon and rode to Zion.  The 64 mile ride included a few miles on bike paths, few miles down a steep two lane road (no shoulder and semi-trucks speeding by) and a long hill that included almost all of the day’s 2,400 ft of climbing.  We all stopped for lunch at a quaint German bakery/deli before regrouping again to enter Zion. 

I haven’t really talked about our guides much, but Zach, Grant and Stewart were all fantastic.  As you’d expect, they were all great bike mechanics but they also knew all about the local history, geography, geology, good places to eat etc.  And they spoiled us.  Each morning our bike bottles were full, tires were pumped and Garmins ready to go.  Every 20 miles or so we could look forward to seeing the van by the side of the road with a table full of drinks and sweets.  Neither Beth or I gained weight on the trip but it wouldn’t be hard to do so.

Our guide Zach described the entry to Zion as the most beautiful 10 miles of biking in North America - I think he may be right.  It was great.  We coasted downhill, stopped for pictures under overcast skies and the traffic was light.  We didn’t ride through the 1.25 mile tunnel (it’s illegal for bikes to do so) but immediately after the tunnel we all remounted our Treks and rode to our accommodations in Springdale.  In a week full of highlights, I think this day was my favorite.

50 Shades of Grande

50 shades of Grey inspired Zankie fanfic! This is a very short/early preview. And we all know I own nothing. Not 50 Shades, not Zach or Frankie, so this is my disclaimer!

Merry Christmas everyone 😊
“Mr. Grande will see you now.”

The blonde receptionist was standing in front of Zach, gesturing to the office beyond the frosted glass wall with a professional smile. The words hung in the air as Zach had to force his muscles into action.

He uncrossed his leg, which had been nervously bouncing on his knee as he sat for almost three quarters of an hour, going over the questions Cody had left him. Standing up, Zach lamented his luck once again. He would rather be anywhere else other than here right now. But Cody was his best friend, and this interview was basically the most important thing to ever happen to him. It could make or break his career, there was so much riding on it.

But as luck would have it, Cody was at home, half delirious on cough medicine with a raging temperature. Zach was his only option, and getting the appointment rescheduled was an impossibility. If this was anyone else, anyone, Zach would have said hell no. No way. This was not his thing. But he couldn’t let his best friend fall on his face right before they were set to graduate and try to make something of themselves.

Zach was horribly nervous. Cody had been trying to get this interview all year and hyping it up for weeks after he finally had confirmation that Mr. Grande had agreed. He was so nervous and excited, this would basically make his career as an entertainment journalist, or possibly break it if things went badly. Up until yesterday, Zach had cheered him on, encouraging him and patting him on the back for landing such a cherry interview, secretly glad it was Cody and not him. Because Frankie Grande? Wow.

But that was then. Now, it would be Zach doing the interview. Zach, who had a problem with his filter, who said things as they came to his mind like some sort of child. Zach, who would very obviously flush crimson at any sign of embarrassment (of which there was sure to be plenty). Zach, who would prefer to spend time only in his tiny circle of close friends. Around them he was loud, fun, boisterous. But around strangers he got awkward. Said weird things. Things that ostracized people and pissed them off. He was basically the worst choice for an interviewer on the planet. But he had to try. For Cody.

Walking across the room, Zach reflecting again on how beautiful this place was. Clearly no expense had been spared. Clean, modern lines were throughout, with an almost spa-like atmosphere. There was a waterfall and pond with green bamboo shoots growing up. The floors were bamboo as well, and Zach knew that was a very sustainable choice, and not the most expensive. He wondered if that was something that was important to Mr. Grande, but he hadn’t seen any questions relating to that so he figured he probably would never know. He was going to try to just stick to Cody’s script and get out of there as fast as possible.

In the last few seconds, as the receptionist opened the door and Zach waited his turn through the door, he wondered what this mega rich superstar was going to be like. He was the head of a multi-billion dollar entertainment corporation. He had billionaires working for HIM. Surely this was going to be unpleasant. This guy had to be as cold as ice to handle deals like he would have to make, and he probably had a head the size of this massive building. Zach had never been in contact with someone so rich or powerful before. He just hoped he didn’t make a fool of himself. Or Cody.

But hoping such a thing was basically an invitation to see how much worse things could get, and he should have known better. Because he wasn’t two steps inside the office when his eyes started to wander, and they stopped paying attention to the ground in front of him, and he didn’t notice the small table sitting next to the chair he was walking by. Zach took the table out and tangled his legs with the tables legs, tumbling to the ground in the most spectacularly embarrassing display he could ever have imagined. It was loud, it was wild, his limbs were flailing, and the crash to the ground reverberated through the office, knocking down a picture frame on Mr. Grande’s desk.

Zach closed his eyes, hoping to disappear, to go back 20 seconds in time, anything to avoid this catastrophe. He couldn’t even feel the pain from the fall, he was so mortified. But then there were hands on him. And a deep, smooth, controlled voice. “Whoa, talk about an entrance. Are you okay?” The soft hands guided Zach back to his feet, and then brushed him off a bit and then the man was stepping back out of Zach’s face and Zach’s breath caught in his throat.

He knew what Frankie Grande looked like. Everyone on the planet knew what Frankie Grande looked like. He was probably the most famous, influential faces in America. So Zach knew. But he didn’t KNOW. In person, it was like he was the sun. Zach had to look away. His skin glowed. His bright pink tips like whisps of cotton candy, his bleach blonde hair perfect right to the roots. His eyes were wide and intelligent and dark and magnetic. Zach just wanted to stare at them. Something was clicking inside of Zach, something he didn’t understand, as he stared at this mythological creature of a man before him, lost for words.

Mr. Grande cocked his head to the side and gave Zach an appraising stare. “Not much of a talker, eh? Well this doesn’t bode well for our interview, Mr. Califiore.” He smiled sardonically and gestured to the comfortable arm chair sitting next to the table Zach had tripped over. “But you’ve got my attention nonetheless. Please, sit down. Do you need some ice?”

Zach felt his cheeks burn and knew he was as bright red as a cherry tomato. He looked down at the floor bashfully and shook his head slightly, before peeking his eyes back up and making contact with Mr. Grande’s piercing stare. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he saw a ghost of a smile there but it was gone before he could be sure.


Do you guys think I should keep going on this one? Let me know!

Finally Together Part 5: A Zankie Fanfic

Hey guys part 5 is ready!! This one has no smut, mostly a long convo between our boys. I hope you like it!

As always I want to thank you guys for all your likes and re blogs, it’s amazing to know people are reading my work! And shout out to All The Ships Are Sailing for giving me my first ever re blog and getting me started! And for writing some awesome stuff too.

Anyways… Enjoy! :)


The high Zach was on lasted the rest of the morning. He and Frankie had spent it in blissful solitude, neither even checking their phone. They spent their time lazing about in each other’s arms, making out, talking about anything and everything. Well, everything but the big elephant in the room.

They had already had two pretty deep conversations about what was happening and how Zach felt about it, but there was one big question neither of them had either asked or answered, and they both seemed to be dancing around the issue, neither wanting to break the spell and spoil the wonderful moods they were both in. The question of course was ‘what next? What do we do now?’ The question would pop into Zach’s head every now and then but he would repress it, trying to live in the moment and enjoy every second of this that he could.

But around 12:30 he was getting pretty hungry, and it was clear that their bubble would have to burst, at least to get food. He had been ignoring it for the past hour but just as he was cuddling into Frankie’s side, thinking ‘This is perfect’, his stomach gave a loud growl. Frankie shifted on the couch and looked at Zach.

“We need to eat. I’m hungry too.” Reluctantly, Zach sat up, stretching a little.

“I know, I just didn’t want to leave this room. I like it here. You’re here, and everyone else is out there.” He pouted a little, he was getting butterflies about the thought of going into the real world again. The bliss bubble had burst and in came all the doubt and worry, pouring in from the outside like a splash of cold water.

Frankie smiled and used his two index fingers to lift the frowning corners of Zach’s mouth into a smile. “Don’t get so upset, it’s food. You love eating!” Zach couldn’t help it, he felt the corners of his mouth lifting on their own into a smirk, and Frankie withdrew his hands.

“Yeah, but everything here is so perfect. I don’t want to leave.”

Frankie hesitated, but said “We could order room service. I’m here for whatever you want, babe, I told you that.” The ‘But’ went unspoken, but Zach heard it anyway. He knew Frankie too well.

“But?” He prompted.

“No but! But…” he continued, and they both laughed a little. “But I think it’s time we faced the real world a little. We should figure out a plan.”

“Didn’t we already talk about this?”

“Yes, we decided to keep it between us and the people we love, and I think we should get a publicist to help us with the public part of it. We can do that whenever you’re ready.”


“But…” Frankie continued.

“But what?”

“But how do you plan to do the first part? Are we going to start with your parents? Today? Soon? If we go back to your place today at all, am I your bro, your best friend, your boyfriend?”

Zach groaned and fell back against the couch. “Can’t we just stay here forever?”

Frankie smiled and curled into him. “I wish we could. But we’ve only got the room until tomorrow. We could stay here today, but we’re going to have to face it eventually.” That earned another groan from Zach.

“Ok, let’s stay here today then.” Zach said, feeling cowardly.

Frankie paused. Zach could see him bite back the no doubt sound advice he wanted to give, and said “Ok, babe, I love you. I’m here for you.” And he squeezed Zach reassuringly with the arms that were already around him. Despite the words being perfect and exactly what he wanted to hear, and Frankie’s unconditional support right now meant everything to Zach, they weighed heavily on Zach. He’d gotten what he wanted. He could stay here another day and face this decision tomorrow.

But Frankie was being a big person here and Zach needed to too. There was something about Frankie that inspired Zach to be a better person. It sounded stupid and cliché and even hearing it in his own brain Zach wanted to scoff but it was true. Frankie made Zach want to impress him. By being healthier, more successful, more mature.

Basically Zach wanted to feel worthy of Frankie. Not that he had bad self esteem, he didn’t. He’d always actually been accused of being egotistical more than anything, but that was mostly a front. He just felt in awe of how level Frankie always was, how together his life seemed, how self-assured he was in his decisions, all while having the body of a Greek God while maintaining like 200 social media accounts.

If Frankie could do all of that, and Zach wanted to be a major part of his life (and he did, he knew that now), then Zach was going to have to stop making the easy decisions in life. He was probably going to have to cut back on weed, get a proper job (whatever it may be), take steps to get out of his parents’ house. He had already started the body improvements. He wanted to get big and cut for Frankie. Like Caleb. He knew it was obvious but he hoped Frankie wouldn’t call him on it.

But the fact was, Zach needed to stop making the easy decisions in life if he ever wanted to do anything other than coast by, never really feeling true happiness or accomplishment. And it started here. Now. With this.

Frankie had been patiently waiting, it was clear that Zach was lost in thought. He absentmindedly stroked his thumbs against Zach’s skin. It was soothing for Zach. He was feeling better as he said “No, let’s do this. Like a bandaid, it’s only going to be worse if we drag it out.” Frankie bounced a little, hugging Zach tight, and leaned in to kiss his cheek.

“I’m so proud of you.” He said. “I can’t wait to meet them!” Zach couldn’t help smiling, Frankie seemed genuinely enthused. The problem was that they should have already met. They’d had a few solid opportunities and even concrete plans to do so already, but Zach’s parents had gotten out of every single one. He knew they didn’t like him very much, it was going to be hard.

“Pizzle’s going to be really excited.” Zach said, trying to stay positive. “I can’t wait to tell him. He couldn’t care less if I have a boyfriend, I know it.” This thought warmed Zach’s heart. He really wasn’t worried about his brother at all, and his brother meant more to him than anyone. ‘Except Frankie.’ His mind reminded him, and it struck him for a moment. It was true. Up until now, Peyton had literally been the most important person in Zach’s life. But now, it was like Frankie owned half his heart. He was still obsessed with his little broski but it was interesting to notice his priorities were already changing, now that he and Frankie were together.

Frankie clapped his hands together “OH MY GOD, I’m dying to meet him! I feel like I know him already from you. I really hope he likes me.”

“Are you kidding me? I think you were Pizzle’s favourite, even more than me. Him and mom had a big fight about it actually.” As usual, words spewed out of Zach’s mouth with no filter. He felt his face drop immediately as the last few words left his lips. He didn’t want Frankie to know that.

Frankie’s smile turned sad. “They don’t like me.” Is all he said. Zach shook his head.

“No, they don’t know you. How could they know you and not like you? Besides, they’re my parents, if I like you they have to like you.” Zach said earnestly.

Frankie let out a soft sad sounding chuckle. “I don’t know if you know how parents work.” Zach noted that Frankie seemed to really care about what his parents thought of him. “So basically we’re going there to not only tell them their oldest son is dating a man, but we’re telling them he’s dating a man they don’t like.”

Zach couldn’t help it, he kind of laughed. “Basically.”

Frankie tossed his hands up, dramatically shrugging. “Well fuck, then that’s what we’re going to do!” They both laughed a bit, relaxing back onto the couch. After a moment of silence, Frankie continued. “Do you know what it is they don’t like about me? Was it something I said that I can apologize for? I said some pretty bad shit, but any time I said something bad I was either lying or heartbroken, and it was all because we were playing a game for—“

“Half a million dollars.” Zach interjected. He didn’t want Frankie to torture himself with all this. He understood. “Yeah, Rose. I know. I said some bad shit about you too but I don’t even have the game to blame, I just said some stupid shit I shouldn’t have because I was emotional and I can be an asshole sometimes. People say bad shit about people they don’t always mean. Or they mean it for a second but, like, instantly they change their mind. You don’t have to apologize about anything. Not to me, and if you don’t have to apologize to me you shouldn’t have to to them.”

They both stayed silent for a minute. Both were thinking. Frankie broke the silence first. “Then what is it?” He asked.



“It was probably some of the bad shit you said about me.” At this Frankie jumped up in outrage because Zach had just told him it wasn’t that, but Zach guided him back down, laughing. “You shouldn’t have to apologize, I’ve told them a hundred times it was just the game, they know that half of what we said seemed genuine on cameras but we were acting a lot more than people give us credit for.”

“Seriously. Sometimes it was hard to remember who I really was…”

Zach smirked. “Especially when you were pretending to be someone you really weren’t.” This got a bit of a smile from Frankie. Good. Zach continued his earlier train of thought. “I think the real problem is you were the guy that woke this part of me up. They see it, even if they’re denying it. And they’ve always thought they were tolerant. I think they’re, like, blaming you for having to face all this, to learn these bad things about themselves. They thought they were into gay rights and weren’t prejudiced, but I don’t think they thought they’d ever be faced with it from me or Peyton. And I don’t think they like it.”

“Yet.” Frankie added. “They will though. They just have to get used to it.”

“Or they won’t, and…” Zach said weakly, leaving his worst fears unsaid.

“Zachary Colin Rance, have some faith in your parents! They’re not going to disown you because you fell in love with a man.” Frankie seemed to be over his earlier bout of trepidation and he was back to being enthusiastic. This is why they were perfect for each other. The second one of them were down, the other would rise to the occasion to pick them up.

“Yeah, we’ll see. Like, we’ll literally see, because this is going down. Soon. And then we’re coming back the second we’re done and I’m going to fuck you into the mattress. I have a feeling I will have a lot of aggression to take out.” He gave Frankie a blazing look. He meant it.

Frankie bit his lip, flirting with his eyes. “I can handle it, Daddy.” He said in his Marilyn voice. Zach felt the corner of his mouth rise. They held each other’s gaze for a moment before both deciding to lunge forward, meeting in a passionate deep kiss. It was the type of kiss that progresses fast, and it was almost painful for Zach to shut it down.

He pulled away, gasping for breath, and Frankie pouted and reached forward with his hands, groping his body and groin. Zach giggled as he slapped Frankie’s hand away and rolled to get away from him. “Frankiiiieee stop!” He giggled some more as Frankie rolled with him, trying to grope any lude or private place he could get.

“Oh come on, Daddy! Just a little taste!” Frankie urged again as Marilyn and Zach erupted in giggles and got to his feet backing up.

“We need to go find my parents wherever they are and get this over with. I can’t take this!” He laughed, and he backed up slowly, swatting away Frankie, all the way to the bathroom where he brushed his teeth and the two of them got ready to go out.

A little while later, Frankie had picked out his and Zach’s outfit (Zach had already resigned himself to this fate, but he was cool with it because Frankie had amazing taste), and Zach was picking up his phone to call his parents. This was the longest he had gone without looking at it since he was in the Big Brother house and while he wasn’t surprised to see the astronomical numbers in red above the Twitter and Instagram icons, he was a little surprised to see that he had missed 27 text messages and 6 missed calls. His stomach dropped a little.

A few of the texts were from Cody and his bro Paul, one from Beastmode, a few from Pizzle (those were cute and made Zach smile), but most were from his parents. They seemed to be acting like he hadn’t told them he wasn’t coming back last night. Didn’t he tell them? Uh oh. Every one of the missed calls was from either his mom or his Dad’s cell.

“So I may have forgotten to tell my parents that I wasn’t coming back last night.” Zach tried to say casually, but he knew his voice gave away his fear at getting in trouble with his parents. He knew that he was a grown man, but he couldn’t help the effect they still held over him.

Frankie ran out from the bedroom. “What!?”

“I think I just told them I was going out and I’d see them later. I mean, this is still technically later…” He tried. It was weak logic and he knew it.

“Do they even know you’re with me?” Frankie demanded. He had his answer in the way Zach’s eyes dropped to the side. “Zachary Colin Rance! Do you WANT them to hate me?”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s just—“

“I’m sorry!”

“But, I just want them to—“
“Frankie, I’m sorry, ok? I was worried about what they’d say if I told them I was seeing you. They shut down every plan we had last week! I don’t know what it is about them, when they get really set on something I can’t seem to say no. It’s like, I know I’m an adult, but it’s like they can still control me like a puppet if they want to.”

Frankie’s face fell a little at this. Zach thought he may have found one of Frankie’s insecurities and his heart broke a little for doing it to him. Zach always thought of Frankie as being this emotional rock that was so logical and smart and together. Zach was the one with wild insecurities and anxiety. But looking at how Frankie’s face fell every time Zach said something stupid that could be taken the wrong way, he knew that Frankie was terrified this was going to all be taken away from him. ‘Same, Frankie, same.’ He thought, reaching out to touch him. He needed to touch him.

“They couldn’t, I mean, you wouldn’t let them… I mean they’re your family, and…” Frankie uncharacteristically stammered over the words but Zach knew what he meant.

“No, not this time. No matter what they say they can’t stop this.” He gestured between the two of them. “Nothing can. You’re going to get sick of me because I never want to leave you again.” At this, Frankie melted a little.

“Awwwww, I love you so much Zach!” Frankie said, pulling him into a tight hug.

“I love you too, babe.” Zach smiled over his shoulder. Then, pulling away, “Let’s go get this over with.”

“Who knows, maybe it’ll go well!” Frankie smiled, turning off the lights in the room and making sure they had everything.

“If it goes well, instead of me fucking you into the mattress you can fuck me.” Zach joked from near the door. Frankie poked his head around the corner, shaking it slightly but smiling.

“Not yet, baby. I want you to like it so we have to get you ready slowly. It’ll be a while.”

Zach was surpised to feel almost a little disappointed, but then excited at the thought of whatever ‘getting ready’ might involve. He felt his dick twitch as blood rushed to it at the thought. Fuck, Frankie could turn him on so easily. He couldn’t wait til later.

Finally, Frankie was ready at the front door, wrapping his arms around Zach’s waist, and leaning in for a little peck on the lips. “Let’s go meet the parents!” He smiled. And the smile Zach returned was absolutely genuine. Because fuck whatever was about to happen. Fuck it all. Because he had Frankie J. Grande in his arms and he was never going to let that change ever again.