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Characters From "In Dubious Battle" (Based on the Script)

Lisa’s scenes from “In Dubious Battle” based on the script:


Frank The Foreman - The orchard’s head foreman. Works for Bolton. Played by Scott Haze.

Bolton (Chris Bolton) - A rich businessman. Owns most of the farmland in that area. Played by Robert Duvall.

London - The apple-pickers leader and their chairman. Played by Vincent D’Onofrio.

Jim Nolan - An inexperienced radical. Goes out on his first mission. Played by Nat Wolff.

Joy - An old radical who get beaten often by the cops. Works with Mac and Edie. Played by Ed Harris.

Mac (McLeod) - An experienced radical and the leader of the strike. Jim’s guide. Played by James Franco.

Ray Nolan - Jim’s father. Was killed from a cop’s riot gun. Played by Jeremy Conner.

Edie (Edith Malone) - A radical middle-aged woman. Friend of Mac. Helps him organize the strike. Played by Ahna O’Reilly.

Dan - An old apple-picker. Falls from a ladder while picking apples. Played by John Savage.

Vera - London’s daughter. Fiery and stubborn. Played by Analeigh Tipton. 

Lisa - London’s sister in law. Tommy’s spouse. Pregnant at the beginning and gives birth later on. Played by Selena Gomez.

Al (Alfred) Anderson - A proprietor of a diner. Helps the radicals in their strike. Played by Tyler Labine (not confirmed) .

Billy - A young apple-picker. Got killed by Bolton’s foremen. Played by ???

Ethel - Old woman, assists in the early stages of Lisa’a labor.

Tommy - Lisa’a husband. Ran off when he found out he’d “knocked her up”.

Vinnie (Vince) - A sullen young apple-picker. He’s a rebel and a troublemaker. Played by Josh Hutcherson.

Mr. Anderson - Al’s father. He owns a farm and allows the strikers to stay in it during their strike. Played by Sam Shepard.

Doc Burton - The strikers’ doctor. Helps the radicals. Played by Tim Blake Nelson (not confirmed).

Cole - Vinnie’s friend and his follower. Played by ???

Burke - A sour man and a apple picker. Played by Alex Morf.

Connor - A mole sent up by Bolton to make trouble at the camp. Played by Zach Braff.

Paul - A young man. Follower of Vinnie. Played by Jacob Loeb.

Eddie - A younger foreman, Frank’s second-in-command. Played by Keegan Allen.

Alice - Bolton’s daughter and his heir. She stands out, gorgeous, and seemingly innocent. Played by Ashley Greene.

Sheriff - The sheriff of the town. Played by Bryan Cranston.

Head Tramp - Hitching a ride on the train-car from the city to the fields. Played by Danny McBride.

Simmons - a gregarious apple picker, a slacker. Played by David Sullivan.

Mr. Thompson - A customer at Al’s diner, local man. Bolton’s friend. Got burned in a fire. Played by Vince Jolivette.

Mrs. Thompson - Mr. Thompson’s wife. Played by Kimberly Crandall.

May - Dan’s daughter. A nurse in the hospital tent. Played by ???