zach stone is going to be famous


i have no idea why i love this scene so much

How to break up

Me: it’s over we shouldn’t fight to stay together just to fight again it’s over we need to take a break from us to make us right again and even tho it’s not going to go any further I swear I didn’t regret a second of it and when the dust has settled I hope we can still be friends

Him: wow okay ummm I understand I ju.. what is that bO BURNHAM?!

zach stone, i named you after the bravest, funniest, most charismatic, nurturing, beautiful, handsome, caring, important, lovable, nice, down to earth, humble, attractive, famous man i’ve ever known. it’s me. go me.

Nothing-Egghead by Bo Burnham

This poem really strikes a cord with me when I felt like something was wrong or something was going on without my knowledge and it’s trying to be hidden. Or when someone is taking s long time to text back in a crucial moment and you’re in agony imagining all of the things that could be going on wherever they are and desperately waiting for a response because the silence is killing you.


hi. i wouldn’t say im new to tumblr but i havent quite broken into it yet (haha i have 8 followers most of which i know in real life pity me)

so basically i like a lot of things and if you would be so kind as to read this list if you are remotely interested in these things feel free to reblog and i’ll probably follow you. also you can follow me but i don’t mind.

shit this is gonna be a long list

i’ve categorized it slightly so its easier for me and you

  • shane dawson
  • danisnotonfire
  • amazingphil
  • anything phan related
  • pewdiepie
  • bo burnham
  • mymusic
  • jacksfilms
  • jack and dean
  • emma blackery
  • lukeisnotsexy
  • crabstickz
  • kickthepj 
  • troye sivan
  • thegaminglemon
  • messyourself
  • speedyw03
  • vanossgaming
  • sleeping with sirens
  • pierce the veil
  • all time low
  • panic! at the disco
  • fall out boy
  • bastille
  • one direction
  • the 1975
  • ed sheeran
  • sherlock
  • zach stone is gonna be famous
  • supernatural even though i don’t watch it (?)
  • the hunger games
  • harry potter
  • tfios
  • school of rock
  • bad education
  • nutella
  • how i met your mother
  • the big bang theory
  • moone boy
  • gta v gifs bc i love that shit

there is probably a shit ton more but i can’t remember

so go ahead and reblog if you like these and i’ll probably follow you, and i mean a follow back would be nice but i dont mind


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Sweater Weather Part 1

Well, Here is the first installment of whatever this is that it’s going to be!

I have been writing this ficclet to one of my fave songs ~ Sweater Weather by the Neighbourhood…they just have a sexy sound which I will need later for this ficclet!Video here: (

I hope you will enjoy this and please be gentle I wrote it at 4am yet again…when will I learn?!!?


Sweater Weather Part 1

“PLEASE COME!!! Ari is between tours and shows and we will have so much fun!!!!! PLEASE!!!!”

That was one week ago. He sat leaned back in his chair on the large air plane too nervous as it descended to the city that was just out of reach. He glanced out the window to see the city’s landscape in the distance. The cloudy smoke rose into the sky from the buildings below on the cool November morning.

He had never been to New York City and he was excited to see what “the city that never sleeps” had to offer. However, he was nervous at the same time. It had been a long time since he had seen Frankie Grande. Sure, they skyped, talked over the phone, texted and emailed but somehow, actually being with the person, psychically made small butterflies build in his stomach. He tried to talk them away in his head but all they did was flutter harder begging to be released from their cage.

“Sir, We are descending now, so if you cou-…WOW! You’re Zach from Big Brother!!!” the friendly flight attendant beamed. He had got this the whole flight and just when he thought everyone, had indeed noticed him, he was wrong. Next time he was going to wear his pink hat! 

He felt his cheeks grow hot like they always did as he would shake hands and smile….that smile. Zach glanced over at the person seated beside him only to receive a shy smile as he remembered them taking a selfie together before the plane had even lifted off.

As the plane landed and proceeded to dock at the gate. Zach stood retrieving his carry-on baggage from the overhead compartment. As he stood waiting to leave the plane he felt lots of eyes on him. He ran his fingers threw his hair to make sure it was still spikey and then down his sweater. He wanted to look his best.

He wore a pair of jeans that hugged all the right places with a sweater that alternated lines of black and a dark grey while carrying a hoodie in the back. He carried a dark brown leather jacket over his left arm. His mom tried to warn him about how cold New York would be in November and he just hoped this gator would be warm enough with the clothing he brought. His cell phone vibrated in his pocket distracting his attention as he waited for his baggage on the slow moving carousel.

“We are right at the front!!!! READY AND WAITING!!!” the corner’s on the brunette’s mouth rose to a soft smirk. If there was anyone in this world cuter than Frankie Grande he did not want to meet them as the intensity would be far too much for him to bare.

Zach walked towards the double doors that everyone was exiting to be embraced by their friends and loved ones. Zach swallowed hard he was going to go out there with his Zach Rance attitude and reunite with his best friend and his famous sister. He was nervous about meeting Arianna. Sure, they had met through technology already but meeting someone in person is what set things in stone for Zach.

Zach reached the frosted glass doors and walked out in a similar style as when he was evicted. Arms outstretched ready for an embrace from a certain pink haired man. However, he felt a small frame jump into his arms first. A soft perfume washed over him as the small brunette cling to his chest. Zach couldn’t believe it! Arianna Grade was hugging him!

“I feel like I’ve known you my whole life!!! You’re like the other brother I never had!!! I am also so glad th-…” Zach didn’t mean to fade her out but he had looked up and caught eyes with the one he truly came to visit.

He watched as the other ran over to him, practically shoved his sister aside and tackled the taller man. He felt a spark run through his body instantly. His body went into auto-pilot as if his body knew better than his mind and heart did. His fingers slid over the back of the smaller and enveloped him into a hug.

The butterflies had returned and rattled him from the inside as he held Frankie right there in the middle of the airport. He noticed that Arianna ran off to the side as people began to snap a picture or two on their cellphones. Zach had played this scenario in his head numerous times. He was to move away from Frankie so they would not draw attention like this; however, now that he was in the moment he wanted nothing more than to just stand there for a few extra moments.

Feeling Frankie’s pounding heart against his chest, the small palms against the small of his back while his fingers grabbed at the fabric of his sweater, the pure heat raising from his body transferring to Zach’s. Zach’s chest began to tighten as his arms wrapped possessively around the dancer’s waist while leaning forward to place a small chase kiss on Frankie’s temple. Why was he feeling all of this? He just had one of the hottest girls in America in his arms and nothing but put Frankie there and all sorts of feelings with emotions begin to rise.

He was the first to break the embrace as he noticed they were drawing in a crowd. As he pulled away he saw a slight flash of  disappointment in Frankie’s eyes. Zach felt that he could explain this later to him in more confidence when they were alone together. But what would he really tell him anyways?! He himself felt confused but this was no longer just a mild best friendship! He could feel something more….with Frankie there was always something more……

To be continued….