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Cesar was adopted! This amazing dog came to Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue from the Kern County Animal Control shelter in Bakersfield. Truly a wonderful animal with love and affection to give, and we all fell in love with him. He was a wonderful pack member, and played so well with the other dogs up at the rescue. We are sad to see him go, but ecstatic that he is going to live out the rest of his days surrounded by people who love him!


Here are some more photos of our boy Cesar as a follow-up to our earlier post - he has proved to be a Tumblr celebrity in one short day!

We got an update from his new family this afternoon: he’s settling in splendidly! He is following his new dad Shaun around like a puppy, which just warms our soul right up. 

Cesar is a reminder to never judge a book by its cover, and especially to not discount a dog due to their breed. We have rescued over 600 dogs since we started Marley’s Mutts, and he is truly one of the best. 


We spent a GLORIOUS week in New York City with Kenny! We hope you enjoy the posts about our time in the city, our last with sweet Kenneth before he was handed over to his new foster family who kindly drove from upstate to collect him in Manhattan.

Kenny will be headed to Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine for life-saving cleft palate surgery. Due to his nutritional deficiencies as a result of his condition, Kenny is quite small and skinny for a Bulldog (the majority of whom are in fact, obese!) so he managed to travel by air with Zach in a carry on case.

The vast majority of airlines do not allow “stubby nosed dogs” to fly cargo - bear this in mind if you ever want to get a Boxer or a bigger Bulldog, because you will have to road-trip them over long distances.

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Kenny has discovered the fish tank at his new foster home, and is FASCINATED!

(Ps. If you have issues viewing this video, just click the “open content in new window” link that appears in the Error Message and you’ll be able to see it, albeit a small version!)


Most mornings were spent at the Starbucks that was about a block away. While Zach caught up on e-mails and phonecalls whilst sipping on a coffee and chomping a croissant, Kenny was charming The People of New York. And the animals too!

This was a great way for both of them to interact with true New Yorkers, because only someone with a cold, black, rotten soul could resist coming over to say hi to Kenny! His story was shared about 30 times a day, with various inquiring minds who had been entranced by Kenny’s cuteness.

Kenny spied this beautiful Black Lab, and still pines for her to this day ;)