zach shipps


Electric Six - Body Shot live at the Cosmoppolitan, Las Vegas May 26, 2011

Zach is on keyboards!¿

bass - Keith Thompson
drums/piano/vocals/wurlitzer/synths - Chad Thompson
guitar - Zach Shipps
congas/vibes - Christophe Zajek-Denek
Euphonium - Matt Schoendorff
mixing/engineer Chad Thompson
mastered by Noah Mintz

Can you help me
take my life.
I’ll be a victimless suicide
Take my pride step inside
and take out the first thought
and jump off
Can you help me today.

I’ll be a captain on a sinking ship
I’ll be a man in a desert ditch
Just saying Hah, Hah, Hah, Hah
Can you help me today

She said please don’t cry
You better lock up the knife.
I was made in the eye
as the sky disappeared
You were waiting to die
as if I were’t here.

Can you help me.
Can you help me today (repeat).

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This song was written by Harry Nilsson for the “Popeye” original motion picture soundtrack. Our version is being released to generate interest before revealing exciting news in the coming weeks. And as a thank you.

Recorded & manipulated by Zach Shipps. Special thanks to Casimer (of Casimer & Casimir) for vocal assistance, Christian Doble for sax assistance, Doldrum Design for layout, The Mysterious Karsten for the photo, and Emma Johnston for bringing our drunken pirate cover star to life!

*It should be mentioned that the “stand up” bass sound on this recording was created by Matt Van playing Zach’s 1963 Fender Precision bass (unplugged during the recording) in front of a microphone. Matthew was told to hold his breath the entire time, in order to achieve this acoustic bass sound without interruption. The ENTIRE….TIME. Now THAT’s dedication.

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