someone tried to compare Paul to bb16 legend Zach Rance aka Zach Attack?

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Zach Rance actually made big game moves and blatantly and rightfully targeted people without going behind their backs and making it personal. he called Nicole a fruitloop dingus and told her America didn’t like her even though at the time, America did but he was looking into the future at bb18 (my KING). he brought real entertainment to Big Brother without being an racist or misogynist asshole like the boys this season. meanwhile…. *cue eyeroll* we have Paul. although he’s had his good moments, his social game and competition game is nowhere near Zach’s. Paul basically takes orders from Period Cramps, e.g. getting out Da’vonne when his real target was Bridgette. he has no backbone and no balls to make some real game moves.