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All Zankie Needs To Say (FANFIC) ch.3

Here’s Chapter three!! The extra Twitter names are made up!

Chapter Three. Getting Real..

September 1st

Text message from Zach:
oh my goddd, you were incredible lastnight babe.

Text message from Frankie:
You weren’t too bad yourself, daddy! :)

Text message from Zach:
Seriously, I don’t think I’ll be able to sit down for a week. When are you done with that radio show?

Text message from Frankie:
Pretty soon, they keep asking about Taylor being a bitch to us at the after parties… We didn’t even see her.

Text message from Zach:
Where do you think that came from??

@PerezHilton See how Taylor Swift totally wouldn’t let @frankiejGrande NEAR her at the VMA after parties!! He must be SO famous!!! [link here]

@frankiejgrande RT @Frankiefan123 Don’t you just LOVE how Perez doesn’t have the balls to tag TAYLOR in this tweet because he knows it’s not true!! Love you @frankiejgrande!! Bahahaha! #poser

Text message from Frankie:
Perez is totally jealous. I love this so much! Our fans know the truth tho!

Text message from Zach:
Haha, did you tell her there are rumors? Come home to me!

Text message from Frankie:
I love when you call our house, home. God baby, I wanna taste you.

Text message from Frankie:
I have to judge a drag competition tonight in West Hollywood, you wanna go?

Text message from Zach:
Yes! I’d love to see you be worshipped by big men dressed as chicks! Lol.

Text message from Zach:
[attachement] ….. Ready to be tasted..

Text Message from Frankie:
Did you hear that you ditched me last night?

Text message from Taylor:
What?? I didn’t even know where you went! I miss you!

Text message from Frankie:
I know, we went to Miley’s figured your party would be too crazy for us! Haha! Love you Tswift! We’re coming to NYC soon, we must go dancing!

@Taylorswift13 @frankiejgrande SO sad I didn’t get to see you the other night!! I CANT wait to get together in NY! I still have to approve of this man of yours! #Grandtourage4life

@frankiejgrande @taylorswift13 can’t waittt!!!! Love you Tay Tay!! Ps, Zach’s not allowed near you! He’ll totally leave me for you! Haha!

Text message from Ariana:
You arrange that little tweet?? Lololol!

Text message from Frankie:
Of course I did! When are you back in LA? I think we have to go get tiger before NY.

Text message from Ariana:
You aren’t going to staples center the 11th? You know your stalkers will be waiting in the VIP! I’m back week from tomorrow!

Text message from Frankie:
I’m thinking of inviting my lovely crazies to the drag show tonight instead.

@frankiejgrande I’ll be judging #projectdrag tonight @Mickeysweho tonight!….COME!!!

Text message from Mom:
When will you be here?

Text message from Zach
Thursday! We get in late weds night so we’ll stay at Nonna’s. See you Thursday after you get off work. That work?

Text message from Mom:
You do know they aren’t your family right? When did we start to mean so little?

Incoming call from: Zach
(1) missed call from: Zach

Text message from Zach:
Where are you? My mom is driving me crazy?! Why doesn’t she understand us, babe?

Text message from Frankie:
In an elevator, coming home. She just misses you. It’s alright baby, we’ll talk about it when I get home.

@ranceypants LIVE on @YouNow

@Ranceypants Thank you! RT @zankiealways It’s SO cute how @ranceypants just gushes about Frankie on his YouNows every day!! Love them! :)

@frankiejgrande I’m so unbelievably PROUD of my amazing boyfriend @ranceypants!!! You had to break free to be the real you and you DID!! Love you baby!

@ranceypants You’re all the love that I need @frankiejgrande :)

@arianagrande @ranceypants @frankiejgrande What am I!?! Chopped liver?! I love you more just don’t listen to Frankie!!

@ranceypants @arianagrande Love you too sister!! Can’t wait to see you soon!

@frankiejgrande @ranceypants @arianagrande UMMM.. Enough of this. I love you both more!!

@Frankiejgrande THANK YOU Mickeys!!! It was honor to judge!! Such a fun night!

Text message from Ariana:
How was the judging? Your loyal fans show up?

Text message from Frankie:
Of course they did. A couple of them made Zach mad though. Haha.

@Ranceypants You guys DO realize he’s GAY right!?! And taken!?!? #chillaxfans

@frankiejgrande My Grandtourage is so amazing!! Thank you for coming to see me! Next time though, you may need to let my boyfriend see me too! Haha. #poutingranceypants

@ranceypants @frankiejgrande No more sharing you!

September 2nd

Incoming call from: Logan

Zach: Hey man! What’s up?

Logan: hey bro! It’s been so long!! When we partyin?!

Zach: I know right!? We’ll be there Thursday! I’m pretty sure we’re staying a few nights!

Logan: We?? Frankie’s coming too??

Zach: umm. Yes. He’s my boyfriend,
Logan. We travel together.

Logan: I know you’re into him but that doesn’t mean we can’t go on the hunt!? Let’s get some smokebombs! Leave Frankie with his family and come out with us!

Zach: I don’t know man.. We’ll see how it goes.

Logan: Man. You’re already whipped.. By a dude!?! How does that work!?

Zach: hahaha. Alright bro, I’ll hit you up when I get there. We’ll figure something out for sure!

@frankieJgrande I’m SO excited for my photoshoot with @andrewchristian!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

Text message from Zach:
You didn’t tell me it was an underwear shoot…

Text message from Frankie:
How do you not know what Andrew Christian does?? Totally not a big deal, I promise.

Text message from Zach:
It’s a big deal when people can see your dick! The models there?! You should’ve fucking told me!

Incoming call from: Frankie

Zach: yes?

Frankie: You’re seriously mad? Zach, I do photoshoots all the time in not much clothing.

Zach: Not in a jockstrap with no ass. How is this okay?

Frankie: Because I thought you would be proud of me, that’s how. I thought you’d be excited that the number one gay underwear designer asked me to represent our community for a celebrity campaign. But I guess not.

Zach: Don’t turn this around on me, you’re parading around all these hot guys in nothing and I’m the controlling boyfriend.

Frankie: baby, stop. Let’s not fight. I love you. I’m sorry that I’ve upset you.

Zach: but you aren’t sorry you did it. Of course you aren’t. Any publicity is good publicity right?! Whatever, I’ll talk to you later.

Frankie: I’m on my way home. See you soon.

Zach: don’t count on it, I won’t be here. I need to cool off.

Frankie: What do you mean you won’t be there. We have to pack for Florida. We leave tonight, don’t forget.

Zach: I was thinking about that. How about I just go alone. I need to figure some stuff out and decide what I’m doing.

Frankie: WHAT?!? Zach, what are you talking about? Decide what you want?? *tears heavy in his voice*

Zach: look, you know that I love you. I just don’t know if I can’t handle all the extra stuff that comes with living with you. I think we should just take a few days and figure it out.

Frankie: I can’t believe this is happening! You promised! You said that I was enough. You said that you chose us! I do one photoshoot without telling you and now you’re breaking up with me? How??

Zach: Frankie, it’s more than that.. You know it. I won’t leave before you get home. We’ll talk about everything when you get here. Drive safe babe, I love you.

Text message to Logan:
Boys night out, tomorrow night! No Frankie, just me and my squad!

Text message from Logan:
THIS will be EPIC!!!!


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