zach rance

This season has been great, but something about it just isn’t my specific cup of tea. And then I realized what it is was. 

There have been no moments as truly uplifting as when Zach Rance nominated Nicole and Cristine, and he said that if you looked up floater in the dictionary there would be a picture of Cristine and Jenn City holding hands, and proceeded to call Nicole a froot loop dingus. And to make it even better, Nicole fucking cried afterwards. 

I will probably never experience something so chaotic and pure like that ever again, but at the very least, my children should. 

anonymous asked:

what is 'zankie'?

it was the summer of 2014 when frankie grande and zach rance first met 

they were both thrown into the bb16 house together and things went off to a rocky start after their first conversation together

but then the glory started to happen

there were cuddles

and lots of hammock dates

and hand holding 

and TONS of hugs

and they went to bed together A LOT 

and LOTS of other things


but they had this HUGE fight and didn’t talk to each other for a few days and zach got really angry and upset 

but then they made up and everything was fine 

and when they left the house they continued to be friends and see each other often even though frankie lives in new york and zach lives in florida 

and they dressed up as each other for halloween 

and one time zach surprised frankie in new york 

and that my friend is what zankie is