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I’m Not Jealous

Warnings: None

Requests: First was literally the most adorable Jeff Atkins Imagine I’ve read. Maybe the first time Jeff gets jealous because other jocks are flirting with you resulting in the first time you make out in front of the student body.

Hi could you do an first when it’s the first time Jeff really got jealous about you pls x x

Requested by: @l-tay and @studyinghelpsheal

A/N: Thank you for requesting! I hope you like it :) feel free to send in more!

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“Alright everyone, take your seats.”

                          You follow Hannah up to the fourth row, sitting on the end next to the stairs. The bleachers squeak under you and you wonder how much longer until these things fall apart for good. “Seriously? Another assembly,” Hannah says suddenly, pulling you from your thoughts. “What do you think it’s about this time?”

You shrug. “Who knows. But hey, no fifth period!”

    “True,” she nods. “I like that. I’m surprised you didn’t sit with your lover boy over there.” she looks straight ahead to where your boyfriend sat with Clay on the other side of the gym. 

You scoff. “I’ll sit with mine if you sit with yours.”

    Your best friend shoots you a glare. You loved teasing her about her crush on Clay and vice versa. Actually, Jeff did too. It was like a hobby for the two of you.

“Shut up,” she mumbles and you laugh. “Great,” she huffs. “Look who’s coming up here.”

                               You follow her gaze. It lands on Zach Dempsey, Justin Foley, and Bryce Walker and they’re heading straight towards you. You wouldn’t mind if it was just Justin and Zach, they were actually good friends of Alex’s. You didn’t like Bryce though, he made you uncomfortable with all of his sexual advances and crude humor.

                “Hey _________,” Zach says once they reach you. You know that he’s a sweet guy, even though he acts tough in front of his jock friends. “How have you been?”

“Oh, hey Zach,” you give him a small smile. “I’ve been good. What about-”

    “Hey,” the voice belongs to Justin Foley. “Don’t hog her, I want to say hi too!” He shoots you his sweet smile. “Hi ________, Hannah.”

You laugh. “Hey Justin.”

Hannah just nods.

   “She doesn’t care about the two of you,” Bryce. “I’m her favorite,” he takes a seat next to you and throws his arm over your shoulder. “Right?”


       Meanwhile, your boyfriend watches you from the other side of the gym. His eyes narrow as he watches the other jocks flirt with you. He fights the urge to to break Bryce’s arm for touching you. 

“Jealous much?” Clay says, leaning over and nodding to where you sat.

“I’m not jealous,” Jeff replies. “I could care less.”

“Right,” Clay calls his bluff. “You look like you care plenty.”

        Jeff looks over at the pale boy. “What about Hannah, hm? Looks like she’s getting pretty cozy with Foley over there.”

Clay’s eyes widen. “That’s what I thought,” Jeff chuckles.

His eyes move back to you. He watches as Zach sits in the spot directly in front of you, leaning back on your legs. That’s it, he thinks springing up from his seat.

“Whoa, wait,” Clay reaches for him. “What the hell are you doing?”

  Jeff ignores him. His eyes stay trained on you as he makes his way across the gym. Clay is right on his heels.

You smile widely when you see him. “Hey!”

       He grabs your hand and pulls you up, causing Zach to fall back a little. You follow your boyfriend down the stairs, confused. You look back at an equally confused Hannah and Clay.

“Babe,” you say once you’re standing in the middle of the room. “What are you doing?”

                       “This,” he breathes, bending down and covering your mouth with his. You don’t have much time to react before his tongue slips between your lips, tasting your own. The kiss isn’t like the one you share this morning, innocent and sweet. No, this kiss was wild, and demanding. The way his tongue moved against yours had you weak in the knees. You groan against his lips, hands clutching his shirt for dear life, because god, this kiss was something else and you felt like if you didn’t hold on you would pass out. His hands cup your face, tilting your head back to deepen the kiss.

“Okay,” comes the teachers voice. “Break it up you two. Now.”     

Jeff bites down on your bottom lip, teeth tugging at it as he pulls away. You’re a panting mess, and so is Jeff. His lips are swollen and you’re sure that yours look the same. 

     Your face heats up when you realize what just happened. You just made out with Jeff in front of what was almost the whole school. You look up at Hannah and Clay, both wide eyed and mouths hanging open. 

“Back to your seats.”

Your boyfriend laces his fingers with yours and walks back to the bleachers. He pulls you onto his lap and meets Bryce’s eyes. A satisfied smirk stretches his face.

“Yep,” he says. “I’m not jealous.”

Truth or Dare? | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hi everyone! I was finally able to write another imagine! This wasn’t requested though, the idea just suddenly popped into my head and I just ran through with it haha. I’m gonna get the requests started so that I can post them soon and re-open my ask box for more requests. I hope you enjoy this one. It’s a bit short and straight to the point lol.

Overview: Reader likes Zach. Zach likes reader. Their friends think they should date and they all end up playing spin the bottle. What could possibly go wrong? Or perhaps, what could possibly go right?


“Hey Y/N, you should totally come to Jessica’s party later.” Justin says as he nudges my arm.

“Hmm, yeah sure I guess. I mean I don’t have anything to do tomorrow anyway so sure, I’ll come.” I reply with a small smile.

“Really!? That’s great!” he replies his fists throwing up in the air in joy.

“Calm down Justin. Uhm, who else is coming?” I ask and let out a laugh.

“Just the usual, Hannah, Clay, Sheri, Alex, Monty, Tony, Jeff, Zach.” he answers.

Zach?! Zach is coming?” I reply as my eyes widen in shock.

Zach, Zachary Dempsey. How do I begin to describe Zach? 6foot3 in height, dark brown hair, milk chocolate colored eyes, plump lips, nose accurately shaped by the Gods, and his smile, oh his perfect smile. He was the captain of the basketball team in our school. 

Every single girl in our school swooned over his presence, you can almost hear their hearts race whenever he walks through the hallway. Almost all of the girls had a crush on him, and all of them had no chance with him, and that included me. Although he was this popular, social butterfly in our school, he still kept the right amount of distance to others, which made him seem mysterious and cold.

We’ve always been close, and he was one of the people I often share my secrets too. In our group of friends, Zach and I always get teased. They’d always tell us that we should go out, we should date each other and stuff like that, but for some reason it never actually happens. I’ve heard some of my friends say that he liked me, and I mean like, like, not as a friend but as something more, but I just ignore them. I mean, yeah, I like him too, but I’m just not the kind of person to make the first move. I kind of like what we have now, we’re really close, special friends and I like how comfortable I am whenever I’m with him.

Everytime he’d flash his smile at me, everytime I’d tease him because he’s abnormally tall for his age, everytime he’d give me a back hug, everytime he’d feed me food when I’m busy, everytime he’d whine when I beat him in a video game, all of the little things made me fall more and more in love with him everyday. It’s just a shame that I can’t confess to him and that he hasn’t tried telling me what he feels too, if ever he did feel anything for me.

“Y/N.” Justin calls my name.

“Y/N!” he snaps his fingers in front of my face as I awaken to reality and realize I’ve been staring blankly, thinking about Zach.

“Oh! I’m sorry.” I jump as I give him a faint smile.

“The bell just rang.” he says as he stands up from his seat and laughs at me.

“Oh it did? Ugh, sorry I was kind of lost for a moment there.” I reply as I stand up to get my backpack.

“I’ll see you at Jess’ later, okay?” he says as we walk side by side to leave the classroom.

“Oh yeah okay. See you later!” I reply as I wave my hand goodbye and walk to the other direction to my next class.

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Like a Dream - Jeff Atkins Imagine

Request: Hey lovely, could I please ask for a Jeff Atkins imagine, where he gets jealous of you being best friends with zach because you play kiss the bottle at a house party and zach kissed you, but he hasn’t actually asked you out yet. Thanks lovely!! Don’t worry if not:)

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Word Count: 977

“Hurry up, Y/N! We’re going to be late if you don’t get your ass down here soon!” I hear my best friend, Zach, call from downstairs.

“Be patient, dammit!” I call back. “I just need to find my shoes!”

Even though he is downstairs and I am up in my room, I can practically hear Zach roll his eyes. Zach and I have been friends since second grade, when Ms. Benson made us sit next to each other on the first day of school. I’ve always been talkative and friendly, so it was only natural that I would practically force Zach to become my best friend.

“Anyway, it’s a high school party. It’ll last for hours so it’s impossible to miss,” I say, rushing downstairs and past Zach to get to his car. 

“But, see, I’m on the basketball team. I gotta keep up that reputation,” he retorts back.

“What reputation?” I laugh.

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Wild Flowers from Palestine

Written and collected by Rev. Harvey B. Greene, Wild Flowers from Palestine is a beautiful cloth bound collection of seventeen dried flowers from the Holy Land.  The book begins with a brief introduction to the flora of Palestine and a bit about how the flowers were gathered.  On all subsequent pages, you will find a dried flower hand gathered by the reverend himself and accompanied by the plant’s link to scripture and literature.  In 1897, Good Housekeeping called the book “one of the most attractive novelties in book making which has lately made its appearance.”

Rev. Harvey B. Greene graduated from the Yale Divinity School in 1891, and was ordained in Fairhaven, Massachusetts the same year. He remained there until March, 1893, being next settled in Hartford, Vermont, where he remained about a year and a half. On account of poor health he was forced to give up ministerial work and took up a career as a florist. In a sort of culmination of passions, he made three visits to the Holy Land for the purpose of collecting flowers native to the country.  These were used in his Wild Flowers from Palestine and in another book of his entitled Pressed Flowers from the Holy Land.  

-Zach Grewe, student employee


Greene, Harvey B. (1897).  Wild Flowers from Palestine. Lowell, MA:  Dumas & Co.

Good Housekeeping (1897). Pressed Flowers from the Holy Land. Good Housekeeping, XXV(5), 187-234.


Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do a Zach x reader where you are Alex’s sister or best friend or something and he gets super protective of you? You can change anything (:

Word count: 2541

A/N: Thanks for the request! Not sure if this is what you wanted/expected, anon, but I hope you like it nonetheless! I felt I had a lot of creative freedom with this one, so I hope you guys like the direction I took this in. This took me a while to write, it’s almost 4AM right now LOL. (Btw, I feel like I focus a lot more on the reader’s relationship with Alex than with Zach, but trust me a majority of this imagine is filled with Zach scenes!!!) HOPE YOU ENJOY <3

Warning: A little bit of cursing

“Y/N,” Zach spoke in between kisses, “We should stop now.”

Breathless, you frowned as he pulled back from the kiss, “But I like kissing you.” You and Zach ditched your last class to hang out in the janitor’s closet. Well, make out in the janitor’s closet.

You and Zach began dating at the beginning of the school year; You were a junior, and he was a senior. You didn’t really take interest in him at first, knowing he was a jock, and probably an airhead. And neither did Zach, since he saw you as just another girl walking the halls everyday. Though, one day, you both were partnered up in AP Biology, your favorite subject, and soon you connected through your shared passion for science. He asked you to be his girlfriend during one of your study sessions, and you’ve been head over heels about him since then. 

“I like kissing you too,” Zach responded, grabbing your waist and pulling you closer to him. “But your brother’s gonna kill me.”

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How One OC Talks Her Way Outta Risky Situations

I put myself between the demon gang and Willow, tucking in my chin a bit to lower my horns at them. “I am Ash Gentum, High Counselor to the lord of the Under and veteran officer of The Recovery and Existence Experts. I am made immortal and fearless by the magic of Lord Satan himself, and I have been marked by the magic of the shades,” I announce, thrusting my arms out with my hands open. “I am on the side of humans and naebans alike, and my team and I are traveling on a royal mission to investigate a case that could benefit both races, so please: forgive us our intrusion and let us pass without consequence.”

How The Other OC Does It

“Uh… please?”

She didn’t move, just looked him up and down with a raised eyebrow.

“Pretty please?”

Zankie in NYC

Here is the beginning of zankie in New York. It will be multiple pieces. I’m not sure how many. It’s very PG for now. I’m not sure if I will keep it that way or not. 

I don’t have a creative title. So I’m just going with this for now…

Zankie in NYC

Zach was restless. He’d been on the plane for what felt like forever. He had checked two huge suitcases and still had a carry-on. His big winter coat was stuffed under the seat in front of him. He’d ordered a beer from the flight attendant earlier in the flight. It was gone now. He had hoped it would help calm him down a bit. It might’ve worked for a while. It certainly wasn’t working now.

He was excited. This was a huge deal. He was moving out of Florida. He honestly never thought he would actually do it. Sure, he talked about it and joked about for a while, but he kind of surprised himself that he actually made the move. He was going to move in with his friend AJ. They’d hatched the idea back in November, but it had really just been a running joke for a couple weeks until he finally decided NYC was the place in early December. 

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The Devil Came To Visit Me

Suave and devanare he approached.

Overly expensive boots clicking as he walks.

Sharp suit, black tie, red handkerchief protruding from his breast pocket.

His face handsome underneath his neatly combed charcoal hair.

Horns, smaller than I had imagined, come out of his forehead in such a way as to make a statement.

A statement like these horns will become the height of fashion, complete with overly skinny runway models sporting the faux version for an upcoming fall season.

Yes, this is how I see The Devil as he approaches, a handsome man with just a touch of stereotype.

He speaks to answer a question I had not yet asked…

“Don’t mind me, I’m just passing through.”

He grins in a way that manifests sweat upon my brow.

“But I feel I must tell you,”

He continues, his seemingly glowing eyes never losing contact with my own.

“This will not be the last you see of me.  It seems I have become accustomed to your face,”

He stops for a moment to pull out an old tin case neatly packed with cigarettes. The wear on the case tells the tale of a long owned item full of scratches, dings, and sentiment. Of this one would usually think very little, but this being The Devil, I noted it of particular interest.

He takes a long drag of his ciggarette and exhales, pausing for the smoke to clear away. I don’t remember seeing him light it.

“Comforting I guess you could call it.”

A couple more inhales, a couple more exhales. The ember glows in an unnatural way and my eyes are fixed upon it.

“You see I wonder to and fro, never with a home in which to rest my head. And it’s faces like yours that I’ve come to depend on. Faces that feel like coming home.”

He smiles again, a smile that makes me believe what he’s saying is true as he casually flicks his nub of a cigarette to the ground, never making an effort to stamp out the still glowing ember.

“I guess it’s just your lucky day kid…I’ll see you around.”

With that he walked away, the clicking of his boots echo off the walls until eventually fading away all together.

Leaving me alone with new knowledge that I could have done without. The Devil came to visit me. I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I saw him. As The Devil now calls me 


-Zach Landes