zach just wants a little love guys

Dating Justin Foley would include :

    → Dating Justin Foley would include:

- Lots of cuddles and PDA, anywhere, anytime. Justin just loves showing everyone (and his friends in particular) that you’re his.

- Him often (if it’s not even every night) sleeping at your house because of his family problems which leads to late night talks about your future, when you’ll both be able to leave this town and be happy together or even about how he/you feel deep down because you both know that you can trust each other and be yourself without being judged.

- Cute nicknames → baby, baby girl/boy, sweetie, sweetheart, Jay, Angel

- Having tons of adorable and dorky selfies of the other in your phones

- Taking snaps of him while he’s training and adding them to your story with a sweet caption

- « Go, baby, go !»

- Tickle fights

- He always whistles when you’re writing something on the board, which makes you blush and him smile. Justin just loves to remind you how beautiful you are and that you’re the only girl he’s running after (even if you guys are already dating)

- Justin being overprotective and possessive which can sometimes lead to you being annoyed but he tries his best to work on himself because he doesn’t want to loose you for such stupid things

- Your mom adores him for his kindness, how polite and nice he is with her and how his eyes and smile light up when he looks at you.

Your dad thought he was a dick at first but as soon as he heard that he was playing basketball, he literally started treating him as his own son.

- Him always calling you in the middle of the night, asking if he can come over. He doesn’t even to tell you what happened.

« Justin? Is everything okay? »

« *sighs* »

« Oh god, again? Justin, I swear that one day I will show up there and kill this asshole myself! Did he hurt you badly like last time? »

« Babe, can I just can come over? Please. »

«*sighs* You know where the keys are. »

- You quietly opening your bedroom door before being pulled into a tight and desperate hug. No words are said. The only thing that can be heard is his breathing echoing against the crook of your neck, as he holds you a little more than he was already doing.

- You both staying like that for a little while until you propose to clean his face and his wounds.

- He just nods, tired, still hurt and confused about the past events.

- He winces but says nothing while you clean his wounds. Instead, he just looks into your eyes, his filled with love and relief of having you by his side.

- After you’ve helped him taking off his jacket and all, you slip under the covers and open your arms. Less than a minute is enough for him to join you, silently, rest his head on your chest and circle your waist with his arms, while you just rush your hands in his hair. No I love you’s are needed to be said cause they’ve all already been shown.

- He’s been completely honest with you about the tapes, even though he wasn’t supposed to tell anybody but he wanted you to know. You couldn’t even say a word, he wouldn’t let you. He didn’t want to let you talk, afraid that you’d tell him that you were disappointed or worse, that you wanted to leave him. So, he repeated more than twice that he regretted all the shit he did to Hannah and how bad he wanted to change for you.

- He was crying all along, which broke your heart. You could see that he was really hurt and that he really meant what he was telling you. You couldn’t just let him explaining himself like that so you just grabbed his face in both of your hands and kissed his lips.

- You often stay a little longer with him, after his training so he can teach you how to play basketball. Those fun and precious moments are the ones he cherishes the most.

- You’re always doing your best to show him how much he matters and how important he is. You’re the one giving him all the love this boy deserves and that his « family » can’t provide him.

- He doesn’t tell you that as often as he’d want to but he’s extremely thankful to have you as his girl.

- The guys know that you’re his. They all treat you like their little sister.

- Him getting kind of mad when you beat him at a game but it doesn’t last long. He cannot resist your puppy face and neck kisses.

- Neck kisses

- Hand holdings

- You try to make him stop smoking weed and shits, resulting him to promise you that one day, he’ll stop.

- « You’re my whole world. »

- You just really love each other.

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Knock You Down

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Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader 

 Request: “49 - Zach Dempsey" 


 49. "I just wanted you for my lusts." 

Word count: 1.260

Posted: 02nd of June 2017 

A/N: OMG! I finally posted something after several days. I am so busy in these days, mostly now that I am having my training period. I am so happy to finally post an imagine, because I missed writing so much. I hope to find more time to write more and I will try my best to get through my prompt requests. 

 Anyways, thank you for your support and I love to talk with some of you. If you want to talk to me, don’t hesitate to do so. I am happy to have new friends. Thank you so much and I love you all, really. Hope you enjoy this imagine. Thank you. 

 P.S.: I still don’t accept part two requests for my prompt imagines as I am still drowning in requests. Sorry. 

- G. x

Link: Prompt List 

Warning: a lot of swearing 

"Zach, what is your problem?” You ran as fast as you could as you tried to cope with your boyfriend’s long steps, also avoiding people along your way. He was so tall that his steps were the double of yours and you practically needed to walk-run to be able to walk with him. “Zach, talk to me!” You sighed as you felt the shortness of your breath. “Zachary Dempsey!” You belted out, using your voice as loud as you could and it caused for an echo to be heard along the hallway. 

“Fuck off, (Y/N)! I don’t need you.” Zach suddenly stopped as he faced you. He had his eyebrows furrowed, but you also saw some hints of sadness and pity in his eyes. He was hurting you with his words and he perfectly knew that you couldn’t handle your fights and discussions, mostly when you are in a public place. 

“What the hell is happening to you?” You bravely asked him, holding your tears back. You wanted to show him that you were fearless, that you weren’t scared of him, of his damn heartbreaking words. “Tell me!" 

"I hate you!” Zach fearlessly stated, making people look at the two of you. If your were brave, he was braver and you knew that it wasn’t the Zach that you met and had a relationship with. “I don’t love you anymore, (Y/N).” You suddenly felt your tears falling as they wet your red burning cheeks, some needles continuously and pitilessly poking your heart. 

“No, you don’t hate me.” You slowly shook your head. You were dumbfounded for the things that Zach has been saying and you suddenly felt a tight knot in your stomach and a heavy weight in your chest. 

Your relationship with Zach was going in a perfect way, but, suddenly, the straw broke the camel’s back and you didn’t know what happened to it. 

You honestly couldn’t believe his words. He has always made you feel loved and wanted and he was acting otherwise. Zach was a sweet guy and he would hurt anybody just to protect you, but he was the one who was hurting you this time. 

“I do!” He said and you noticed that his voice cracked a little bit. You couldn’t understand why he was doing such thing. “I really do." 

"What have I done, Zach?” You asked him in a languish tone, obviously hurting for the happening in that moment. “Why do you hate me that much?" 

"You,” He started as he fiddled with his backpack’s strap. “you are too perfect for me and I hate you for that.” His voice was fierce, showing the bravery that he had inside him, but you knew Zach. He was never that prideful, he would never go against you, he would never use that tone with you. 

“What the hell?” You furrowed your eyebrows as he complimented you but hated you at the same time. The chaos in your head caused you a severe migraine: headache and nausea fighting inside of your body. “Zach, are you out of your mind?" 

"No, (Y/N). I didn’t want you.” He spat out as if he was being tortured by someone. He was faking everything, because you knew that Zach would never do that. He was blurring things out, things that he didn’t even thought of, but he was obliged to say them. 

“You did and you still do, Zach!” Tears uncontrollably fell down from your eyes. You were lucky to have Zach and you couldn’t accept the fact that he was destroying you at that moment. “In these months, you made me feel worthy, happy and important." 

"Illusions!” He shouted and you noticed that there was a big crowd watching the whole scene. You felt a little bit stressed out, because it was a private thing but everybody was observing you: gossiping and judging your relationship with Zach. 

“Illusions?” You shook your head and wiped off your tears from your cheeks with the back of your hand. Your make up was smudged all around your face, but you couldn’t care enough, it was your last thought during that time. Your pride took your senses and you shouted as you were already full of Zach’s shit. 

“Yes, illusions.” He looked straight into your eyes, emotionlessly as he threw you his shit in your teeth. 

“What the hell?” You couldn’t understand him and you heard nothing but the rumours that travel from the people around you. You were surrounded by the people and they found your show amazing and entertaining. 

“Get over it, (Y/N).” He meant your relationship, for sure. “I just wanted you for my lusts.” His gaze suddenly fell on the floor and he couldn’t consider you straightly in your eyes. You heard people cheering and shouting, but Zach heard your heart falling into pieces. After all, you’ve been together for months, three months to be exact, and he knew when you have your resentments or problems.

“No, you didn’t. We’ve always made love, Zach, and you have always said me that you loved me. They weren’t just some ordinary sex sessions, weren’t they?” You forcefully said as your voice was slowly fading. You were having a hard time to deal with the emotions that you were feeling and you were almost caving in. 

“We had sex, (Y/N),” He neared his face towards you and he whispered in your ear. “sex.”

“Fuck you, Zach.” You pushed him away and he really crossed your line. Your tears streamed down your face as you sobbed uninterruptedly. “Fuck you.” You tightened your fist as you felt useless and you were angry at yourself for letting yourself in, for being a victim of the heartless and asshole jocks of your high school.

“Bye.” Zach greeted you as you saw some tears falling from his brown almond-shaped eyes. He turned his back and he started to walk away from you, pushing the people out of his way.

“Fuck you, Dempsey!” You shouted as loud as you could and you saw that he stopped in the middle of the hallway to talk to Bryce. The people’s presence around you faded and you didn’t mind them as the world stopped between you, Zach and Bryce.

“You finally did it, Dempsey!” Bryce shouted cheerfully, teasing you as he searched for your face in the crowd. “Take the money.” He handed Zach some paper bills and you realized what Zach has done and what he didn’t want to do. 

“Fuck off, Bryce.” You heard Zach sobbing and he pushed Bryce’s hand away, rejecting the money that he was offering. Obviously, still feeling bad for what he has done. 

You watched them from afar, crowd disappearing slowly, and that was when you realized that you were just a bet. A bet that Zach shouldn’t have done, but he did and he just hurt you and your feelings. He let you feel that you were the luckiest girl in the world, but then he wrecked you all at once. He destroyed and knocked you down. You were blinded by the love that you had for him and you didn’t notice that he conquered you to step on your ego and knock you down.

You noticed that he was hurting you against his will, but the bond with his friends was more important than the relationship he had with you. Who would’ve noticed you, after all? No one, except when they needed to put some bet on you. It sucked, didn’t it? Of course, it did.

  • You two would literally be joined at the hip
  • He’s not afraid of PDA but he’s not full on with it
  • You are never seen without each other
  • He’d always say something sweet just to make you smile
  • Zach would literally memorise your time table just so he could wait outside your class and walk you to your next class
  • Zach often sneaking into you room late at night just for a cuddle
  • Looking after him when he gets a little drunk
  • He would be so loving and handsy when he’s drunk
  • Zach would be just a lil’ cutie all the time
  • You tell each other literally everything
  • You would be like the mum of the group
  • You’d be kinda close with Justin and sometimes Zach gets a little jealous
  • But you always kiss him and ensure him that he’s the only one you want
  • You guys never argue
  • Hand holding constantly
  • Everyone ships you
  • But the silent treatment is practically the third person in your relationship
  • Being his number one supporter
  • And sitting front row at all his games
  • You two would literally be couple goals
  • You’re literally the cutest couple of the school
  • Babysitting his little sister with him
  • His little sister absolutely adoring you
  • “I love Y/N more than you do Zach!”
  • Helping him through the tapes
  • Making him realise that it’s not his fault, he didn’t know everything else that was going on with Hannah
  • Helping Justin with his girl problems
  • He always pouts when you say no to something and it’s so cute that you can’t resist
  • Calling each other cute, cheesy nicknames
  • Bear hugs
  • Deep, long kisses
  • Helping him revise for biology
  • Wearing his letterman jacket
  • Stealing his tops to sleep in

Zankie til the end. //  I love Frankie. I love him. I told myself, literally, I’ll be honest with you guys, I told myself before I go into this, ‘I’m not making friends with anyone, the more I hate the people, the better my game is gonna be and like you [Cody] obviously I really like… kinda, Frankie though, I fucking l o v e, dude. // I think I’m going to hook up with Zach. I think I’m going to hook up with you. // Come back soon, love you. // My ass is raw. - Can we blame Zach for that? - I wish we could blame Zach for that. – Yeah, you do. // I have your back over everyone’s. // Ugh, we’re such a good t e a m. Zankie to the end.// Frankie’s a g r e a t person. I hate everyone in this house. But I hate him the least. // I could just sleep on you. - I know, I love you. // You with me? - Yes, I’m w i t h you.120 percent. // You’re the sweetest little… love of my life. // Ugh, I miss Frankie. // You’re such a good kid. – I try. // [to Cody] Hey, don’t get too close to him. // They’re the nomination eggs, honey. Can I see your nomination eggs? // Zach there’s so much room, I wanna sleep next to you. // You miss me. You haven’t seen me all day. // Love you, Frankie. You’re the fucking man. You’re the funniest person I’ve ever met. // I would not be hesitant to ask if I wanted one [a blow job]. Let’s just put it that way. // You guys were in love in the beginning of the season. – He literally said to me, ‘I want to f u c k Frankie’. Day two! // How’s my little tiger? How’s my big cat? // He had a nice everything else, so it didn’t matter. // Do you need to come c l o s e r to me? //  That was kind of erotic. – Yeah it was. // Perfect. We’re gonna be chillin’ a lot. Anytime I’m in New York, I’ll hit you up. Anytime you’re in Florida, you’ll hit me up. // We’re gonna kill it. We’re gonna kick some ass. – Me and you. // Speaking of hot ass men… // There’s some s e x u a l t e n s I o n going on here too. // Doesn’t he look hot? // I love you. – I love you more. // I’ll do that. For me, for you, for us. //  Your face does look p e r f e c t. // Frankie, you’re the best. // I’ll just rub your [back], it helps me fall asleep. // Zach, what would I do w i t h o u t you? // You look extremely magnificent. // I will love you forever and ever, for the rest of your life. // First of all, you’re amazing. // If it’s the last thing I fucking do, I’m going to kill that bumblebee that tried to hurt my friend, Frankie. // We help each other out. – That’s why we’re a perfect team. // I’m glad I put Zankie in my blog. – Oh me too. Hell yeah. // I’m not gay, but if I was, he’d be my man for sure. // I’m happy to walk away with 50k. Give it to this kid because he deserves it more. // I’m about to give Zach some female attention, aren’t I honey? // You have the same eyes, like big bulgy eyes. Like huge eyes. To me, like I love that in girls, like girls with big eyes. // I’m coming. We can c u d d l e and k i s s each other on the lips. // No shirt would be best. // Love you bye! – Love you bye! // Dude, we are a good fucking team. – We are. – We really are. We complement each other so fucking well. – Mhmm. – And you keep my in check like no one else. // The fact that it’s me and my b e s t f r i e n d, Frankie, AKA Zankie, couldn’t make me happier. // I could watch you f o r e v e r. // I talk about Zankie all the time in the DR. – Me too. – They ask me about it all the time. – I know. Me too. // Frankie, you’re turning me on.// I think that we should start making out when people walk in, just so we have a cover. - Let’s just practice. // I genuinely love you no matter what the fuck happens. It’s crazy how much I love this homosexual! It’s crazy!  // I want to have s e x with you. I’m actually thinking if you go to jury I might self evict just to be alone in there with you.// I told Caleb that I wanted to sleep alone but I really just want to sleep with you. // ‘Shoulda heard the way he talked about you in the diary room. He had a c r u s h on you. // Even though you have all your best friends and I have all my best friends and we’ve made so many friends over our lives, none of your friends have shared this experience that you and I have shared t o g e t h e r. // I can’t wait to see him again. // What are you doing January 24th? – Is that your birthday? – Yes. – I’m wearing one of your banana hammocks and I’m coming over to your house. That’s what I’m doing. // If she wins and puts you up next to me I would cry. I would actually cry. // I just wanted to let you know, you may only have a few more days to discover you’re a homosexual and have sex with me. // // It’s crazy how much I’m in l o v e with this froot loop dingus. // I sent Zach home. I didn’t do that for me. // You try to turn me gay like every day, Frankie. I feel like you get closer and closer every time. You can keep trying though, I like when you try. // You’re g o r g e o u s. You look good. // I miss you in my life. – I miss you. – Just, let’s win next week okay? I want you back. // I can never beat Frankie. I don’t know why. It makes no sense. – It’s because you get distracted by me because you’re in love with me. // You are extremely s m a r t and extremely f u n n y ad that’s all I care about in people. I do fucking… I love the shit out of you. // It’s amazing how our bond is much stronger than all this bullshit. // I’m at 49 percent homosexuality. Once I hit 51 percent I’m bi. // Frankie loves you to death. // [The house is filled with] attractive men who will never want to have sex with me. – Hey, maybeone day. – Maybe. – Maybe one day. I’m sure you’ll have all the sex you want when you get out of here. You’re going to have too much sex when you get out of here, if that’s even possible for you. – I mean, I fucked up my chances with my main goal in the house.// You heard, ‘Frankie you’re disgusting’, I heard, ‘Frankie you’re the best.’ // As soon as I see you I’m gonna be like, ‘put your number in my phone. Store it under Zankie’. // You know what sucks is that you’re the only one in the house I wanna share this speech with. You are my best friend in this house, that is no lie. // If I murk you, then we have to hook up. – Yes. I mean, we were going to before this. // I’m a h e a r t b r o k e n man. // I don’t wanna make you all wet. – I don’t care, hug me. // I’m not attracted to him, I’m more attracted to Zach. // No one else can make me laugh as much as you. Your ratio of funny stuff to not funny stuff is 100 percent to zero, literally. You don’t do anything that I’m like, ‘that’s not funny.’ Your ratio is just off the scale. // I don’t know what I’m gonna do without you. // One day… one day you’ll get me by surprise. - Or you’ll get me by surprise. - Wouldn’t you like that? //  You fucked me the most. - It’s because I actually want to have sex with you which is the biggest problem.  // I think I would marry you. – I think I’d marry you too. If I were gay. If I were gay,I’d for sure marry you, actually, there’s literally no question about it. // Am I attractive? – Yeah, I wanna have sex with you. // Would you like me better if I was a girl? – No, I like you as a boy. // I know I say this everyday but you are by far the f u n n i e s t person I’ve ever met in my entire life. // Do you wanna be my bae? – I’ll be your bae. All day I’ll be your bae!  //  Frankie and I will be the final 2 no matter what. Just you watch, America. //Yeah, they’re madly in l o v e.// She wants it. – I want it. – I know you want it. – I fucking want it. – I kind of want it too.Like, what do we do about it? I mean, I think we should just… - Like, just try, right? // You were like, ‘I don’t know man, god… look how he moves’. I honestly thought that you might’ve… // You’re the man. – You’re the man. – Don’t ever change. – I won’t. – Good. // I’m kind of in love with him. For r e a l. For real, kind of… falling in love with him. // You’re such a nice person, I don’t see anyone like, hating you. // And then you’re going to take Frankie to Germany and talk all this shit… - How did he know? How did he know I’m taking you to Germany? – Cause I fucking know you like the back of my hand. //  Honestly, I fucking love Zach. – Me too. You know I don’t have an ounce of hate in my body for him. // Bye, I miss you. – Bye, I love you. // Where are you sleeping tonight? – Um, with you. // If I was gay, I’d wanna be e x a c t l y like you. // Can we be best friends again? – We a r e best friends. // You’re just like, all around good at everything. //  If it gets any worse I’m gonna go home. – Don’t say that. I like you. //I think Zach has a crush on Frankie. // My little kitten is awake. You look so good and refreshed. // I give you a hard time but I fucking love you more than a n y b o d y else, you know that? // We’re together. He and I are t o g e t h e r. // First of all, yes, I will bang you. Second of all, I’m extremely happy you won, you’re the fucking man. // You’re strong. You’re feisty. You’re smart. // I like all your stupidity. – I love your stupidity. Like, I love it. // You think this is sexy? Wait til you see my penis. – I wanna see it. // Good job, Frankie. I tell ya, if I didn’t win I’d want it to be you. // It’s coming out of you like its fucking candy [the light inside of Frankie]. You make me smile everytime I see you, you really do. //  Dude, you’re hot. – I’m horny. – Dude, you are. // We had to make up. Everything’s great. And he’s still my best friend. // Is your arm asleep? – No, I love it. // I didn’t know that he really cuddles. – He cuddled with Frankie. – A l w a y s. //  That’s my spot, right there. – I got you, baby. // Are you sleeping in those? – No I’m just wearing them to keep the heat in. Why? Do you want me to sleep naked? //  They know I really like you because every time they’ve brought you up I only say a m a z i n g things about you. // There was a night where he rubbed my back until I feel asleep. - You are always happy and you are always making people laugh and you bring so much light. Like literally dude, I can literally follow you around for my e n t i r e life. // I hate you. I hate how much I love you, is actually the case. // He is so funny. They did a great job by putting him in this house, I gotta say. ‘Cause he was unbelievable entertainment. He’s going to be remembered forever and ever and ever.  //Frankie’s like the boyfriend in the relationship. // He said that a lot actually. – He said that to me all the time. He was like, ‘I don’t understand by I want to have sex with you’. – Okay, now we understand why he was so hurt when you told him the truth about who you really were! He’s like, ‘I thought we had something!’// I want to come back for all-stars. That’d be sick. – Zankie back for all-stars. – Dude! If there was like a c o u p l e ‘ s edition. // I love the kid. // We had such wonderful cuddle sessions last night, talking about our fam’s…  getting to know each other more. // Cause you are a lunatic, but you’re my lunatic and that’s all that matters. // You’re a catch though. If I were gay I’d be o b s e s s e d with you. I mean I am obsessed with you.  // So I have yours, and you have mine. Final two? – Final two. // Frankie you’re a m a z i n g. // I was gonna go sleep with my boyfriend. // Oh my god, we are such a good team. //  Maybe Zach’s in the jury house being like ‘I miss Frankie so much, I mean, I think he’s the guy for me.’ - It’s a definite possibility. // I love you bro. I love you. I literally love you so much. // You got enough kisses today. // I see why it’s exciting. – Gay sex? – Uh huh. – It is exciting. // Frankie, you are by far the funniest person I’ve met in my life, and if there is one trait in a person I care about, its humor. You are the most humorous person I’ve ever met in my entire life, you are extremely entertaining, and I love you for that. // Zankie is trending on twitter. // He tells me that he’s straight but actions do speak louder than words and he is petting me to sleep every night. And I like it. // You should just tell him we’re having gay sex, tell him we’re in love. – I should just admit it, right? // Goodnight team Zankie. / Goodnight Zankie! - God, that’s such a cute name! – We’re the cutest people on earth. // Zach, are you gonna make a move? Come on, just do it. // It’s amazing how much I a d o r e you, I think I’m in love with you in a weird way. // Who kissed your cheek? I’m gonna beat their ass. // It’s a match made in heaven. A match made in big brother heaven. // I’m gonna keep you right here under my wing. And pet you. And kiss you. // How ‘bout I’ll rub your back? – Oh my god I love when you do that, sounds perfect. // Frankie, you’re amazing. Like actually amazing. // I’ll stand by the door, you can do it in there. And by the door I mean on the inside, watching. – You would like that, wouldn’t you? // If Zach goes to jury I might f o l l o whim there. // You know, we can talk about it. – When the cameras aren’t around. // They’re obsessed with us. That’s why I was so glad when we took that fucking picture. When you asked Cody to come in [the photo booth] I wanted to kill you. I was like ‘No! They’re obsessed with us not all three of us’. // Goodnight Frankie, I love you. – I love you so much. // He thinks you have me under a spell… which is kinda true… but it’s because we’re in love. // [When I first met him] I was like wow, this kid is crazy. And now… I fucking love the guy. // I’m so happy we’re finally alone.  // Oh, it’s done? I just thought you wanted to h o o k up. // We’re so good to each other. // Wow, you’re amazing in the kitchen. – See, when we’re married I’ll take such good care of you. // If that worked, I think I might have k i s s e d you. // I love you as a person more than anyone I’ve met in my entire l i f e. // I missed you today. – I missed you today too, dude. I was like, ‘where the fuck is Frankie at?’ – The whole day I talked about you. // I really love when I cuddle you. // I was h e a v i l y burdened by my personal feelings for you. I had to tell myself this was not a game about f e el i n g s. // I like it. I have to try to… not get hard. // Frankie, you are one s e x y gay boy. // I’m just going to travel all summer… NYC obviously… I’ll be there for like a month. // If you want it, just come and get it. Come out. Come out. Wherever you are. I’m waiting. // We’re still going to be Zankie. No fucking way we won’t be. // I can’t wait until you come out. // We made it dude… that means a lot. I love you just as much if not more than before. Probably more. Actually, no, for sure more.  I even said it to you, when I was extremely pissed at you in that room I was like, ‘honestly, I love you as a person. Outside this house I would wanna hang out, e v e r y d a y, with you ‘. // Does it bother you that I look at you like you’re my future h u s b a n d? // People love us though, Frankie. – They do. They love us together. // Zach, you and I can have Zankie time, because I need it. // You’re going to be the most wanted homosexual in the country after this. You’re funny and hot and you’re Ariana Grande’s brother, what else do you need? Wait, I forgot, you’re extremely smart too. // The fact that you still love me as much as you do, if not more, makes me very happy. // If I ever question my sexuality, it’s gonna be with you. // Fuck you then. – I want you to fuck me. I’ve been waiting for it. – Well then get right over here then. //  What a cutie patootie you were though. // Day two, we’re talking… Frankie’s sitting there.  You’re like ‘honestly man, I wanna f u c k Frankie.’ // Hey I got you, babe.  / Come here, come close to me. You owe me hugs. And love. - I do owe you hugs and love. // Frank’s great, but I like you gay though, if I’m being honest. //  I will constantly tell you about my love for you Zach. //I can’t wait until we’re the only ones in this house. // I took a shower cuz I knew we’d be cuddling tonight. // You amaze me constantly. // He might have been in love with me, it’s possible. // You can kiss Zach. – Yeah that’s what I’m going to do. I think he will. // I need to shower. – Me too. You wanna do it together? – Yes. // I can’t wait to cuddle with you again tonight, we had such cute cuddle sessions last night. - Last night? Oh my god. Such a cute cuddle sesh. -  I love you. // I wanna go upstairs with you though. // We’re i n e x t r i c a b l y linked. // What are the teams? – Me and Frankie. It’s me and Frankstar. // Should I call the medic? – I think I’ll be okay, I just need an extra backrub. // I honestly feel like Frankie is my boyfriend. // Just know I fucking love you, no matter how much you fucking fuck up, I fucking love you. // So you don’t think it could be the same way with men though? Men date girls for a long time and girls treat them wrong so the guys choose to go to the other side? – I think Zach might do that. // I love you so much. I fucking love you. Like so, so, much. // Go give ‘em hell in the jury house. I cannot wait to see you again. I miss you already. // You think there’s so many people tweeting ‘team Zankie’? – After tonight? Yes. – Yeah, absolutely. – We are totally trending on twitter. // No, he’s taking me [to Germany]. Shut up. – I am taking Frankie. // You’re so fucking hot though. // You my friend are absolutely amazing. You amaze me constantly. // How do you know when you’re falling in love with somebody? Like when you can only think about them? And it’s just like they’re always on your mind, in the back of your mind kind of?  And you’re super happy when you see them? //  Every time he touches my leg I freak out. - Not really. - Not really. I like it. // I would marry you. You’d be having the best sex of your life. It would really be kind of perfect. You just keep thinking about it. // I love you. – I love you too, baby. //  You’re my f a v o r I t e person. And we’re gonna hang out so much after this. // My homosexual level is literally going up by the second. // She’s gonna be really upset if we don’t hook up. She’s gonna be like, ‘you had the most perfect man, finally’. // I love you too. Don’t ever change. I won’t if you won’t. // See, you’re no one. Cause, you don’t compare to anyone else. // If you take away Zach, you take away a p i e c e of Frankie. // I fucking love you. I fucking adore you man. // He’s always like, ‘If I was gay I would fuck Frankie in a heartbeat.’ - He had his chance. // Ugh, god. We’re perfect. Too bad I’m not gay, right? // I would marry you. I absolutely would marry you. // You’re still my favorite person on the planet. // Does it make me gay if I love a homosexual? - I don’t think that makes you gay, I think the other things you associate with it might. And I’m happy to explore those options. // We have a final two deal locked in place forever, okay? – I know, Zankie. // Hug me. Give me a fucking hug. // You are so smart. So funny. You make me laugh every ten minutes. No one else can do that. // If we can get through this dude, we can get through anything, literally. And I’m not just saying that. -  I think we did get through it. - Uh, yeah! A lot better than I thought too. Obviously, I knew we were going to make up and love each other again, but I didn’t think it would be this easy.// That was the best hug I’ve ever had in my entire life. // It’s because you’re so fucking hot though. And it’s not only that you’re hot but your personality increases everything e x p o n e n t i a l l y. // You’re fucking funny too. // I was hurt. I felt like a girlfriend… I felt like my w i f e just cheated on me. // The two things I look for in a person is brains and humor. And you are the smartest and funniest person I have ever met in my entire life. If I was gay, I would be on my knees sucking your dick right now. // Zach’s getting j e a l o u s. // Not as much as I’m obsessed with you. It’s getting u n h e a l t h y. // Getting ready for my celebratory, intercourse date with you. We both need it. // I love you Frankie. – I love you too. // I cuddled you because I love you as a person! // Frankie you look good regardless. // Cuddle buddies, cuddle buddies! // Oh my god I love you Frankie. I love Frankie James  Grande. // I am never going to forget you, Frankie. Ever.  // We were so mean to each other. - We were so awful. It hurt my soul. // Regardless of what happens in this game, I am completely in love with you. // How can I not wanna be around this kid all the time? // I can imagine fully hooking up. – Frankie! Oh you’re too much. I love it though, I love everything about you. – I love everything about you too. //  I’m pissed because I literally loved the kid. I l o v e d Frankie. // I don’t really want to sleep all day tomorrow, I kind of want to enjoy my last day with Zankie. // No words can express my love for you. // You two are for sure in love. – Absolutely. Team Zankie. - That was day one though. // I think he has control over you. - He does. He does have a lot of control over me.// I’m kind of in love with you, it’s weird. - Are you? - Yeah a little bit. - I’m in love with you. Without a doubt.// When the cameras aren’t around, I know how you feel. // Oh my god, I love you. - I know. Not as much as I love you. - No, I love you more. - We can debate about it, Rose. // What was your showmance name? – Zankie. We were immediately Zankie.

From the b e g i n n i n g.

Finally Together Part 11: a Zankie fanfic

Long one, sorry guys! Mostly fluff, a little heat at the end. This one catches us up and jumps us forward to Zankieween (yay!) There will probably be a few chapters bringing us up to date and then the plan is to jump forward to the unwritten future :)

Hope you guys like this! It’s a little unedited but I just wanted to release it when I finished. Lol I may edit later.

Lastly: standard disclaimers apply, and a HUGE thank you to everyone sending me supportive messages this week. I love you guys so much it was hugely motivating. 😊
Thanks again for liking, and every reblog and comment makes my day.

October 31st

Zach looked at his phone again, ignoring the red icons indicating notifications from text messages, facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, and his new secret tumblr account. He was only looking at the time. Frankie was going to be picking him up at 2pm and taking him to get ready for the big Halloween party tonight. Zach was beyond excited to see Frankie again, and a little nervous. Their time apart had built up a lot of pressure on them, and it had come too soon. But that was all going to be over any minute now.

It had been a crazy nine days since Zach had last seen Frankie. ‘Well, since you’ve been able to touch him’ his mind corrected him. Technically he had seen Frankie for accumulated hours every day. Between face time, snap chat, texting, and stalking each other’s social media pages they never stopped seeing each other it seemed. But it wasn’t the same. Every day, every minute, every second since they had parted Zach was aware of his absence.

There never seemed to be a moment where Zach couldn’t tell that Frankie wasn’t there with him. He thought about him constantly, texted him his every thought. His skin itched to be touched by him, his fingertips desperate to trace their love patterns into his skin. Sometimes as they lay together at night on facetime Zach would find himself tracing the patterns into his own skin, or into the sheets, or the pillow. It was like it was something that needed to get out of him. One time he idly wondered if he stuck a pen in his hand if it would end up being some sort of epic love poem masterpiece all along, evoked by Frankie, just dying to get out.

Their week apart had been up and down. There were good days and bad days. Zach had struggled through the poker tournament someone had committed him to. He and Frankie had laughed over how miserable he looked in the pictures. Frankie had laughed and said “Oh look, I’m in the picture with you!” as they had looked through the shots together over the phone and more than a few of them featured him texting on his cell. No, scratch that. Texting Frankie on his cell. There wasn’t anyone else he cared about right then.

He had kept up a near constant stream of communication that night with Frankie, and if he looked miserable well that was probably because he knew he wasn’t going to get another chance to spend time with him before he left. Frankie kept promising he’d do a drive by drop in so they could kiss goodbye, but that didn’t count.

Zach wished he could spend more time with Frankie more than anything in the world, but between the commitments Frankie already had and the commitments Zach had, and Zach not having his own car it was impossible. Frankie kept reassuring him that it would all calm down. That they had only been out of the Big Brother house a few weeks and they were still being pulled in a million directions. He would joke and say it was difficult being the most popular two contestants on the show but someone had to do it.

That always cheered Zach up a little. At first he had felt awkward and hated the attention but he really found that the more time that passed, the more he loved his fame and how popular he had become. He never wanted to come off cocky, though he knew he did sometimes, but he just really loved hamming it up for an audience. He always had. And now he always had one, if he wanted it. All he had to do is write one tweet and he’d have an instant ego boost as he watched the likes, comments, and retweets come in.

So, over that week, Zach had upped his social media game. He used it for good, to help those sweet twins in their fundraising, he liked almost all of Frankie’s pictures and statuses (except for the ones with other guys… but he and Frankie had already had a talk about that), he’d posted some fun vines and selfies of himself, sometimes with Peyton. He was making an extra effort to spend time with the kid, always good times, but he felt tinged with guilt because he knew the day was coming soon where they’d be apart. The truth was that being away from Frankie was already killing him. He couldn’t last much longer.

He had been going nuts the day of the now-infamous Murtz interview. He had called Frankie, all nervous, and they facetimed in the hours leading up to the interview. Zach had sat in his room for hours, alone except for Frankie on the phone, and felt his worries wash away the more they talked. After a while, their talk had turned sexy. It started with something innocent, like Frankie saying he missed Zach. And then Zach had joked that he missed Frankie’s hand on his cock. Whatever happened next, they both ended up jacking off over facetime and Zach had been in a very altered headspace when he started the interview with Murtz.

But before that, “I can’t stand waiting. I just want to fucking tell everyone. Fuck it!” Zach remembered saying, he had been so amped up towards the end of their talk. Frankie was, as usual, the voice of reason.

“But we haven’t even had a chance to sit down together with a proper PR agent –and I say proper because I’m sorry baby but I’m not counting your girl. The ink’s not even dry on her diploma yet, babe- I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Frankie had reasoned. Zach had decided to ignore the jab at his PR. He liked that girl, she was doing her best, but he knew it was true.

“Screw it, why can’t we just do it how we want?” Zach had countered.

“Is this really how you want it, though? On some random interview? You know Lance wants to interview you, maybe that would be better-“ Frankie wasn’t quite finished when Zach interrupted.

“That would be better, but like, I’m sick of this being a secret. I’m not ashamed of you!” Zach had almost yelled.

“Awww babe. I love you. I miss you so much.” Frankie had said then, derailing his thoughts. It still blew him away that someone as perfect and talented as Frankie could love some dumb kid from Florida, all because he had been lucky enough to go to an open casting call one day. He almost got sidetracked, but he had continued.

“Murtz said it’s going to be the challenge. He’s going to ask me to set the record straight about you, about if I’m gay or straight.”

“That better not be the challenge, that’s absolutely ridiculous. Completely over the line.” Frankie said, getting angry.

“But I want to answer him, them. The fans. Not the crazy ones, but there are so many good people out there that want to see us happy.” Frankie had softened at that.

“Well, maybe there’s another way to tell them…” And with that, Frankie and Zach hatched the plan to hide his coming out as a thinly-veiled joke. A golf joke. It was perfect. Zach had asked Murtz to set up the question by asking him which way he swung. That would let him turn his answer into a bit of a joke, but enough to let the believers know what was really going on.

It all ended up going perfectly. Zach had even come out of it with the perfect idea for his and Frankie’s couples costume for Halloween. Frankie had gushed over Zach’s “I swing both ways” performance. He kept saying that Zach needed to come to New York to act or do comedy or radio or something. Zach loved the idea and they kept making plans for “soon.” Except, neither of them knew when “soon” was.

At that point Frankie was due back in a couple days for their big Halloween party. They were both ridiculously excited about that. After that, the plan was for Frankie had to go back to New York for Rock of Ages rehearsals. Zach would go out on November 10th for the premiere and stay up north until the end of November, but after that it was all still up in the air. Frankie would still be doing Rock of Ages until January and he’d be pretty busy, but Zach didn’t want to wait much longer than that until they made some more permanent arrangements. Well, more like he couldn’t wait. He felt a physical need for them to be together.

As Zach let the now-familiar ache of their separation wash over him, his phone buzzed. His heart skipped a beat and his stomach flipped as he checked it. Frankie was there. Zach practically flew down the stairs. If he could have jumped right over the banister to the floor below, he would have. Frankie was still closing the door to his car and had the keys out to lock it as Zach rushed him, pushing him into the side of his bright yellow sportscar and kissing him deeply for all the neighbours to see. He didn’t give a fuck. It had just been too damn long since he’d been able to touch him.

Eventually Zach pulled back and Frankie made a show of fanning himself and in his Clarabelle voice he said “Well I do declare, Zachary! That was positively scandalous!” Zach smiled shyly. He wanted to shove his hands in his pockets bashfully but he couldn’t seem to take them off Frankie. Even as Frankie had stepped back, Zach’s hand still was reaching out to lightly touch his arm. It was like his presence, their contact, was recharging a battery in his heart. He felt instantly better. He never wanted to stop touching him.

“I don’t care who sees I fucking missed you Frankie, Oh my God, I’m so happy you’re back.” Zach gushed. They were both smiling broadly, soaking in each other’s faces with their eyes. Frankie started bouncing on the balls of his feet.

“Happy Zankieween!” He sang, and Zach laughed.

“This is going to be epic. You’ve seriously got a real makeup person for it?” Zach asked, his hand still on Frankie’s arm. He couldn’t help it, but sometimes Zach felt star struck around Frankie. He was just so… glamorous. ‘You’re so fucking lucky.’ He thought to himself for the millionth time, smiling at the thought.

“Uhh, yeah, Rose. Are you new?” He teased back and they hugged again, neither being able to get enough of the other. When they pulled apart the second time, Frankie pulled away out of Zach’s arms and he suddenly felt bereft. Missing the contact, he followed closely behind as Frankie led them to the front door. “Come on! Let’s go inside, I can’t wait to see your family. I brought presents for everyone.” Frankie was practically giddy as reached for the front door knob. Zach smiled at Frankie and thought that the extra large red leather designer handbag that he was carrying made more sense now, and he was curious about what Frankie had brought. He hadn’t said anything beforehand. ‘He’s so thoughtful’ He thought, again for the millionth time.

He would never stop complimenting Frankie. Even in his mind. What had he done to deserve this perfect man?

If the last visit between Zach and Frankie and his family was rocky, this visit was the polar opposite. Zach had never felt so much satisfaction as when he walked into the room and saw his Mom’s hand on Frankie’s arm, the two of them engaged in a lively conversation. She had taken a complete 180 on her stance towards Frankie in the past week and a half. She had gone from hater to number one supporter and every time she gushed over him it made Zach feel a glow of happiness he never expected to feel. Everything was so perfect right now. Truth was, Zach was terrified to screw it up.

He had sat with Peyton across the room for a while, pretending to listen to him go on about Dragon Ball Z, but really just watching Frankie hold court over his Mom and Dad. They were rapt in attention and were hanging on his every word. Frankie was pure magic in Zach’s eyes and he knew his parents were already under his spell. As he watched, Frankie glanced over at him and they shared a moment as they held the eye contact. Zach felt his cock twitch and slid a few inches farther from his brother.

He sat there for a few more minutes trying to let Frankie finish with his parents but when it was clear his mom would talk his ear off all night, Zach got up and walked over to put a stop to it. This was getting ridiculous. He needed some privacy after all their time apart the past week, and he needed to be touching him again. He needed a lot more than that, too. And he was done waiting.

After telling everyone they needed to get going because of an appointment with the makeup artist (a white lie. Their appointment was hours later, but they didn’t have to know that.) Frankie had remembered the gifts. When he handed them out, Zach thought his family would melt right there. If there was any lingering doubt, this last bit of Grande charm had won their hearts completely.

For Peyton, Frankie had brought a PS4 game that Zach was sure he had only mentioned Peyton wanting in passing more than a week ago. Leave it to Frankie to remember something like that. Peyton had bounced in excitement and hugged Frankie as he said thanks. For Zach’s Mom, Frankie had brought a Pandora bracelet with some wonderful heartfelt charms picked out. The Statue of Liberty for him, A Golf ball for Peyton, a pink bead for Zach, a heart, a few more that Zach couldn’t make out. Zach saw the German flag on one of the charms, and he was suddenly reminded of the conversation he and Frankie had had a few days prior. He couldn’t believe he had forgotten and was suddenly really excited. Leave it to Frankie to pick the perfect gift.

“A German flag.” His mom had noticed. “Is that for Franz in Rock of Ages?” She asked, smiling, obviously loving the thoughtful gift. Frankie had raised his eyebrows enigmatically, exaggerating his shrug to show he was obviously hiding something but wasn’t going to say. Zach’s mom gave him a skeptical but loving eye, and Frankie dug into his bag for one last present.

For his Dad, Frankie had brought a beautiful German beer stein. He knew that Kevin was a bit of a beer connoisseur so instantly his Dad loved it, but again the German tie had them questioning if this was because of Frankie’s Rock of Ages role or something else. Frankie looked at Zach expectantly. Seeing this, the rest of his family looked at him waiting for him to speak as well.

When they had talked about this, Zach hadn’t expected Frankie’s thoughtful gifts and suddenly he was even more excited. He had thought he would tell them in passing at some point when he got around to it, but now it was like… an announcement.

“I wasn’t going to make such a big deal of it but I guess Frankie likes to make a show of everything.” Zach started, he rubbed the back of his head with one hand and glanced over to Frankie who was smiling and nodding. Zach smirked at the look on his face. He was so damn cute it was ridiculous.

“It’s true, I do.” Frankie agreed, laughing as he walked over to Zach’s side and hung on his arm, again looking to him to continue. Zach had to ignore the full body flush he felt as Frankie touched him.

“Anyways, It’s not a big deal. It’s not like I even paid for it. But we decided we should give the Germany trip to you two. You deserve it, and we don’t really know when we’ll be able to use it.” Zach said, smiling widely at the dumbstruck looks on his parents’ faces.

His Dad was the first to speak. “You… are you sure, Zach? You talked so much about it!” Zach smiled and hugged Frankie closer to his side.

“Yeah, I know you guys will have a blast. But I have a feeling Frankie and I are going to have a lot of commitments next year. Maybe a show. Maybe we’ll go to Germany anyways on Amazing Race! I don’t want the trip to go to waste and I don’t want or need the cash equivalent. I’d rather you guys go and enjoy it and take a million pictures for all the family to see on Facebook.”

“Zachary, that’s too much. You could just take the money…” His Mom had always been bad at receiving gifts. Zach smiled as he shook his head.

“Nope. You’re going. I say so. Now hug me! We have to go.” At this he dipped his hand from Frankie’s lower back to his ass, squeezing him tight before letting go to hug his parents, knowing that they couldn’t see. He needed to get out of there right away so that he could do more than sneak a quick ass grab. He wanted to touch every part of him. Preferably with no clothes on. Fuck, they needed to leave right now.

In the end, he knew his parents were over the moon excited for Germany and he felt so good about being able to do this for them. And Frankie’s gifts had been perfect because now they had something to constantly remind them of the upcoming trip. ‘Of course they’re perfect’, Zach had thought as they had all moved towards the front hall. ‘Because he’s perfect’.

Before they had left, Frankie had insisted on a big group “family” selfie, and Zach had to once again reflect on how wonderful it felt to hear Frankie use that word. Because he it was so obvious that he was already part of the family, and that he felt that way too. It made Zach glow with happiness as he slung his arm around Frankie from behind and smiled hugely for the picture.

As soon as the shot was taken, Zach was rushing them out the door. He had loved this time with the family but he was desperate to be alone with Frankie. He’d been waiting for this for over a week. He needed to be touching him. He needed to taste him on his tongue, he needed to feel him inside him (he had been thinking about that particularly the most, almost aching with need every time he remembered their second night together). He was so pent up with sexual frustration he felt like he might explode.

The second they were in the car and the family was back inside Zach leaned over the center console and roughly took Frankie into a deep and passionate kiss. A panting, moaning, biting, penetrating kiss that almost had him seeing stars. As he pulled away, panting, Frankie looked at him a little shocked and said “Wow…”

Had Zach made Frankie speechless? It seemed that way and Zach smiled and leaned forward and kissed him again, a little peck.

“Yeah, wow.” He said back. Frankie giggled a little. Zach thought he was flustered, and the thought gave him immense satisfaction. “I want to get you off while we drive. Is that ok?” Zach said, gaining Frankie’s full attention. He thought he had shocked him based on the expression Frankie wore.

“Fuck Zach, you don’t have to ask me!” Frankie said, obviously as horny as Zach was. He put the car into drive and headed towards the highway on their way to Boca. As the car hit the freeway and Frankie put on the cruise control, Zach had casually undone his shorts, enjoying the way Frankie would squirm every time he would brush over the erection they contained.

“I was just thinking that like last time… maybe this will make you last longer. When you fuck me.” Zach blushed as he said it, but he was getting bolder. More comfortable with the words and thoughts. Frankie had a shocked look, and he glanced over with wide eyes.

“But I want to dance tonight! Can’t you do me now and I fuck you AFTER the party? It’s been too long since last time, Zach, it’ll hurt…” Frankie seemed worried so Zach decided on that moment to pull his erection free. He enjoyed the conflicted look of immense pleasure and worry comingling on his face. He leaned down and took him into his mouth, swirling his tongue around his head before coming back up. He watched as Frankie shuddered and almost melted, but he kept his eyes on the road.

“No, you’re fucking me. It’s all I could think of this past week. After it stopped hurting. If you won’t fuck me I’ll torture you all the way to Boca.” Frankie snorted at this, amused. “Don’t’ make me fucking do it, Frankie. Don’t test me!” Zach joked, going down for another quick suck. He grazed his teeth along his shaft on the way up and again Frankie shivered at the contact.

“You wouldn’t” Frankie hedged, smirking but looking a little unsure.

“Don’t make me make you punish me.” Zach joked, recalling the last time he had tortured Frankie. His cock throbbed at the memory.

“But the party…” Frankie argued again. He really wanted it to be amazing and Zach could tell he really thought the pain would ruin it. He blushed a little as he prepared to tell Frankie why he wasn’t worried.

“Well maybe I…” He paused to giggle a little nervously but continued, “Maybe I’m ready for you.” Frankie’s jaw fell a little and he took his eyes off the road for a moment to look at Zach.

“What?” He asked, not knowing how to continue.

“I didn’t want to ruin the party either. But I fucking need this, Frankie. I can’t stop thinking about it. So I, like, might have made sure it wouldn’t hurt so much this time…” He couldn’t help the blush and shy smile that made his dimples pop. He ate up the response as he watched Frankie’s jaw drop. He didn’t even let him respond before diving down and taking his cock deep in his mouth.

He wasn’t teasing this time, he wanted to get Frankie off so bad. He wanted to see how much Frankie had missed him, he wanted him to last longer when they finally found a bed and a door to lock behind them in Boca, and honestly he wanted to practice his blowjobs. He wanted to be amazing for Frankie. This was only the third he’d ever given but he loved it.

He swirled his tongue as he gripped his lips tightly against his shaft, bobbing at first erratically but soon finding a rhythm. It wasn’t long before he had his answer to how much Frankie had missed him. Either Zach was suddenly a blowjob genius, or Frankie had missed him a lot. Because the whole thing took less than two minutes before Frankie was screaming Zach’s name and Zach was swallowing the warm liquid shot into his mouth.

He licked his lips as he put Frankie back into his shorts, and then sat up fully, completely satisfied with himself and the effect he had had on Frankie. He was almost completely undone. Zach was almost worried about him driving, but he was pulling it together slowly, still kind of moaning slightly as he felt aftershocks rock his body.

Zach settled back into the bucket seat of the sleek sports car, and he lightly rubbed the erection he could feel straining his own shorts. Frankie noticed and reached over to help, but Zach moved his hand away and instead joined their fingers together between them. “I want to wait for Boca. I fucking love you, Frankie.” He smiled, gazing over at the man he loved with all his heart.

Frankie sighed as he smiled widely, focusing on the road ahead of them but squeezing Zach’s hand. “I fucking love you too, Zach. You don’t even know” Zach smiled as he sat watching the Florida highway speed past them, content with the contact of their hands, feeling as though everything was right in the world. After what felt like a lifetime apart they were finally where they needed to be. They were finally together again.