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Unexpected (J.M)

Description -  You catch Jonah cheating and all of the boys knew about it.

Jack and Zach sat on stools surrounding the island in their kitchen, the laptop decked before then opened up to a YouNow tab. They hadn’t started a session yet, both being too busy laughing and goofing around with each other.

Behind them, in one corner of the kitchen where a seating booth was placed, you and Jonah sat with each other - more so on each other. Jonah’s back was pressed against one side of the booth as he sat horizontally on the couch. You sat on his leg that was rested up on the couch-like seating as his left arm stays secured around your waist, holding you against him. His right hand held his phone as he went browsing through it, and you scrolled through Instagram with your head sorted slightly in the crook of his neck.

Jonah hummed quietly to himself, but when he had stopped a while back, you told him to continue and he hasn’t quit lowly humming random songs since then.

It was a lazy day at the Why Don’t We house. You and Jonah had lounged around all day; Jack and Zach have been hanging around and about; Daniel was playing around with his guitar in his room, trying to come up with new tunes; and Corbyn was out with his girlfriend, Christina.

You would giggle quietly and show Jonah a picture you’d find funny on Instagram, to which he’d grin sheepishly at how adorable he had found your sense of humor.

Eventually, Jack and Zach start their YouNow session, smiling and laughing into the camera as they answer questions and such. Thirty minutes passed with them talking to their fans out there when Jack shifted the laptop, making the view behind them - that being Jonah and you - much easier to see online.

is that Y/N with Jonah?
Jonah and Y/N are together?

“Is that Y/N with Jonah?” Jack read before turning behind him to see you and Jonah in the exact same position you were in an hour ago.

“Yeah, I thought everybody knew they were together,” Zach ran a hand through his hair, answering the questions.

“I heard my name,” Jonah said aloud to the two boys at the counter.

“Everybody is saying hi to you and Y/N,” Jack told you two.

“Oh, hi,” you wave with a smile smile at the camera.

“Whaddup!” Jonah hollered with a chuckle as you sit upwards.

“They just lie around doing nothing all the time,” Jack exaggerates an eye roll, resulting in Jonah doing the same.

“We do stuff,” you object.

“Yeah, stuff,” Jack chuckles, to which Jonah and Zach start laughing as your face turns red.

“I hate you all,” you murmur, looking back down at your phone and hoping that your hair shields you from the view of a little less than a few thousand people watching.

“Don’t be shy, princess,” Jonah laughs, trying to push your hair out of your face, but you fight to stay hidden. It ends up as some sort of wrestle where you end up at the bottom and he straddles you.

“As you can see, they’re really gross,” Zach tells the viewers with a small shake of the head.

Eventually, you had gotten a text from your dad telling you that you’d have to be home soon to pack.

Your siblings, parents and you were all going on a trip to Florida the following morning to visit family over there. You’d be gone for the upcoming week, unfortunately over 2,000 miles away from your boyfriend and best friends.

“Ugh, I gotta go,” you groan just as Zach and Jack finish up their time goofing around to their viewers.

“You want me to drive you?” Jonah asked.

“No, my brother’s like five minutes away,” you told him, rising to your feet and going to find your shoes to put on.

“Wait, aren’t you leaving to St Augustine tomorrow?” Zach asks as the boys follow you to the center of their house.

“Sadly,” you say with a small frown as you slip your sneakers on.

“How long are you gonna be gone?”

“A week,” Jonah answers sadly for you, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind.

“Are you gonna stop by in the morning?” Jack asks, leaning against the wall.

“I’m leaving around 3 in the morning, so most likely not,” you shake your head, retrieving your messenger bag from the floor and shrugging it onto your shoulder. “So this is the last time I’ll be seeing your butts for seven days.”

“Thanks for the heads up,” Jack frowned.

“I’ve told you guys this at least ten times by now,” Jonah throws a hand in the air.

“We don’t listen to you, Jonah,” Zach says.

“Trust me, I know,” Jonah huffs.

“It’s okay, guys. I’ll be back before you know it,” you promise, turning in Jonah’s arms to give him a kiss on the cheek just as your phone dings from your hand. You look down and see your brother’s text message, tell you that he was outside. “That’s my cue.”’

“We’ll miss you, Y/N/N,” Zach says as Jack pushes Jonah away from you as the two boys take you in between them. “Daniel! Y/N’s leaving for a year!” He shouts at the top of his lungs.

You laugh as you hear Daniel’s door shoot open followed by the sound of footsteps running down the stairs.

“What?” He asks loudly, racing towards everybody with furrowed eyebrows.

“Zach’s just being a dick,” you shook your head with a small smile. “But hey, you care.”

“She’s only leaving for a week,” Jonah tells Daniel as he takes a drink from his water bottle.

“Wait, why?” Daniel asks.

“Oh my-” Jonah slaps his forehead a you laugh, pulling away from Zach and Jack to give Daniel a hug.

“Mark (random name for brother) is waiting outside, so I better u going. See you boys in a few; I’ll FaceTime you guys later.”

“Bye, babe,” Jonah takes you into his arms and leans in for a kiss on the lips that last a few seconds. You were too busy kissing Jonah to notice the wary glances the other three boys in the room were giving you two.

“Okay, I’ll text you all later. Love you!” You then waved with a small smile and quickly walked out of the door and towards your annoyed brother who was repeatedly honking the horn of his car.

When Jonah closed the door behind you, he turned to the boys who were all looking at him with stoic facial expressions.

“What?” Jonah questioned to which the boys all responded with blank faces and silence.


It was five in the morning when you, your two younger sisters, old brother and parents all sat in the crowded airport filled to the brim with angry people. Why was it filled with anger and annoyance? Because ten flights have been canceled because of something still not acknowledged by everyone.

But something everyone did know was that no flights will take off until three that afternoon.

Your five year old sister, Evelyn (random name), sat in your lap while playing with your necklace, her head resting on your shoulder. Your ten year old sister, Cara (another random name), sat beside you with her head leaning against Mark’s arm, drifting in and out of sleep.

“Okay, kids, we’re just gonna head home for now and catch a flight at six,” your father finally said, standing up along with your mother. You sigh and rise to your feet, bringing Evelyn up with you.

Your brother woke up Cara and the next thing you know, you’re all home and everybody is going back to sleep, your parents in a very pissy mood.

Around nine, you wake up realizing that you never told the boys that your flight was canceled. You go to acknowledge them all in the group chat, but the idea of showing up at their house as a surprise entered your mind.

Quickly, you headed to your brother’s room to ask him to borrow his keys for a few, and surprisingly he says yes.

About thirty minutes later, you arrive at the boys’ house and hop out the car. Unsurprisingly, their back door is unlocked, something you tell them not to do constantly.

When you walk in, you hear the boys’ shouting and yelling from here and there all around, making you shake your head with a smile.

You stepped into the center room and chuckled quietly, watching as Jack, Zach and Corbyn all play video games on the couch, their backs facing you.

“Who’s winning?” You abruptly ask, making all of them jump and whip their heads towards you. Your eyebrows furrow when you see all of their faces suddenly go white, as if they’ve seen a ghost.

“Y/N?” Jack’s eyes go wide as he instantly rises to his feet.

“What’s up, fellas?” You cross your arms with a small smile. “Why do you all look like you’ve just seen a ghost?”

“I-we-” Jack stutters.

“We just thought you’d be in Florida by now,” Zach says, rising to his feet as well.

“Yeah, our plane got delayed so we’ll be leaving later today. Mark let me drive his car here-”

“Jonah isn’t here,” Corbyn rushed out.

“His car’s in the driveway,” you raise your eyebrows, not thinking too much into why Corbyn would lie like that.

“Yeah-but-uh-” Jack stuttered once more.

“You guys are being so weird. I just wanted to surprise you guys. Sorry, I didn’t know I’d have to warn you or some-”

“You can’t just pop up out of nowhere like that,” Corbyn harshly says, to which your small smile immediately washed away at.

“Oh,” you said, your voice quiet now. “I-”

“He didn’t mean it like that,” Jack says, the first sentence to leave his mouth in the form of actual words.

“It’s alright,” you mumble. “I’ll just say hi to Jonah and go-”

“No,” the three of them say in sync, their panic synchronized, as well.

You suddenly grow a knot in your throat, paranoia subsiding in you. Why did they lie about Jonah not being here and why are they all so upset about you showing up out of nowhere? You do it all of the time.

Evidently, you turned and speed walked right up the steps and towards Jonah’s room. You could’ve sworn you heard one of them mutter ‘shit’ but you knew you heard Zach yell a 'wait’.

When you got to Jonah’s door, a part of you didn’t want to open it. What if your presumptions were proved correct with just one small action? Would Jonah really… you didn’t even want to think of the word alone.

Taking in a deep breath, you opened his door abruptly.

And that’s all it took for your world to crumble right before your eyes.

There Jonah was on his bed, a girl’s legs wrapped around his waist as she straddled him - something you did to him a lot. Their mouths were locked together, her arms around his neck as he felt up her bare thighs.

The second the door handle hit the wall, both bodies shot apart and turned towards you.

“Y/N,” Jonah’s eyes go wide as his face turns just as white as the boys’ downstairs did.

You hadn’t known tears even surfaced until you tasted the saltiness of it, the tears hitting your lips before your senses. It was as if time froze and while everything else kept on going, your heart stopped.

So many things raced through your mind, but your legs reacted before you could.

You had never been one to run away from problems, but you hadn’t thought twice before taking off, running down the stairs and right past the boys. You hadn’t gotten a glimpse of their faces, and you didn’t want to.

You were determined to get to your brother’s car and drive away, never to return to the shit hole you would always call your second home.

“Y/N!” Voices called after you, but you wouldn’t stop for a million dollars. You were so lucky the car keys were in your hoodie pocket, so opening the car wasn’t the hard part. The hard part would be outrunning the group of boys that tried to get to you before you got to the vehicle.

But somehow, you managed to do so.

Tears ran right down your face as you threw yourself into the front seat of your brother’s car and immediately locked the doors, your breathing picking up as you felt anxiety creeping in. You felt as if your brain would pop, a sob rising in your throat. Your blinking turned harsh as loud cries began to leave your mouth. You bring your left hand up to cover your mouth before quickly turning he engine on.

You jumped when various knockings were heard on the windows of your car, but you ignored them with everything you had, bawling your eyes out for everyone around to see.

You then drove away, your breathing growing quicker by the second. It was then that everything hit you.

Jonah. Your boyfriend of a year and a half. He had just cheated on you… and you don’t know the half of it.

How long had he been cheating? How long had the boys - your apparent best friends - known about it all?

You felt stupid. Humiliated. Sick.

You swerved to the side of the clear road when you were far enough from the hell house, opening your door just to empty your insides on the cement ground. Your cries continued as vile left your mouth.

The rest of the ride back was silent. Your cries went quiet as tears continued rolling down your face. You hyperventilated the entire way home, hiccups accompanying you along with everything else.

Over a thousand thoughts must’ve ran through your mind, each and every one of them making you even more upset than you already were.

But through it all, your face went emotionless as anger began to consume you. How dare he? Hate dare that asshole? Every time he’s said he loved you, every time you’ve kissed, every time you’ve done things together, things you’ll now regret more and more from further on.

By the time you pull into your driveway, your eyes are swollen and puffy, the gloss on them as clear as daylight. Streaks from the tears imprinted onto your cheeks and you looked nearly dead.

The second you walked into your living room, you saw Mark watching television while Cara played on her tablet beside him and Evelyn played with her toys in the corner.

Mark’s head turns to you and he has to do a double take before jumping to his feet.

“What the hell happened?” He stormed to you, checking if you had been hurt.

“I’m pretty sure I was just cheated on,” you sigh, placing his car keys on the hallway table.

Mark’s eyes widen with surprise before turning to anger.

“What happened?” Cara asked, walking up to you with a frown. “Are you okay?”

“Oh, I’m perfect,” you smile before deeply sighing. “I’ll be in my room until we leave.”


“Shit shit shit shit,” Jonah sat on the couch with his hands covering his face, his heart pounding ridiculously fast in his chest. “Why the fuck was she here?”

“She-she said her plane got delayed-” Jack grumbled, running his own hand down his face.

“Fuck, man,” Zach kicked the wall.

“What the fuck are you shitting about, I’m the one who just lost my fucking girlfriend,” Jonah angrily said.

“And whose fucking fault is that? Corbyn jumped in, defending Zach. "We just lost our best friend because we’ve been covering your ass.”

“You idiot,” Jack shook his head.

“I know, alright? I know.”


The house was filled with endless swearing as all boys stood around, frowns inked onto their faces at the memory of seeing you sobbing while driving off.

“We all just lost someone important to us, alright?” Corbyn said. “I was a dick to her - we all were. Jonah should’ve kept his fucking dick in his damn pants and we shouldn’t have lied to someone we have no right to call our best friend.”

“I just-” Jonah couldn’t even talk. “I don’t want to fucking loose her.”

“You should’ve thought about that before hooking up with some chick not even an entire five hours after Y/N was supposed to leave Cali,” Zach shook his head.

“I need to talk to her.”

“No, you need to leave her alone,” Jack said. “You saw her. She was…”

“Crying her eyes out,” Jonah solemnly said.

“And it was because of all of us.”



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