zach and code

Countdown to Wolf 359: Day one.

Featuring the only quote that I knew for certain would be in the season premiere. 

Thanks for spending the last twelve days with me, y’all. It’s been an absolute whirlwind, and I’ve loved every second. If you were here with me everyday, or if this is the first you’re hearing of this little venture – thank you. I can’t tell you what it’s meant to be able to release my art into one of the kindest communities and most thoughtful fanbases I know. As always, feel free to come scream with me at any point this season – if the premiere is any indication of what’s to come, we’ll have plenty to talk about. Until then, dear listeners, goodnight ✨

lets talk about ms cammie morgan and mr zachary goode anD THE WHOLE JOURNEY FROM THE START

  • the whole gallagher girl thingy zach has and when they first meet and she sURPRISES him when she calls him blackthorne boy 
  • the m&ms in the elevator dont deny you fell in love since that very first moment
  • the fact that zach KNOWS CAMMIE like her code name is the chameleon SHE LITERALLY KNOWS HOW TO DISAPPEAR FROM A CROWD yet zach always tends to find her 
  • that first kiss. enough said
  • zach being so worried about cammie he literally follows her - in costume - to every stop in the Winters/McHenry campaign
  • the jacket
  • “happy new year gallagher girl”
  • the whole tombs thing please just that whole scene was so epic and powerful and so very important
  • RUN AWAY WITH ME i mean zach wants to protect cammie so BADLY it’s so obvious and he is so worried something might happen to her so he tells her to run away with him that they can just run until it’s safe that they can keep EACH OTHER SAFE 
  • also another point because so many kisses between these two they are always welcomed thank you ally carter
  • so of course cammie does what she think it’s best for everyone: she runs away AND WE LATER KNOWN WHAT WENT ON BETWEEN THOSE MONTHS SHE WASNT THERE AND ZACH GOODE PEOPLE. he broke down he didn’t know what to do to find cammie he did everything he could he ran away just like her he went to search her 
  • but he didn’t find her
  • can you even imagine his face whenever he thought about cammie and THINK OF THE WORSE OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO HER PROBABLY 
  • “where did you go? when you were looking for me?” “crazy i went crazy”
  • when cammie tells her she is not crazy and zach understands her and he probably is worried sick about her but he understands everything she went through + first time she thinks she kinda loves him /sobs
  • book 6 is couple-y zach and cammie ??? everything we wanted??? 
  • “i just see you” THAT WAS SO SWOONY WORTHY OKAY
  • please let us not forget the epilogue and cammie and zach grown-up thank you very much we will keep that in our memory
  • i dont know if i forgot something i dont remember all but if i did feel free to add them