zach allan

For filmmakers out there:

It’s notable to point out that the main credits for the screenplay of Wonder Women are men, Allan Heinberg, with story by Heinberg, Jason Fuchs, and Zach Synder (so yes, Fuchs and Synder do deserve credit for constructing a strong mythos). The director was a woman, Patty Jenkins.

It’s important to note that whoever writes the screenplay/story and whoever directs the story are important distinctions. For example, someone can write a screenplay that’s really really dense with male gaze and sexualization (kinda like the unfortunate Joss Wheedon rough draft script that got leaked) but a female director, or a male, will try to remove those aspects in execution and never point the lens sensuously to body parts. Haven’t you noticed that Wonder Women, although the her outfit exposes some bare skin, the camera never takes the opportunity to linger its gaze on those body parts, never gives a close-up on her cleavage or her thighs? And make note that when she kisses Steve Trevor in the bedroom, it just cuts away to a window with the light on. A more clunky director, or editor, will choose to have a vouyeristic sex scene (or Allan Heinberg the screenwriter was wise enough not to write a sex scene). 

And even when Steve Trevor is naked in front of her, it is a deliberate fanservicey shot, but it’s actually shot more neutrally than more fanservice shots and it helps that Wonder Woman is not even objectifying in that context.