zac-films asked:

Did you seriously just say that mentally ill people are a burden and have lost all right to speak out and ask for help? What the fuck dude.

I’m venting personally, as a mentally ill person, about what it feels like when I try to talk to people - I apologise for my poor wording that was open to misinterpretation

Also I’m publishing this in case other people see it the way you did, and maybe they can read this

zac-films replied to your post “I think on skype im going to start doing a thing where I put my…”

That came off as sarcastic I’m sorry.

Ah its fine pff
but yeah I think it’d be more helpful to put preferred pronouns in my skype name whenever gender does the thing

Tho I’m still going to keep my default here on tumblr as they/them bc I feel it’d be terribly confusing for others to be constantly switching them as I might be on skype