concept: “where the fuck is/are my (object/s)” sounds extremely close to an ancient summoning spell, which is why people almost never fail to find whatever it is they’re looking for when they say these words

“where the fuck are my keys?!” *immediately finds keys in purse/pocket*

“where the fuck is my jacket?!” *instantly steps on it lying on the floor*

this is also why some people don’t actually need to say the object they’re looking for, because they’ve invoked the spell so many times before that just having the mental image of the lost item is enough when they say the words “where the fuck–”

of course, this only works on minor material objects, not broader ideas such as self-esteem, financial stability, or love of one’s life


“I guess I would say that love, in general, is over the top. I mean, when you’re in love, truly in love, there is nothing else like it. And in that moment, the most random, corny things can come out of your mouth, but that’s just the effect that love has on a person. At least, that’s the effect it’s had on me.” — Zac Efron.

  • what i said: im fine
  • what i meant: its monday and i have no bikes to watch. what am i going to do with my life? find another anime? join a new fandom? not hardly. im rotting from the inside. i have no soul. i have no purpose to live anymore. where am i going to get my quality content from now? i have no more boys to look forward to on mondays and that is a let down. the sky is black and i am going to die wishing i had seen my children one last time. bike is life and i am no more without it.