I’m not even gonna try to hide it, I am head over heels in love with Aly Raisman 😍

i loved that dream so much???

i dreamed about my oc Zac when he was becoming a vampire. It was really vivid and the characterization was spot-on, and it even gave him a step-brother i didn’t know existed

there was also a lot of suffering but. it was realistic? before this i always imagined his change into vampirism to be really quick, lile “oh shit i guess I’m a vampire know”
but it makes more sense for it to be a long process, especially considering there’s a lot of biological changes happening

  • what i said:im fine
  • what i meant:its monday and i have no bikes to watch. what am i going to do with my life? find another anime? join a new fandom? not hardly. im rotting from the inside. i have no soul. i have no purpose to live anymore. where am i going to get my quality content from now? i have no more boys to look forward to on mondays and that is a let down. the sky is black and i am going to die wishing i had seen my children one last time. bike is life and i am no more without it.