Keturah: Zac are you ok? drink some water

Zac: (coughing) woah, this is spicy…really spicy

Keturah: really? am sorry, forgot you don’t like very spicy food, if you want i can make you another one that isn’t this spicy

Zac: (clears throat) no it’s fine, i’ll manage

Keturah: are you sure?

Zac: yeah, it’s very tasty, just a little too much pepper but it’s nice

Ipon goals ni Zac

April 30, 2017
I want to have a 6 digit na ipon sa bank. I hope na matupad ko ito soon while I’m still 21. For now, I have 4 digit na ipon. Hahahaha! Tiwala lang! Mga after 5 years sana meron na akong 6 digit na savings. Goals!!!