“I’m gonna punch Chris Evans right in the face. We did a pilot together, the 1st pilot that I ever did as a multi-camera pilot. I’ve known him for like, literally like 10 years and I texted him as like, [Dude, you better come and do a (Nerd HQ) panel for me.] *chris evans voice* Oh yeah, man, I’m totally gonna.. I’m totally gonna try! Sure. You hear me Chris? You hear me?” - Zachary Levi on Chris Evans. (x)

Okay, I found out that Chris and his friend of 10 years have something in common.



Born out of the ashes of post-World War II, Germany came one of the most original and influential genres in musical history, Krautrock. The genre gave birth to bands like Can, Neu!, and Kraftwerk—all of which directly helped give birth to some of todays best electronic, hip-hop and rock and roll music. Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Daniel Kessler (Interpol), Dan Deacon, Zachary Cole Smith (DIIV), members of Can, Neu, and more take us through this unique genre’s history and possible future.

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In 2012, 15-year-old Zachary Davis beat his mother to death with a sledgehammer, swinging at her at least 20 times. During this, Zachary placed a pillow over his mother’s head to muffle the gurgling noises she made as he hit her, so as to not wake up his older brother who would no doubt try to save her. Before fleeing the home with packed bags, Zachary set the house on fire in an attempt to kill his sleeping brother. He then tossed his cell phone in a ditch to elude police. Zachary explained what lead to him killing his mother was that she was not taking proper care of him and his brother. When asked what went through his mind as he entered her room that night, he replied, ‘’My mind was pretty much blank.’’ In an interview with Dr. Phil, Zachary admitted he laughed as he bludgeoned her because he thought she deserved it. Zachary was sentenced to 51 years in prison. 

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