Okay but seriously, imagine Erwin Smith playing monopoly with the veterans. Imagine him strategically buying property and brutally bringing every single person down. Imagine all of them refusing to play with him in the future. Imagine Levi flipping the board and stealing from the bank, Hange screeching when she lands on free parking. Imagine Mike as the silent competition who always lands on life preserver and escapes financial collapse by pure luck alone. Imagine Nile as the one who loses first and is doomed to watch from the sidelines with puppy dog eyes.

If such a thing could be tallied, I’d wager the people in this photo with me, both individually and in various combinations, have made me laugh for literal hours. If not days.

Tonight I was asked to do monologues for the ASSSCAT show on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre on Franklin Avenue in Los Angeles. I was honored to do so. The UCB Theatre has brought so much joy and friendship into my life. I am grateful for its existence!

Thanks to everyone on the UCB staff and in the community for always making me feel simultaneously like a superstar and just part of the family. LONG MAY YOU REIGN.

(front, l-r) Horatio Sanz, Joe Wengert, Lauren Lapkus, WHO CARES, Matt Besser (back ) Zach Woods, Ian Roberts, Andy Daly