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“You don’t go to a show because you think someone in the band is hot. You don’t go because they always wear this cool, awesome outfit, or have the right hair. Those things are part of what makes up the whole picture of the music… but those things wouldn’t compel you to spend your hard earned money on a ticket to spend a night watching those clothes or that hair move around for a little while. Music resonates with everyone, which is why we call it the “universal language.”  - Hayley Williams

Why this photo is so important

Almost 90,000 likes, this is a record! (when I finish the post maybe it will be more) … but why this picture and not the others? Why am I so proud of this photo? The reasons are so many! In this photo Sam is alone, in this photo there is Sam, not Jamie, nothing connected with Outlander, not an event with a beautiful Armani dress. Only Sam, in all his beauty, with his blond hair, in the midst of nature. SAM HEUGHAN

Why a post on this photo?
Because the result of this photo is important.
Sam is not Zac Efron (sorry Zac, I’m sure you’re a nice guy), this is not a physical pumped out of the gym, this is not vanity. This is pride for the results! This is a body built on hard work, this is a body built with sweat. This is a body with years of sports behind. 

This is sacrifice, this is running, this is cycling. This is climbing the mountains, this is muay thai, this is boxing, this is crossfit. This is healthy eating, determination, strength. This is an example for all people who believe in him and in his My Peak Challenge. Not a charity, but a lifestyle. Thank you Sam, you are a person to admire! And all the love you received is all your merit.

Bitter Friendships Part 4

I’m soooooo sorry it took so long. I kept hitting a wall for this chapter! It was so frustrating!
But I did! It’s here!
Part 4! It needs no description! 

(Y/H/C)- Your Hair Colour

Part 1 
Part 2 
Part 3

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“I’ll bargain with you.”
Anti’s spine shivered with those words.
The taste of your lips still warmed his tongue. He relished the flavor. The chills that coursed through him as you remembered. His strength growing as the memories solidified in your mind.
Yes, yes. You will accept him soon. When you remember the times between you, the spark that you felt. He’ll become powerful enough to consume Sean and completely erase his memory from your reality.
There won’t be any more excuses. Anymore barriers. There will just be you and him. 
“Let’s here it then, sugar-lips.” He said, leaning forward. Oh, how he wanted to taste you again. 
You went to speak, but a knock at the front door cut you off. 
Anti hissed angrily and he disappeared in a cloud of smoke, reappearing at the front door. 
He threw it open with a snarl, “What?” 
The man behind it jerked back in surprise. Anti recognized him. He was your neighbor, one of the few that had stopped you on the side-walk to introduce himself. 
Anti hadn’t liked him then, and very surely hated him now. 
“S-Sorry to disturb you,” The man said, straightening. “But I heard some loud noises coming from the house and I wanted to make sure everything was ok.” 
Anti heard you barreling towards the front door. His fists clenched when you wormed your way in front of him, putting yourself between him and the neighbor. 
“Zac, it’s nice to see you,” You greeted the man with a shaky smile. “Sorry if we were being loud. Sean gets angry easily at video games.” 
The man, Zac, looked doubtful as he looked at you, then at Anti. 
Anti has seen this look before. Though humans were ignorant of his existence, they could sense that he was wrong. He didn’t fit into this world. 

“Are you sure nothing…else was going on,” Zac said, deliberately talking to you. Ignoring Anti’s glowering stare. 
“Of course, I promise.” You tried. But Zac didn’t accept it. His eyes turned to Anti, setting off an already burning fuse. 
“I hope for your sake you’re keeping your hands off this woman,” Zac said, his jaw clenched and his stare set.
“For my sake?” Anti challenged with a cackle.
“Anti, wait-”
“It’s not (Y/N) you should be afraid for.” Anti’s hands gripped the man’s shoulders, yanking him into the house. “It’s you that should be terrified!”
You launched yourself at Anti, your hands just finding purchase on his shirt as he and Zac disappeared into smoke. 
You were thrown around like a rag-doll. Weightless amongst the swirling black. 
Suddenly, you felt Anti’s shirt tear from your grip and you fell into an abyss. 
You fell for what felt like ages, the world shifted and jittered around you. As if you were staring through a static TV. 
You mind began to throb. A ringing roared in your ears and you screamed in pain. Invisible claws raked your skin, battering you around the static darkness. 
You felt your consciousness slipping. Your body kept falling but somehow you were floating, staring down as it fell. 
Then, you felt a hand snag your wrist and you were jerked into light. 
You collapsed against a hard chest and arms wrapped around your body. 

Anti held your trembling form. You were cold, icy to touch and your gaze was staring, emotionless. 
He had left you behind in the void. The dimension that allows him to travel between spaces. Anti cursed himself, but his anger fueled whatever compassion that wormed into his mind away. 
“You idiot!” He snarled. “People like you aren’t meant to follow me!” 
Your mind was returning to you. Following the path he had laid out for it, back into your body. 
His words swarm in your head, barely making sense. You tried to speak, but your tongue was too heavy. 
Look what you did you monster! Sean screamed inside his head. She almost ceased to exist in that cursed place of yours! How could she forgive you after that? What do you think she’ll think of you now? 
Anti pushed back the insect in his mind. Gently caressing the (Y/H/C) strands. 
What did he care what you thought of him? He shouldn’t need your approval. 

But that’s the problem isn’t it? A quieter voice whispered. You want their approval. You care. 

Anti’s hands shook. His eyes glowing. 
Since when did he care? Why did he care? 
That pest in his head. His emotions. His memories swamped Anti’s own, mixing with his ambitions of freedom, of destruction. 
You were the center of everything. The reason Anti lived. The reason he even had thoughts! Should he be grateful? But why? You may have given him life, but only through pain, suffering, loneliness. 
Why would anyone be grateful for life through torment?

You stirred in Anti’s arms. Your body felt heavy and your vision blurred. 
“I was confused.” Anti said, his voice low. “When we were young, I didn’t know what I was. What I was feeling. You kept the loneliness away, so I clung to you. Like a drowning man to a life-raft.” You looked up at him, his eyes were bright green. Wisps of smoke trailed from the corners of his eyes. “And when you left, I grew stronger. I was able to think and form my own memories. I pushed Sean aside, fighting for the drivers seat. And just as I finally managed to take control, you come in and destroy everything.” 
You felt the arms around you draw you closer, his hands gripping you painfully tight. 
“I lost control. I was so over-come by Sean’s happiness to see you, that we got mixed.” His lips curled. “I felt his love for you, not my own!” 
Anti shoved you across the room. The strength in his movement sending you crashing against the wall. 
“I thought I was feeling something,” Anti continued, getting to his feet. “I thought you were bringing something else out of me. But you were only drawing Sean back!” 
Before you could move, Anti rushed forward, his hand finding your throat and squeezing. 
“I should never have believed I was anything but this!” Anti cackled. His head jittering and his voice high-pitched. “I now understand that I am only a monster!” 
You tried to speak, but black dots started to form in your eyes and you gasped for breath. You clawed at Anti’s arm, trying to loosen his grip. 

Stop it! Sean screamed. Please! Stop! I’ll do anything! 
“It’s too late now, Seany-boy.” Anti sang. “I want her dead. And nothing you say will change it!” 
I’ll give myself up! Please just let them go!
Anti loosened his grip, enough to allow you to breath. “Oh? What did you say?” 
I’ll give you control. Sean said, his voice defeated. I’ll let you have this body. I won’t fight you, only if you leave (Y/N) be. 
Anti looked at you. He still had you suspended in the air by your neck. Your eyes were wide, your face red and you chest heaved in air. 
“Hmm, it’s a tempting offer, Sean.” Anti almost purred. “But they deceived me, almost had me believin’’ I had feelings.”
Anti, listen to my voice. You know you want this, full control over my body. To throw me away. You can do that. I’ll let you, as long as you leave them!
Anti clicked his tongue, rolling the taste of you through his mouth again. 
That was one thing he enjoyed about all this. 
“Alright then.”  Anti dropped you. You crumpled to your knees, coughing and spluttering. Your throat burned. 
“Anti…” You tried to speak, “Sean…please,” 
Anti crouched in front of you, his eyes excited. “Now, now (Y/N) don’t be upset. Sean has given himself up for you. You don’t want his last memory of you to be that little frown would you?” 
You turned your gaze up to him. Glaring, “No, no you can’t have him.” 
“I’m sorry, (Y/N)” Sean said. He lifted his hand to wipe a stray tear that slipping from your eyes. “I couldn’t let him kill you.” 
“But…what will happen to you?” You asked. More tears rolled down your face, spilling down your cheeks like rivers. 
Sean tried to smile, but his eyes were misty. “I don’t know. Don’t think about it, please. You need to forget about me now.” 
You shook your head, reaching for him. “No!” 
“Too late, (Y/N)!” Anti slapped away your hand. Standing over you with a wide grin. “It was fun while it lasted, but it’s time to terrorize some other unfortunate soul.” 
“Anti! Please, let me say goodbye!” You pleaded but Anti was already walking towards the door. 
He turned, taking a photo from the table. “Here! Say goodbye to this!” 
The frame shattered as it hit the floor in front of you. You picked up the picture inside, flinching as Anti slammed the door as he left. 

You stared down at the photo of you and Sean. The last day before you left. Misty eyes but wide smiles. Faces so happy but wrecked with grief. 
You wiped away your tears, touching the man’s face in the photo. 
“I don’t remember this,” You said confused. “Who are you?” 

(Ta-da! The end! Do you feel like killing me over that ending? I quite enjoyed it!) 

Surely you must be sick of hearing about how great this show is by now. I agree with all that stuff, and you’ve read it a few times now, so instead I’ll tell you what the show meant to me personally.

Victor and Yuri kiss, and the entire world celebrates – the crowd goes wild, people can’t believe it. Not because it’s two dudes - we’re not having a collective aneurysm because two men are kissing and that’s either enraging or an enormous turn-on. People go nuts because – solely because - their love is dramatic and touching and everyone is rooting for them, because they seem like they belong together and their story is pretty incredible. None of that other shit matters – nobody cares. It’s just two people in love.


I married my husband in October – thousands of couples like us got married this year. Our stories aren’t as incredible as Victor and Yuri’s, and I doubt many of us are ice skaters but let me tell you, it was real nice having a story like this to watch. Real nice.

—  Zac Bertschy’s thoughts on Yuri!!! on Ice in ANN’s 2016 Best of Anime Feature are so good and sweet.