Reasons why The Greatest Showman was better than La La Land

It had a diverse cast that weren’t white, skinny, middle upper class people

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They could actually dance #sorrynotsorry

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The romance was real and made the audience actually feel something

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It celebrated more then just show business success, it celebrated humanity.

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The songs were musically apealing using crescendos and decrescendos and reprises instead of the same piano riff played over and over again.

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All the songs were fucking bangers, not just one piano song.

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The choreography and setting was fucking stunning.

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Had scenes that gave the audience chills. (Not gonna lie I cried during this is me while bopping my head)

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The movie left the audience leaving the cinema smiling so what if it was predictable so was a while girl making it in Hollywood. The songs were raw and heart felt with more then two characters. The cast were diverse in a realistic setting. The ending didn’t leave the majority of audience looking up YouTube videos for ending explanations. Also this is me is my literal religion.

High key will fight everyone on this.

I brought my biracial 6 y/o niece to see The Greatest Showman

She was a little bit confused by Anne Wheeler (Zendaya) and Phillip Carlyle’s (Zac Efron) relationship, and why they couldnt be together. I told her “this movie takes place a long time ago, and back in those days, people with light skin and people with dark skin weren’t allowed to be together.” And JoJo’s face dropped and she got super sad and turns to the screen and goes “oh. Oh no.” And honestly my heart BROKE. I went “but they love each other anyways.” And her face lit up and she went “REALLY?!” And then during Rewrite the Stars her smile was so huge my heart exploded.

Later on there’s a part in the movie where Carlyle and PT Barnum (Hugh Jackman) are talking in front of a building. JoJo leans over to me and goes “ohhhh so they’re allowed to be together because they both have light skin?” And i gave her a sad look and said “actually no, during this time you weren’t allowed to be with someone if you were both boys or if you were both girls.” She whips her head to me and gives me the angriest look and screams “WHAT? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE” and slams her fist on the arm rest. I laughed and went “they don’t even WANT to be together though, JoJo”

There’s a few minutes of silence before JoJo turns to me confused and goes “they dont?” And i gave her a confused looks so she goes “they dont want to be together?” I laughed and went “no! Barnum is married and Carlyle loves Anne remember?!” And she squinted at me and went “but they look like they love each other.” And i went “how do you suppose?” She threw her hands up in exasperation like it was obvious and went “he saved him from the fire!! They DANCED together! And they look at each other like they love each other.” I turn back to the screen slowly as a realization hits me…

My niece just accidentally discovered shipping.

Me, watching The Greatest Showman: Wow. What a beautiful piece of art, one that fits the word. Inspiring to all, songs like This Is Me that make you proud and inspired, like you are a part of something, makes you feel unashamed. Its a gorgeously filmed piece, stunning to the eyes and ears. Stories of overcoming social boundaries and stories of overreaching with fame, a story of interwoven family and love, a masterpiece of a film.

Me also: wow look at troy bolton and rocky blue go yay childhood