teen john and sherlock laying in the grass outside at john’s house and sherlock puts his head in john’s lap and reads some of his chem textbook and john gets bored so he starting picking little flowers and blades of grass and putting them in sherlock’s hair and by the time they’re ready to go in sherlock’s hair is full of lil dandelions and daisies and he looks ridiculous and pretty and john loves it
Taliban kill 10-year-old hailed as militia hero

The use of child soldiers is illegal in Afghanistan, but the charity Child Soldiers International said both government forces and insurgents had been recruiting minors for years.
A 10-year-old Afghan boy who was declared a hero after fighting the Taliban has been shot dead by insurgents while on his way to school.
Children recruited into the armed forces or insurgent groups are vulnerable to sexual abuse, Child Soldiers International said.
The Child Soldiers International report said that in the troubled Kunar, Logar and Zabul provinces 10% of law enforcement officials are suspected to be underage.
Spokesman Rafiullah Baidar said local police had hailed the boy as a hero after he battled a Taliban siege following the death of his father in fighting.



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U.S. Army Spc. Benjamin Dupre, from Blue Tank, 1st Platoon, Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment, uses Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment to capture biometric data from an Afghan citizen in Mirzayan, Zabul province, Afghanistan, June 22, 2010. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. William Tremblay/Released)


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post three garridebs when john is in the hospital and sherlock is sitting in the waiting room covered in john’s blood, staring at his stained hands and red-blotched cuffs and playing the scene over and over again in his head trying to figure out what he could have done differently to spare john all the pain :)

a mix for my best friend (when she’s feeling a bit down)

The Great Escape (Patrick Watson); Hesitancy (Joel Ansett); Boat Song (Woodkid); Family Tree (TV on the Radio); Shadows on Parade (Laura Gibson); After the Storm (Mumford & Sons); It’s a Wonderful Life (Sparklehorse); England (The National); Medicine (Daughter); Soldier On (The Temper Trap)

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johnloCK DRABBLE KISSING MEME NUMBERS: 8, 9, 14, 19, 23 eue

(i’m also throwing 10, 11, 12, and 13 in here, don’t mind me)

Because Sherlock has never treated his body like something to be cared for, John worships it like a dying man venerates morphine. His body is different than those of other men or any women John has ever slept with, and as such John treats him differently. He considers himself a generous lover and has never mistreated previous partners, but with them it was sex, and with Sherlock it’s love beyond all love.

And there is so much to love - from his shyly downcast eyes to his well built but skinny frame, his toes curled against the bedsheets and his hair, in need of a cut and resting just over his eyebrows. 

His eyes always shut slowly and reverently when John touches him, like he’s savouring the feeling of their skin meeting. John kisses his lightly fluttering eyelids when they close and Sherlock softens into his embrace. He smiles as he ghosts his lips over Sherlock’s cheek and watches the way Sherlock’s shoulders tremble just the slightest at the ministrations.

His jaw, sharp and strong, beckons John and he gives in without hesitation, pressing firm kisses along the line of his jaw and lighter ones down his neck. John has to resist stopping and spending hours kissing and licking and sucking and biting, hold himself back from lovingly marring Sherlock’s porcelain skin, and move on with just a gentle nip. 

He drags his lips over Sherlock’s prominent collarbone and twines their fingers together when Sherlock shivers. He draws the flat of his tongue over Sherlock’s nipples and strokes his side when he groans and arches.

The dips in Sherlock’s hips are the perfect place for flowering bruises from fingers and lips, and John spends his time marking, love bite after love bite, a line of evidence of their intimacy for only their eyes.

John earns his own bruises from fingers gripping the bulk of his shoulder, holding tightly while he kisses and licks and sucks Sherlock to orgasm and swallows him down when he comes, nails biting into John’s skin and bedsheets twisted even more tightly into his fist while he moans and gasps and breathes John’s name.

And soon John finds himself pulled up, snug against Sherlock’s spit and sweat dampened chest and snogging his plump pink lips, fingers twined in his soft curls and holding tight, pressing as close as humanly possible to an incredible man with so much love and so much to be loved.