*he blinks his eyes and flails his arms a little to regain his balance, his head spinning* Whoo! Oh man, that was… wow, like, that was fast. Man, thank you so much, Galinda! You are, like, um… infinitely better than an airplane, yeah…

Infinitely better. *Zabra gives a solemn nod*

Galinda: You’re very welcome. Zabra, give me a call if you boys need anything, alright? You know I’m just a thought away. Behave, now! *And with a Crack! she vanishes*

*With a slight grumpy sigh and a tinge of red still on his cheeks, Zabra distracts himself with looking around - taking in his first sights of Lumoise*

… Woah. There’s… There’s so much… there’s so… many… coffee shops?!


From thin air, a Gallade appears decked in his full leather armour, eyeing his surroundings carefully. Over his shoulder floats a little Misdreavus, giving a yawn before gently headbutting the Gallade.

“Yeah, yeah Tipo, alright. We’ll be home soon.”

Zabra steps deeper into his surroundings, a dense forest which allowed only small threads of light to drop from the canopy above. By all accounts, it looked like the forest he lived in - the trees seemed to be the same kind, the foliage around looked similar, but Zabra couldn’t shake the feeling he was in the wrong place somehow.

His train of thought was disrupted as Tipo gives a loud, indignant “Drrreeeeeaaaaaaaaa!” straight into Zabra’s ear.

“Damnit, Teep! I know you’re tired, we can’t be far away. Now hush! I need to work out what way we’re meant to be walking.”

Trying to hush the wailing Misdreavus, Zabra continues to wander the forest in a bid to find a path.