UPDATE: I posted this shot about two weeks ago and had no info about it other than it looks like my Grandma on the left and appears to be taken about 1928 in front of the family home on Mitchell St.  Well this morning I was going through the collection of family stuff and was paging through a scrapbook that my Grandma had made.  In it was this photo with the caption “Cousins All.”  While the copy in the scrapbook doesn’t have anything written on the back the two neighboring shots do!  What I can now tell you is that this photo was taken on September 4, 1927 (which makes my Grandma 21).  While I don’t have the gents name I can tell you that the girl on the far right is Nellie Czwynski, and that she lived in Swoyersville, PA (near Wilkes-Barre).  That was my Great Grandmother’s last name.  She was a twin and they were orphans.  They came from a small town in Poland that had some really rough times that I briefly chronicled here.  Anyway, I’m glad that I found some info on this shot and also find it very interesting to see the faces of long ago distant cousins.