So I don’t believe in a higher being, but I DO believe that things eventually even out and sometimes that’s a lesson…

…so after whining about how hard my day was because I had one ornery student, my dad fell and broke his hip on the ice of NYC streets and spent the night in the hospital. He handled it with grace and dignity and asked my brother to bring him his DVD of Persuasion to watch.

Lesson to self: stop whining so much.

We'll give the world to you, and you'll blow us all away

It was a wonderful weekend. Hamilton was incredible – surprisingly, I didn’t cry during ‘Wait for It,’ but rather through the entire last 30 minutes. Spoiler alert: he dies, guys. In all seriousness though, I don’t know another show that portrays not just death, but grief, so poignantly. I was a wreck – in a good, cathartic way.

The weather was ridiculously warm, both days actually, so we walked walked walked all over the city. Down from the Upper West Side to the theatre and then up again, meandering through Central Park. Checking out the strollers instead of averting our eyes. Meeting friends for pizza on 87th Street. Same characters at our favorite sushi place for lunch. Late-night stop at Zabar’s to grab treats for the ride home. (D. was fairly devastated they were out of black and whites.)

Yesterday was great too – we did some cleaning out of crap at my parents’ house, to make way for baby stuff that will be stored there until we figure out where the hell we’re living. Then a long walk by the beach in, it bears repeating, weather so nice as to be disturbing. Dinner at a classic local place I’ve loved since I was 10 and strawberry shortcake at home afterwards. I can’t remember the last time Happy Birthday was sung to me – likely before this mess all started. It was really nice to see those candles again.

Today I’m off to the city again – brunch uptown at my friend C.’s and then fancy mani/pedis downtown as a little bday thing.

A part of me keeps waiting for the bottom to fall out of this. But mostly I’m having so much fun I can’t remember to be terrified.


Zabar’s. Upper West Side. Perhaps Zabar’s is best known for their smoked fish and caviar selection. Their handsliced, smoked Salmons and Whitefish are known world-wide. They are also known for their seafood salads (don’t forget to pick up some Zaber bagels on the way out.

Recently, Zabar’s Lobster Salad got a lot of press although the news wasn’t necessarily good. It seams that Zabar’s Lobster Salad was missing a key ingredient…lobster. The $17 per pound delicacy was made with crawfish, not lobster. The New York Times reported that Zabar’s was selling the phony lobster salad for 15 years. When called out for this misbranding, Zabar spokespeople said that the item’s ingredient list never mentioned ‘lobster’ as an ingredient. New Yorker’s were not amused, and the great lobster salad controversy left a bad taste in many mouths. Zabar’s resolution was to change the name from Lobster Salad to Zabster Salad. The name was changed, the price was not.

Paul Quitoriano

Eli Zabar’s Recipe for the Perfect Summer Sandwich is Fast, Easy and Full of Mayonaise

Eli Zabar likes to keep things local. “I grew up on Riverside and 84th and I lived there when I first opened E.A.T., and I was frustrated by the commute from Riverside Drive and 84th to Madison Avenue and 81st. It was horrible,” he says about the trek from the Upper West Side to his Upper East Side grocery and pastry shop.

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Sunday Breakfast: Bagel with lox, cream cheese, onion & tomato. Notecard scan of original embroidery; hand-laminated, recycled & tree free papers.

Comissioned to comemmorate the birth of my cousin Sandy Zabar’s first kid. Yes, that Zabars. Late 1990s.

Finding love in Zabar's

Door opens, I smell rye bread in the breeze

A slice of cheese if you please

Oh, Salami! Don’t be a tease

Nuts, Olives and pepper that makes you sneeze

The cinnamon babka is the bees knees

Ask for a Westsider’s expertise

“The smoked salmon!” He guarantees

Ask for a pound, butcher says “it can freeze!”

White haired woman disagrees

“Rugelah Samples!” The cashier decrees

Fruit falls to the floor, little boy flees

“Can I live here?” the manager laughs at my pleas

Full hearts and stomachs make lifelong devotees

By: Hollie Daudelin