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Pizza One - Route 23 South in Wayne, NJ

I had no idea Pizza One existed until about a week ago. Paul said he noticed it on Route 23 when he was headed home one day and that he was interested in checking it out. I just so happened to be passing it several days later, so I decided why not? I was on my way to my grandparents for dinner, but I always have room for a slice, especially from a place I’ve never been to. Pizza One is nestled conspicuously in a shopping center that is pretty easy to miss. I honestly have no idea how long it’s been there, because I had no idea where it was until I stopped in. Based on looks alone, I wasn’t expecting much- just a run-of-the-mill Jersey pizzeria with decently good pizza. But wow, was I wrong.

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At long last, after 25 years of living in close proximity to Route 23, I have found a slice of pizza on it that I would recommend without hesitation. Yeah, Pizza One was THAT good. I was surprised by the wide variety they had out when I walked in and honestly had trouble picking a slice. I normally would grab two, but I needed to save room for my dinner later on. Though most slices looked interesting (except the tomato sauce on the chicken bacon ranch….), the vodka margherita really caught my eye. It looked fresh and exceptionally crafted, so I decided I needed to taste it.

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This slice’s ratios were spot ON. The vodka sauce had just the right amount of subtlety, making me ask the whole time, “is that vodka sauce? I’m pretty sure it’s vodka sauce because it tastes AWESOME” and the globs of mozzarella were perfect. They weren’t overbearing and heavy like they can be at some pizzerias. Instead, everything went down smooth and didn’t fill me up any more than I wanted them to. Looking back, it appears that it might be slices of melted mozzarella, which was a great idea from the looks of it! On top of this, the crust was just the right amount of thick and crispy. The end crust could have been slightly better but I am really grasping at straws for a negative on that one. Seriously, a perfect slice of pizza. And 100% worth it at $3 a slice. Do yourself a favor and stop here for lunch or dinner or honestly both because you’ll want to go back. HIGHLY recommended!!!!!


P.S. also worth noting is that the delivery guy’s car was in the parking lot unmanned blasting “Girls” by The Beastie Boys. Respect. Oh, and Katie C thought the green things on my slice looked like geckos. She’s silly.

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Nedobrovolně se ze mě stává něco jako paní Nyklová. Akorát nejsem z Ulice a hlavně mě ty drby absolutně nezajímají.

Lidi mi v drogérce povídaj o své menopauze, o operaci očí, která může skončit slepotou. O manželkách, co je chudáky posílaj na bojovku pro vložky. O prvním rande, co je čeká, a tak si přišli koupit deodorant. O dětech a poporodním padání vlasů.

Svěřují se mi, zatímco já nacvakávám cenovky na toaletní papír Perfect za 49,90,- S kleštěmi v ruce poslouchám, pokyvuju, lituju a chlácholím a přeju štěstí.

Kdyby byl film, asi bych byla pojítko, co spojuje všechny ostatní postavy.


La Forchetta - 350 N Main St in Wharton, NJ

Watch out Wharton. There’s a new champ in town. Only a week old and killing it, La Forchetta is as authentic as it gets. You can tell it’s a traditional Sicilian family owned restaurant but with a modern appeal. I entered right before closing and they were happy to serve me.

I started with the ham, chicken, and honey mustard. The honey mustard drizzle was quite pleasant on the taste buds. Toppings, as you can see, were far from skimped.

And that goes for the buff chick slice as well. Bleu Cheese to hot sauce ratio was on point. AND LOOK AT ALL THAT CHICKEN.

The tomato-ricotta-chicken slice was a piece of art. I’ve had slices with diced tomato where you can tell they were from a can. This was not the case here. Crisp and fresh. And the cheeeeeese, my god you would think it was from Vitamia & Sons!

Finally the plain slice. The size of this slice was reminiscent of the ones you get stumbling drunk into a Hoboken spot at 3am. THE SAWCE! Oh the sawce. It reminds me of my Grandma’s homemade recipe. I thought I’d never taste sawce like it again. THE CRUST. Definitely the best part out of all these slices. Waiting for me at the end of my pizza slice journey like a beautiful trophy at the finish line. It was perfected. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. So good I had to text Paul as soon as I left. This might just be a new contender in the best of the county title.

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~Sweet Lou

Tom's Top 10 Pizzerias of 2014!

Here they are, the ten best pizzerias I had the pleasure of visiting for the first time this year:

10. Casella’s Pizza & Deli - Succasunna, NJ

A deli on Route 10 that also serves unexpectedly good pizza!

9. La Bella Pizzeria - Garfield, NJ

That’s right. They have square neapolitan and it’s delicious. More delicious than the round.

8. Heights Pizza - Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

It’s been a minute since I’ve gone to Heights Pizza, but I remember loving their plain slice. Simple, but exactly what you expect from a slice of pizza.

7. Two Boots Pizza Restaurant - New York City

The first pizzeria I’ve been to in NYC that deserved a perfect score. How could they not though when they have a slice named after Seinfeld?!

6. Manco & Manco Pizzeria - Ocean City, NJ

Since I’ve been going to Mack’s for years I couldn’t put it on this list. Instead, I’m going with it’s Ocean City clone. I’d be pissed they had the same pizza if it wasn’t so fucking good.

5. Gencarelli’s Pizza & Restaurant - Pine Brook, NJ

I never thought I’d find a pizzeria in this neck of the woods since I’m always gunning for the Wawa down the street, but holy shit. Worth checking out over Wawa at least once in your life. That’s saying something.

4. Frank’s Pizza - Warwick, NY

I don’t expect much from “upstate” pizza, but this Frank’s is one in a million, offering possibly the best pepperoni slice I’ve ever had.

3. Pizza One - Wayne, NJ

The best slice of pizza on Route 23. You wouldn’t expect much with a name like “Pizza One,” but it’s legit good enough to earn that name.

2. KRUSTco - Long Branch, NJ

Now this is shore pizza. KRUSTco has a taste all its own that you NEED TO EXPERIENCE.

1. Mr. Bruno’s Pizzeria & Restaurant - Lyndhurst, NJ and East Rutherford, NJ

My favorite slice of pizza in New Jersey. The grilled chicken vodka parm from Mr. Bruno’s is unmatched in taste. If you like pizza, you need to experience this slice.

What was your fave slice of the year???


Tony’s Pizza - Wanaque Ave in Pompton Lakes, NJ

My second stop in Pompton Lakes, Tony’s Pizza, was right down the road from Pat’s. Now I was really impressed by the ‘roni I got at Pat’s, so I was pretty doubtful about finding two killer pizzerias that were walking distance from each other. Boy, was I wrong. School had just let out when I got to Tony’s and I’m guessing it’s the place to be, because it was pretty crowded inside. I also had a very tough time choosing which slice I wanted. Just about everything looked spectacular, but I knew I would be hating myself later if I got more than one slice. I settled on a chicken parm, which is never a go-to for me. Something about it just called to me though and I knew I had to give it a try…so I did!

The number one thing I’m sure you noticed about this slice was the size of the chicken pieces on top. On top of the generous portions, that chicken was also pretty damn delicious. It wasn’t dry and was very filling and packed with flavor. While I was pretty preoccupied with the chicken, the cheese and sauce underneath were just as tasty. It was definitely on the cheese-heavy side, but that wasn’t a problem. I could see it weighing the slice down and overpowering everything if it wasn’t fresh out of the oven, but luckily for me it was! The sauce was pretty buried and for once it was a shame because it tasted great. Usually the sauce is what keeps me from enjoying a chicken parm, but I was all about it this time. Pompton Lakes must have something extra special in their water because that’s 2 spots in a row with killer sauce! And let’s not forget the crust, which pretty much tasted like a breadstick in a great way. That lake must be loaded with something special…

If you haven’t yet, you absolutely must try pizza from either Tony’s, Pat’s, or both the next time you are in Pompton Lakes. They had absolutely fantastic slices and I need to make a trip back ASAP to see what else they have. Oh and this slice was also a very standard $3, which was easily worth it for the quality. Once again, HIGHLY recommended!!!