So as you may know the last few days I’ve been sending as many writers kind messages to encourage them and remind them how talented and special they are. This happened because I was sick of seeing so many people thinking it’s okay to send hateful and hurtful anonymous messages to fanfiction writers.

Writing fanfiction is hard. It’s hard to get characterizations right and there is always going to be someone who doesn’t agree with what you write. People will always be there to hate your story, to tell you that it sucks or that you didn’t write the character the way they imagine them to be. It’s tough but we do it because we enjoy it and it’s fun for us! 

Of course there are many people sending writers wonderful messages and that always makes fanfic writers feel like they are doing something worthwhile. But unfortunately people also send writers horrible messages, because they are able to and have easy access to do this.

So I would like to start a movement, the #bekindtowriters movement. This movement is for all fandoms, please spread this to all fanfic writers! This is all I ask:

  • Send your favourite fanfiction writers (on anonymous or not) something kind. Tell them you love them, tell them you loved a certain piece they wrote or anything just be nice
  • Leave comments on a fic that you enjoy and say that you enjoy it. 
  • Writers you are also encouraged to send kind messages to your fellow writers to encourage them! 
  • If you do receive some love from someone, tag it with the hashtag #bekindtowriters 
  • Just spread love and happiness to everyone who do really lovely things and don’t deserve to be attacked. 
  • If hateful or hurtful messages are sent to your inbox delete them

Please spread this. I am trying to spread kindness to as many people as I can but I can’t do this alone. Help me wipe out the hateful people and start to be kind to everyone. Build up the community you are in and care for them. 

I was at work, and I got distracted when helping a customer, that when I went over to one of my sinks that was overflowing into another sink and without thought the word “ Scheiße “ slipped out of my mouth, and I got really shocked, because I accidentally said “shit” in German.

It 100% slipped out and I said it perfectly, since I could never say Scheiße for like 6 years, since I would always get tongue tied and couldn’t pronounce it at all no matter how I tried and hearing other people say it so I could try and say it too. Then out of the blue without any thought of it, it came out perfect.

I was 100% confused for like an hour to why I accidentally spoke in another language out of the blue.

immetal  asked:

Is charas sanity level even lower than frisks?

Nope! Chara is actually MORE sane than Frisk is at this point. Chara’s only real problem is that they never got to mourn the loss of Asriel properly and feel as if they themselves were to blame for what happened to the poor sweet soul.

They hide their sorrow with smiles and jokes, but if that doesn’t work they may get a little aggressive from a sensitive subject.

When you feel alone and backed into a corner, you tend to lash out like that.

so i searched up the name Serafima to find a shortened version for it (bc someone mentioned that it’s Fima) and found there’s a Russian figure skater named Serafima

Her name is Serafima Sakhanovich and she’s born in St Petersburg!

some other interesting (and coincidental) things i found about her - she does the Yurio thing in jumps A LOT - she did her jumps with her arms over her head!

(or is that a common thing for women figure skaters to do though? lmao)

also she shared the podium with Evgenia Medvedeva in Junior worlds, clinching silver with Evgenia clinching gold.

conclusion: she’s lowkey an otayuri child??? LMAO anyway im kicking my own ass for not discovering her sooner

also if there’s any mistake in any of the info here pls correct me! or tell me to take this down bc this post is just done for fun

I heard golden flowers XD I was going somewhere completely different with this, but I was on a time thing XD I probably might redo this later XD consider it a sketch Frisk does sometime during this ending maybe? XD

I love this??? Oh my gosh??? All those flowers tho fam, I can’t……

I will definitely have to mimic this scene one day if that’s okay!