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Hello DEEPS all over the world!

I have wanted to organize a fan project for SPEED for a long time, and finally now I got an inspiration to do it.

They probably know that they have fans in many countries, and many DEEPS have shown their love for them via Instagram and Twitter, and also participating into projects that fansites have organized.

Anyway, I want us to gather together and show to our precious boys that there really is DEEPS all over the world who love them very much. And I want them to know, that international fans are also here for them, even when they have hard times, and also when they have good times - always.

The idea is to take a picture of yourself with a banner that tells your love for SPEED.  Include your country’s flag or name in the same picture. Use English or Korean in the banner’s text. Fanart is also welcomed!

All the pictures will be put together in the same video, that will be uploaded to youtube. When the video is uploaded, let’s send links to all the SPEED members in Twitter and Instagram.


Make a banner with a text that shows your love for SPEED. Remember to include your country’s flag or name in the same picture.

> For example; ” I love SPEED ♥”, use your imagination~

> Use only English or Korean in the text.

> Make sure your picture is big enough. 

Do the banner for whole SPEED, not only for 1 member.

- 1 picture/person (+ 1 fanart picture/person.) If you have more than 1 fanart, you can include them into same picture.

- Take a picture with your banner and send it to deepspeed.fanproject@gmail.com

- When you sent the picture, write in the message field your name (at least your first name if you don’t want to reveal your whole name) and the country where you are from.

DEADLINE 25.7.2015, you have over 2 weeks~!

 Please spread the word so that as many DEEPS as possible could participate! ^-^

++ I’m thinking also about putting our names in the end of the video, but it’s understandable if people don’t want it because it will be shown to everyone who watch the video. Anyway, share your thoughts about it in the same mail where you send the picture(s). If many people want it and tell their whole names, I will put those in the end! ^^ ++

I apologize my bad English, if you didn’t understand something, or want more information, send questions to http://ask.fm/speedproject or deepspeed.fanproject@gmail.com

So imagine this: Wanda is caught off guard, she’s deemed a threat as per usual, and an assassin of done sorry decides to take a shot at her.
At a distance we see Pietro, panic in his eyes, and he draws in a breath to go shield her.
A blurred streak shoots across the scene just as bullets are fired.
Shock is present in Pietro’s eyes, and Wanda’s, to see young Tommy Shepherd, trembling and covered in bullet wounds, and growling in the direction of the shooter.
“Don’t mess with my family”
Luckily, the teen has accelerated healing and in no time he’s landing an unimaginable amount of punches on this assassin guy.
Pietro hates himself a little because hee realizes he’s not fast enough.
The end.


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